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Longer-term market trends using technical analysis, e-wave, sentiment, and breadth. Typical outlook is weeks to years

The use of technical indicators and charts are allowed

Please do not post text from articles. Post only the link.

Post charts but do not post a message without a chart if you are describing a setup or a wave count.

If you post a stockcharts chart, please do not post it with a load of indicator panes (i.e., no stoch, RSI, OBV, etc.) Just post the chart and, optionally, the volume.

When posting charts, try to post GIF images. They are typically much smaller than JPG or BMP. Use the SI "Image Upload" link, which you see on the right of the page when posting a message. Browse to the image on your computer, upload it, copy the link provided by the Image Upload utility, then paste that into your post.

This is not a place to learn TA or Elliott. It is expected that folks will take some time to do that on their own.

Clownishness will not be tolerated.

Please mind your manners or face possible temporary eviction.
Three strikes you're out; 3 evictions will render the user permanent eviction.

NOTE: This is not an investment advisory board. I am not a certified or qualified investment dealer or in the investment industry. Due your own due diligence. Consult with a licensed and qualified investment agent for your own investment decisions
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2810I've been assured not to worry.. More die from heart attacks while having seFintas1yesterday
2809Futes down and seems to be tied to Ebola in NYC. That will cause down in market.MythMan-yesterday
2808OK maybe your dutch uncle. GIGGLE.. Here's the bigger point. When I readFintas-yesterday
2807My Dad's board? LOL. I don't think that is the case.MythMan-yesterday
2806BY the way.. if you were to open up the post that I caught a ban on your dad'Fintas-yesterday
2805That's 3k SPX.. While I'm here. Take a peek at this. It's a compaFintas1yesterday
2804I'm not sure what his numbers are to be honest. He flip flops and puts up cMythMan-yesterday
2803Hey those are my numbers as well. So unless you are on the short list to die. YaFintas-yesterday
2802Oh he'll read it since it shows up in the inbox. Anxious to see if downsideMythMan-yesterday
2801Yo Myth man.. Not sure Pokersam posts here or reads this site. However re ( sFintas1yesterday
2800How's this working out for you? Message 29767986 taunting Da Cheif burns yMythMan-yesterday
2799Here's link I borrowed from another site not to diss but discuss. As you glFintas-yesterday
2798PREC METAL.. What's to say.. If the buying was REAL.. Why isn't it ramFintas-Wednesday
2797SPX.. Some things are worth repeating. So here we are at 1946 ish. PNFERS Fintas-Wednesday
2796Here you go Davy. What do you see? I'll tell you what I see. WHERE's Fintas-Tuesday
2795I just might do that...Davy Crockett-Tuesday
2794YUP.. I suggested that on another board. I also suggested the down after wards.Fintas1Tuesday
2793SOXL having a nice run today... 10% moveDavy Crockett-Tuesday
2792IBM.. Near a year I put up IBM SAFE TARGETS down from it's highs.. 164 was Fintas-Tuesday
2791A little helper re DRYS FIRST do your due diligence. IF you do you will undeFintas1Monday
2790IBM RSI interday at 169 was 5.97. IF 5.1 is a shoe in aka safe. What does that Fintas-Monday
2789IBM. Where's that person who put up IBM was going to 245? Where's the Fintas-Monday
2788Thinking hoping tomorrow handles that. Did you get that position made? Bobrobert b furman-Sunday
2787Thanks Fintas!Davy Crockett-last Saturday
2786I agree with you on the DMI's...Davy Crockett-last Saturday
2785Macd turned, We'll be believers when -DMI and + DMI crossover - or if you wrobert b furman1last Saturday
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