Politics: The Obama Disaster  
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Welcome to THE OBAMA DISASTER thread...

After only ten months in Office, obama had the worst job approval rating of any President in history... check it out: 

If you can, defend his policies. Show the rest of the world why you believe in him, or why you don't. When you present an argument, kindly provide posted statements and/or evidence to support your claim(s).

Here's a checklist of Obama's many campaign promises.

Message 25168957

Here's The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises Kept: 


Message 25532840

The only reason this thread is moderated is to ensure no one dominates the thread.

Enjoy, have at it, everyone is invited to show their true character here, hopefully that means you have something meaningful to offer. A spontaneous, uninhibited, and vigorous discussion is always welcome here, but uncivil rudeness and/or vulgarity are not acceptable. Also, do not insult the host.


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93521[graphic] Monkey Man-01:15:23 AM
93520Pork rinds and beer Monkey Man-01:12:06 AM
93519I'd eat a BBQ pork sandwich and try to get some on them and say how goooooodWayners-08/01/2014 11:59 PM
93518DC is changing slowly, there is street black flight now as they get priced out.Wayners-08/01/2014 11:57 PM
93517Lathresha, that be a butifall name. Wayners-08/01/2014 10:35 PM
93516I've thought about that. It really could be true. In fact what we may be sWayners-08/01/2014 10:32 PM
93515Definitely... they may vote liberal at first, but they're hard workers and GROUND ZERO™-08/01/2014 10:03 PM
93514That's a good point. Juan and Maria are far preferable to Tyrone and LathresJohn-08/01/2014 09:53 PM
93513Remember the raid on Entebbe??? Nentanyahu's brother was one of the IsraeliGROUND ZERO™308/01/2014 09:39 PM
93512People really are that stupid... GZ GROUND ZERO™108/01/2014 09:34 PM
93511There's a bright side to everything... with all the hispanics from the soutGROUND ZERO™108/01/2014 09:33 PM
93510[graphic] Copeland508/01/2014 08:54 PM
93509It's just the way they are, GZ; sub-human filth that they are. Why on Earth John108/01/2014 07:16 PM
93508 Court releases 'Fast and Furious' info withheld by Obama President'lorne208/01/2014 07:12 PM
93507That's excellent. Truer words were never spoken, GZ, and those words preciseJohn-08/01/2014 07:09 PM
93506This just pisses me so many ways. ____________________________ Troops Monkey Man208/01/2014 10:36 AM
93505QUOTE OF THE CENTURY... [graphic] [graphic] GZ GROUND ZERO™708/01/2014 09:24 AM
93503no wonder that Obama in recent days says "quit hatin quit hatin"... hestock leader107/31/2014 11:47 PM
93502I grew up as a CB east patriot, that won't change. "hope and change&qustock leader-07/31/2014 11:16 PM
93501That nut case belongs in a back ward behind locked doors... GZ GROUND ZERO™107/31/2014 10:07 PM
93500Yes, I saw that also, she's a dangerous nut case and should be put out to paGROUND ZERO™107/31/2014 09:51 PM
93499[graphic] Wayners107/31/2014 09:10 PM
93498One thing that really shows me the Congress and Senate don't represent the pWayners307/31/2014 08:30 PM
93497They have taken on so much debt that the next step in the game will require themWayners107/31/2014 08:26 PM
93496These f-tards don't know anything, aren't technically proficient in anytWayners107/31/2014 07:49 PM
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