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This thread is to discuss some of the outdated and time worn ideas “the view from center thread” select participants thinks is cool, brand new or invented there. This thread is not to attack individual posters. DOING THIS WILL GET YOU BANNED HERE


This thread will focus on the moderate 20-30% of the American electorate who shun blind partisanship and the hate-filled politics that go with it. We will poke fun at the foibles of the hardcore right and left, and showcase efforts to preserve and build a viable political centre. By definition, many of the posts will focus on the political disintegration of the Obama administration and the second great depression.

Criticizing one group or the other is not partisanship. It’s what the centre does – evaluating and often rejecting the policies of liberals or conservatives in favour of more moderate, balanced solutions.

This thread does not exist to please conservatives or liberals – just the opposite. If you think that the Obama administration and its policies are the salvation of America and the world at large, this thread is not for you.

If you read The Washington Post all day, have a pirate flag on your wall next to an “Oliver North for President!” bumper sticker, or like to post any of the following, this thread is not for you:

“The other side has no ideas.”

“The other side doesn’t care about _______.”

“The other side only engages in personal attacks.”

Personal attacks here will get you banned. Demonizing political groups or parties will get you banned. SI is full of threads where abusive ideologues can vent (liberal/conservative bashing, 9/11 conspiracies, etc.). Don't bring it here.

For everyone else, civil discussion and thoughtful analysis are welcome. Posts are not monitored but violating my terms will get you banned.
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