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Good Morning, welcome to Matrix of 1 © information center for HM4E.(Heterogeneous Matrix 4 Energy.)
Coming Soon; Its the Holiday season and this Subject demands attention; so do some research; plan to kick off 2008 with us, to discuss; The Myth..... or Reality..... of Peak Oil..

PEAK OIL is a theory, its making its Mouthpieces richer by the minute. But, is it based on sound Science? Geologists in cahoots with Sophist media sources claim it is? Most oil users as drivers; are taught that Oil, is a derivative of fossils, is this true or false? Here is a fossil I myself discovered on Memorial Day 2006 (removed, soon to be replaced)
A story about the area where this soot and hydrocarbon coated fossil was discovered
Next Link to minutes of planning commission meeting where the impact site is discussed as a backdrop to building code concerns from a geology point of view, Natural Features part of the document..

In this document Sir Issac Newton hisself provides the means to ends by which a sea creature found as stone is offered as evidence to the Royal Society by William Stukely a protege of Darwins grandfather. (link disconnected) Here is a recent example of a finding for biological transformation, post a nucleation event. Preserved as stone dino….. a Nucleation event caused this.

Some Suggest Peak Oil is a carefully planned invention, extrapolated from really bad science, onto world populations. Some might suggest that most people have been educated to believe this myth; as truth, I remember I was expected to answer test questions about the formation of oil from decaying fossils, were you?. This deception is pervasive, isnt it?
If so, who benefits? Can heavy hydrocarbon molecules be formed from decayed fossils? Is there any truth at all to the idea that Oil was ever a fossil? The disparate evidence mounts against the case that OIL was ever a fossil of anything decaying. Our embracing the myth of oil as fossils, decomposed, cheats everyone and leads to the conditions of resource hegemony by way of misdirection.You'll need this theory from forensic science to keep you on track; Message 24345914

Here is a link and images of the Shoemaker Levy bolide string hitting Jupiter.....the effects in black,(hydrocarbons) remained spread across an earths diameter surface of Jupitor for at least 8 months before seeping into the newly fractured strata.

Another Jupiter impactor July 2009 shows hydrocarbons being created by Nucleation;
Message 27565287

Titan contains more oil than earth: Updated research findings 12-19-2013
Message 29291485

Message 24312161

In 1963, the space probe Mariner II confirmed that the temperature of Venus was 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It possessed a 15-mile thick envelope composed, not of carbon dioxide or water as was previously supposed, but of heavy molecules of hydrocarbons. (got Veilikovski?)sp sorry

All kinds of resources are derived from the post impact physics
The sacred book of the Mayas, the Popul Vuh, says: "It was ruin and destruction... the sea was piled up... it was a great inundation... people were drowned in a sticky substance raining from the sky... the face of the earth grew dark and the gloomy rain endured days and nights... and then there was a great din of fire above their heads." The entire population was annihilated. Other Central American myths contain stories of a deluge of sticky rain of bitumen from heaven; men were seized by madness and tried to escape it by sheltering in caverns but the caverns were suddenly closed. The cataclysm was preceded by a collision of stars and was followed by an inundation of the sea. The Peruvians had similar traditions. A pattern of legends suggest that a cosmic catastrophe resulting in a long period of darkness accompanied by tidal waves, hurricanes and by the fall of giant stones and bloody rain from the sky, preceded the appearance of a new planet.

The Philosophers Stone is not a myth, its real science being rediscovered.
Truth is, the philosiphers stone is a meteor.
A graphic illustration of the AZ Meteor Crater impactor

Which brings us to the only conclusion needed to understand the process which accounts for the hydrocarbons which are so improperly characterized by the term fossil fuel. Stick a fork in it because all oil down less than 15 miles is made and deposited by the process described next.

NucleationNucleation is the process of forming particles from a purely gaseous precursor phase.

There are two types of nucleation processes,

1.homogenous nucleation
2.heterogeneous nucleation.
Nucleation occurs for different reasons. Important among them, is the supersaturation of a vapor. When a hot vapor in a gas is cooled down, its supersaturation ratio increases, and it becomes supersaturated. Therefore, it "precipitates out" into particles. This process is called nucleation.

[edit] Coagulation When particles are present in an aerosol they collide with each other. During that they may undergo coalescence or aggregation. This process leads to a change in the aerosol size distribution function.

