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Welcome to THE OBAMA DISASTER thread...


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After only ten months in Office, obama had the worst job approval rating of any President in history... check it out:

If you can, defend his policies. Show the rest of the world why you believe in him, or why you don't. When you present an argument, kindly provide posted statements and/or evidence to support your claim(s).

Here's a checklist of Obama's many campaign promises.

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Here's The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises Kept:


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The only reason this thread is moderated is to ensure no one dominates the thread.

Enjoy, have at it, everyone is invited to show their true character here, hopefully that means you have something meaningful to offer. A spontaneous, uninhibited, and vigorous discussion is always welcome here, but uncivil rudeness and/or vulgarity are not acceptable. Also, do not insult the host.


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95948Pencil-neck is spending the Holidays with family.......a flight to Kenya is no dslowmo-3 hours ago
95947I completely agree with you. In the end, she was tased and dropped in the chaos.John-4 hours ago
95946John, I could not watch that to the end..The USA is doomed.lorne26 AM
95945You're absolutely right, Wayners. I stand corrected on the term "scandaJohn-yesterday
95944Great question... GZGROUND ZERO™1yesterday
95943Felonies are not scandals, they are crimes. Seems like there is no longer any eWayners2yesterday
95942Every Conservative country that is successful gets overrun by Leftist leaches wiWayners3yesterday
95941Are there two separate lawbooks in the United States? One for Leftists and LeftWayners3yesterday
95940You're right. I'm sure that Sony will now pretend that many more undeserJohn2yesterday
95939What a disgrace! It's been reported that Sharptongue is now leaning on Sonyslowmo1yesterday
95938With so many Black politicians and formerly-elected affirmative-action Blacks inJohn2yesterday
95937Precisely. She is very fortunate that she mouthed off to a civilized White man oJohn3yesterday
95936Unfortunately, she was raised all her sorry life with the false sense of being &GROUND ZERO™2yesterday
95935You're absolutely right, Honey Bee. 1000 recs!John1yesterday
95934I read it again and still fully agree! I would rec it twice if I could! -g-John-yesterday
95933You're exactly right, GZ. Plus, what kind of fool plops her dumb a$$ down onJohn1yesterday
95932I just added another sentence to that post which your just rec'd... GZGROUND ZERO™1yesterday
95931As much as I've tried to see their point of view, I'm just not able to gGROUND ZERO™1yesterday
95930More blacks are shot dead by black police officers than by whites... so, where&GROUND ZERO™1yesterday
95929Obama and Michelle were crying in the media yesterday about all of the racism thJohn3yesterday
95928Exactly... simply stated, she hates blacks and she hates being black... sheGROUND ZERO™2yesterday
95927If they would just act right, they'd survive the night! LOL! All of these iJohn1yesterday
95926Her rage is really against her own inadequacies in a world that she isn't naJohn3yesterday
95925Yes, and shit stain meets with shit faced every week at the White House for raceGROUND ZERO™1yesterday
95924It will definitely get worse... much worse... GZGROUND ZERO™1yesterday
95923All of his assets should be immediately seized and he should be sentenced to lifJohn2yesterday
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