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Longer-term market trends using technical analysis, e-wave, sentiment, and breadth. Typical outlook is weeks to years

The use of technical indicators and charts are allowed

Please do not post text from articles. Post only the link.

Post charts but do not post a message without a chart if you are describing a setup or a wave count.

If you post a stockcharts chart, please do not post it with a load of indicator panes (i.e., no stoch, RSI, OBV, etc.) Just post the chart and, optionally, the volume.

When posting charts, try to post GIF images. They are typically much smaller than JPG or BMP. Use the SI "Image Upload" link, which you see on the right of the page when posting a message. Browse to the image on your computer, upload it, copy the link provided by the Image Upload utility, then paste that into your post.

This is not a place to learn TA or Elliott. It is expected that folks will take some time to do that on their own.

Clownishness will not be tolerated.

Please mind your manners or face possible temporary eviction.
Three strikes you're out; 3 evictions will render the user permanent eviction.

NOTE: This is not an investment advisory board. I am not a certified or qualified investment dealer or in the investment industry. Due your own due diligence. Consult with a licensed and qualified investment agent for your own investment decisions
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3056>>Now while here I see someone putting up a post re the Baltic index and aMythMan-yesterday
3055year end posts of the year nominees... Message 29570226MythMan-yesterday
3054zerohedge.comMythMan1last Friday
3053someone has described this guy as a timer but that isn't how he behaves.. MMythMan-last Friday
3052lol...da_cheif™-last Thursday
3051Hey King of all Voodoo, How's that Bearish Scenario working out for you? MythMan2last Thursday
3050I see this.... Message 29855166 followed up by this.. Message 29857036 LOLMythMan1last Wednesday
3049Entitle.. Of course it's non sensical to you. Your the gambler buying DRYS Fintas1last Tuesday
3048It seems one continues his/hers nonsensical spews: Message 29854225 Like Oil, Entitlement1last Tuesday
3047You are a day trader.. What do you know about long term holds. "A long teFintas-last Tuesday
3046When one trys to pretend to be more than he represents I muster myself to contrEntitlement1last Monday
3045Here is the possible Bearish Scenario. Message 29849897 The Bullish Scenario wiPOKERSAM1last Sunday
3044 Some still call Elliott Wave Principle voodoo. It is evident throughout historyPOKERSAM-last Sunday
3043Where you do not present anything.. I'd say OL POKERSAM did a nice job. WheFintas2December 13
3042>>Here's a response you neglect to present<< Why do all that woMythMan2December 13
3041There are two sides to any conversation. And there are more than one view re howFintas1December 13
3040Message 29850030MythMan-December 13
3039MythMan - You are really not making any sense. I ask cheif a question. I got tPOKERSAM2December 13
3038Did you see GDL spank the heck out of the market last week with his "DEAD OGene C.1December 13
3037FLIM FLAM. Message 29849235MythMan-December 12
3036FLIP FLOP Message 29846881MythMan1December 11
3035LOL and the answer is YES. Message 29846206 He guaranteed a large move up wiMythMan1December 11 11
3033sane????? who moe..larry...curly?? [graphic]Gene C.-December 10
3032the voodoo boys can't agree with this... Message 29845780MythMan1December 10
3031this is something to take notice of... Message 29845731 from a fade perspectiMythMan-December 10
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