Politics: The Obama Disaster  
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Welcome to THE OBAMA DISASTER thread...

After only ten months in Office, obama had the worst job approval rating of any President in history... check it out: 

If you can, defend his policies. Show the rest of the world why you believe in him, or why you don't. When you present an argument, kindly provide posted statements and/or evidence to support your claim(s).

Here's a checklist of Obama's many campaign promises.

Message 25168957

Here's The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises Kept: 


Message 25532840

The only reason this thread is moderated is to ensure no one dominates the thread.

Enjoy, have at it, everyone is invited to show their true character here, hopefully that means you have something meaningful to offer. A spontaneous, uninhibited, and vigorous discussion is always welcome here, but uncivil rudeness and/or vulgarity are not acceptable. Also, do not insult the host.


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92224Obama spooked by robot.  joefromspringfield-08:31:33 PM
92223Loco ''Northwestern'' Isn't that the crazy college where tjoefromspringfield207:06:53 PM
92222And let's not forget his close life long relationship with admitted bomb thrlocogringo106:13:21 PM
92221And let's not forget his close life long relationship with admitted bomb thrGROUND ZERO™104:56:48 PM
92220Loco The Democrat party is waging a war on our military and veterans. nydaijoefromspringfield204:47:03 PM
92219President signs law, bans himself from entering the US by Simon Black April 24,Monkey Man102:37:20 PM
92218Why is Obama decimating the military while arming federal agencies? Now you canlocogringo110:17:29 AM
92217Why is Obama decimating the military while arming federal agencies? ...........Monkey Man-08:46:22 AM
92216I loved the video -- thank you. Unfortunately, your other link doesn't worHoney_bee-04/23/2014 11:44 PM
92215Despite our disfunctional leadership we do live in a wonderful world. Check it oMad2104/23/2014 08:29 PM
92214Yes, let the newly "with child" former first daughter go. And isn'Honey_bee104/23/2014 06:17 PM
92213Yep. All tangible signs not emanating from the cabal of liars who sold Odumbocajlallen104/23/2014 04:28 PM
92212AMERICAN TROOPS ARRIVE IN POLAND... Are these the same troops that the NY Timeslocogringo404/23/2014 03:59 PM
92211This is not good. From Drudge: [graphic] AMERICAN TROOPS ARRIVE IN POLAND... RUHoney_bee104/23/2014 03:38 PM
92210(And, in the meantime... since I can't hurry the passage of time I suggest locogringo204/23/2014 02:55 PM
92209This is the first good thing they have done in a long time. Actually it's thHoney_bee204/23/2014 02:19 PM
92208Now, you're just playing games... ALL of them prove my point... just stop,GROUND ZERO™104/23/2014 01:08 PM
92207That's a lie... you cannot keep you doctor and you cannot keep your plan...GROUND ZERO™204/23/2014 01:05 PM
92206Yes, and 2024 and beyond... GZ GROUND ZERO™-04/23/2014 01:04 PM
92205"Compared to any plan an individual had before..." (Some are strongerDuckTapeSunroof-04/23/2014 12:28 PM
922042016????? 2020???????????? DuckTapeSunroof-04/23/2014 12:23 PM
92203And none of them provided the comprehensive 'proof' that you claim.... DuckTapeSunroof-04/23/2014 12:23 PM
92202LOL!!! Search this thread, numerous news articles have been posted, where have GROUND ZERO™-04/23/2014 12:20 PM
92201Any election, liberals will lose all of them now... GZ GROUND ZERO™-04/23/2014 12:19 PM
92200Link: SI Message 29496862 DuckTapeSunroof-04/23/2014 12:08 PM
92199The TIMING QUESTION (exactly what we will know and WHEN we will know it) I have DuckTapeSunroof-04/23/2014 12:08 PM
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