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Longer-term market trends, thoughts and calls using technical analysis, or whatever suits you.
The use of technical indicators and charts are allowed?

If you post a stockcharts chart, please do not post it with a load of indicator panes (i.e., no stoch, RSI, OBV, etc.) Just post the chart and, optionally, the volume.

When posting charts, try to post GIF images. They are typically much smaller than JPG or BMP. Use the SI "Image Upload" link, which you see on the right of the page when posting a message. Browse to the image on your computer, upload it, copy the link provided by the Image Upload utility, then paste that into your post.

Clownishness will be tolerated.
Please mind your manners or face possible temporary eviction.
Three strikes you're out; 3 evictions will render the user permanent eviction.

NOTE: This is not an investment advisory board. WE are not certified or qualified investment dealers or work in the investment industry. Due your own due diligence. Consult with a licensed and qualified investment agent for your own investment decisions.

If you are a licensed professional in the investment community you are mandated by the rules of this board to announce it so before posting.

Enjoy your stay
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3088More Yaking from one who pretends to know more. " BDI... Most are familEntitlement1yesterday
3087still looking for this action.... Message 29901702MythMan-January 23
3086Yak yak yak.... The more he squawks the more he sounds like a parrot. DRYS thiEntitlement1January 22
3085'Birds of a feather ...' ? Yup!Entitlement-January 10
3084It is quite amazing that we have one who continues to pound the table with DRYSEntitlement1January 9
3083Maybe the tooth fairy and the easter bunny will back him up HEHE!!Gene C.1January 8
3082>>Liar, liar pants on fire<< Message 29887490 Is this guy in the 4MythMan2January 8
3081I'm sure this is meaningless but.... On This Day In History, The Baltic DryMythMan1January 8
3080LOL he is so FOS.... he can't prove it at all..MythMan1January 8
3079no you can't!!! You could more easily prove that Iraq had WMD HEHE!Gene C.3January 8
3078I could prove it to you but it is just not worth the effort.POKERSAM1January 7
3077Ohhh you won't either...all in his empty head!! hehe!Gene C.-January 7
3076don't recall seeing him talk this scenario up.. Message 29885240MythMan2January 7
3075Deflation will continue to crush DRYS. Others, using soft sell tactics, will tryEntitlement1January 5
3074another one has now as a reminder... Message 29828987MythMan-12/26/2014 In other words.... youtube.comMythMan112/26/2014
3072I look for about 300 pts up to finish [3] and then about 300 points down in [4].Gene C.212/26/2014
3071I did not need to wait for 2170 to make the change to the bullish scenario as prPOKERSAM-12/25/2014
3070To Gene and MythMan. Your constant lies and attacks on me has nothing to do wiPOKERSAM312/25/2014
3069prove it and show us a post... and Merry Christmas...MythMan212/25/2014
3068That is another lie.POKERSAM-12/25/2014
3067That is also a lie.POKERSAM-12/25/2014
3066That is a lie.POKERSAM-12/25/2014
3065nope...he took a severe beating the last six years...he once pledged to post hisGene C.-12/23/2014
3064Everyone knows this is all bullchit... >>Until now it made little differeMythMan112/23/2014
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