[edit] Surface GrowthSurface growth is the process by which an aerosol particle grows with the accretion of monomers or individual molecules to an already existent particle.
more visual proof;

From: dvdw©
Quantum Determinism and Heterostasis Linki is disconnected.

which combines with the Energy Uncertainty Principle;

states that because the time at which a particle has a given state whereas the operator is not an operator belonging to the particle, it must be a parameter describing the evolution of the system.

In spectrocopy excited states have a lifetime. By the time energy uncertainty principle, they do not have a definite energy, and each time they decay, the energy they release is slightly different. The average energy of the outgoing photon has a peak at theoretical energy of the state, but the distribution has a finite width called the natural linewidth.Fast decaying states have a broad linewidth, while slow decaying states have a narrow linewidth.

This reduces to the summary that the faster any particle decays the less certain is its mass.

Within the context Dirac postulated that a precise definition of time energy uncertainty relation, in a relativistic quantum theory of events is the time at which the uncertainty relation appears with respect to the steady state which preceded its arrival.
About Particulate oil

Message 27634065

Further explanation; Message 27561499

This next link contains an archive of known meteor impacts, the database exhibits the knowledge; that there is considerable missing information including but not limited to the facts that 70% of the earths surface is water, our knowledge of water born impacts is not our strong suit as shown by the database.
About Astroid belts

chemistry of oil

Natural Gas derivatives, emphasis on Helium price differentials in a scarce current supply market become compelling.

Colombo, Gazzarini, and Gonfiantini demonstrated conclusively, by a simple experiment the results of which admitted no ambiguity, that the carbon isotope ratios of methane change continuously along its transport path, becoming progressively lighter with distance traveled. Colombo et al. took a sample of natural gas and passed it through a column of crushed rock, chosen to resemble as closely as possible the terrestrial environment.27 Their results were definitive: The greater the distance of rock through which the sample of methane passes, the lighter becomes its carbon isotope ratio.

The reason for the result observed by Colombo et al. is straightforward: there is a slight preference for the heavier isotope of carbon to react chemically with the rock through which the gas passes. Therefore, the greater the transit distance through the rock, the lighter becomes the carbon isotope ratio, as the heavier is preferentially removed by chemical reaction along the transport path. This result is not surprising; contrarily, such is entirely consistent with the fundamental requirements of quantum mechanics and kinetic theory. etc........

Peter Blinn provides this background data on our subject of interest.

We will take a Systems approach.
Emphasize Science while attempting to connect all the disperate links within the command and control chain that give life to the myth of oil as a fossil fuel..

Causation, Supply and Demand, The players behind the press we read, and the science we are shown.
We will Follow the money....that will be the threads first goal.

We'll utilize our talents to discover, fill in the blanks where we can, while conforming to the Supreme law of social systems; RO/RS=CF
Corollary #1
All systems are only as good as their sensory Organs.
A System is no Better than its sensory organs
Corollary #2
To those within a system, outside reality tends to pale and disappear;

In an effort to introduce quantitative methodology into this important area of research a group of dedicated systemologists has paid particular attention to the amount of information that reaches, or fails to reach the relevant systems administrators also classified as Control Units (CU) of any particular system.

The crucial variable they have found is the fraction Ro/Rs where Ro equals the amount of reality which fails to reach the control unit. And Rs equals the total amount of reality presented to the system.

The fraction Ro/Rs varies from 0 (full awareness of outside reality) to unity ( no reality getting through) The result is known naturally enough, as the COEFFICIENT OF FICTION (CF)

Positive Feedback (P.F. )obviously competes with reality R for input into the system. The higher the PF the larger the quantity of reality which fails to gain entrance into the system Ro, and thus the higher the resulting CF. In systems employing PF; values of CF in excess of 0.99 have been recorded. Examples include evangelistic religious movements, certain authoritarian government systems and the executive suites of some very large corporations.

Peak Oil counterprogramming begins with awareness of the MYTHS behind OIL as a fossil fuel, next it extends to the recognition of aims aligned to purpose. Awareness of the aligned intent of peak oil mouthpieces, are designed to shrink space and herd behavior to specific outcomes. In the absence of awareness; Peak oil can be programmed into social outcomes, in seeking enlightented Awareness about Peak Oil myths........nothing about Peak oil survives. Summary of historical Oil Market.

Looking forward to seeing you here in 2008.
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