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Longer-term market trends using technical analysis, e-wave, sentiment, and breadth. Typical outlook is weeks to years

The use of technical indicators and charts are allowed

Please do not post text from articles. Post only the link.

Post charts but do not post a message without a chart if you are describing a setup or a wave count.

If you post a stockcharts chart, please do not post it with a load of indicator panes (i.e., no stoch, RSI, OBV, etc.) Just post the chart and, optionally, the volume.

When posting charts, try to post GIF images. They are typically much smaller than JPG or BMP. Use the SI "Image Upload" link, which you see on the right of the page when posting a message. Browse to the image on your computer, upload it, copy the link provided by the Image Upload utility, then paste that into your post.

This is not a place to learn TA or Elliott. It is expected that folks will take some time to do that on their own.

Clownishness will not be tolerated.

Please mind your manners or face possible temporary eviction.
Three strikes you're out; 3 evictions will render the user permanent eviction.

NOTE: This is not an investment advisory board. I am not a certified or qualified investment dealer or in the investment industry. Due your own due diligence. Consult with a licensed and qualified investment agent for your own investment decisions
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2835Fintas -- I'm curious, do you have any opinion about the Dorsey Wright momenskinowski-5 hours ago
2834 BP SPX broke down from what number? Where is 55.48? 35/22/16 are coming. MoFintas-7 hours ago
2833why don't you break your arm off and pat your back with that delusion about Gene C.-8 hours ago
2832I didn't pull the trigger today I was too slow... but looking at buying SOSXDavy Crockett-yesterday
2831not looking good for down but of course he's been FLAT. Sure.MythMan-yesterday
2830DUST at 35 today. Long ways up from where I presented it be consider in the 16.Fintas-yesterday
2829Myth man.. here ya go. Those who are suggesting to the moon best takea crash cFintas-Tuesday
2828Not for nothing but I recently watched the spx drop and blow thru another's Fintas-Tuesday
2827You calling someone strange is a riot.. tell you what, you nail this down you&MythMan-Tuesday
2826Thanks Bob... just got lucky :)Davy Crockett-Tuesday
2825MythMan - Where are your kudos for what has happened since 1904 in early August.POKERSAM-Tuesday
2824As usual, watching the market blow right thru your numbers. wonder how you'MythMan-Tuesday
2823POKERSAM...The only things SCAREY about your work is if one IGNORES it. Unlike Fintas-Tuesday
2822this says we should be headed downtown like now. Can't wait to see this playMythMan-Tuesday
2821Fintas - My ears were burning. I thought my name had come up and sure enough hePOKERSAM-Tuesday
2820Myth and your pals. As you consider making new highs re the SPX.. Ponder this Fintas-Tuesday
2819OL.. Myth you may never understand those strings. OR in fact Pokersams work. SFintas-Tuesday
2818breaking out to new highs? stockcharts.comMythMan-Tuesday
2817Nice trading Davey!! Bobrobert b furman-Monday Decided to close the trade today (up 14.5%) SOXL [graphic] SDavy Crockett1Monday
2815CRUDE. I've read some say it's going to 40.. some say 20 and recently IFintas1Sunday
2814Bell Curve Avg. Keep in mind I have downside targets of 22 and 16. I also expecFintas-last Saturday
2813NYSE.. Here's some data. What does it suggest to me Rallies are capped Fintas-last Saturday
2812SPX. Here's a couple of charts Pokersam put up. Any who are objective can Fintas-last Saturday
2811BPSPX.. I presented this the other day. I discussed how there was room to ralFintas-last Friday
2810I've been assured not to worry.. More die from heart attacks while having seFintas1October 23
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