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ABC - Authors, Books, and Chat or Comments about Books We Love; Books We Hate; Books We Write; Books We'd Like To Write; Books We Wish Others Would Write: A discussion about books of all kinds, concentrating on but not limited to our own libraries and including new, mainstream and non-mainstream, in- and out-of-print, rare, antique, signed and unsigned, fiction and non-fiction. Of special interest are published contributors, and those who wish to be.

All discussion of the creative and creation side of books is particularly valuable.
Try the following links for great tips and ideas!

Why do old books smell the way they do? Answer here: (Hat tip to Tom Clarke)

Click here to submit a few paragraphs of your writing to this website, and it will tell you which famous author you write like.
[/tag] (HAT TIP TO STAN!)

A site that formats online text so it's easier to read CLICK (Hat Tip to LindyBIll)

Mysteries by location :(Hat Tip to Mac Con Ulaidh)

If there's a book out there, here's where you can find it (Hat Tip to Tom Clarke): Book Finder

Forgotten Books (Hat tip to Stan)

Ten Best Books Sites On Line Hat tip to stockman scott and JohnM.

Sites that pay for writing Tips on Writing Short Stories(Hat Tip to Stan for both.)

Twenty online resources for free eBooks...(Hat tip to Glenn Peterson)

How much royalty do publishers pay authors? Hat Tip to Stan and SmoothSail both!

Link to a post by SmoothSail that all aspiring writers should read.
Link to ANOTHER post by SmoothSail that all aspiring writers should read.
Link to YET ANOTHER post by SmoothSail that all aspiring writers should read.

Link to an Ebook library Courtesy of Travis_Bickle

Fifty Writing Tools... Manymoose found this through Stumbleupon, a Firefox extension.

Common Errors in English Usage Manymoose found this through Stumbleupon, a Firefox extension.

Writing World Manymoose also found this through Stumbleupon, a Firefox extension. An eBook publishing site found by ManyMoose.

We appreciate everyone's courtesy.

Typical initial posts will be a description of the book's content or attributes, why we love or dislike it, what's special about it, and recommendations to read or forget it.

Follow-up posts could lead anywhere, but should be focused on the books and authors, the effects of the books on our lives, and so forth.

All polite discussion on books will be allowed.
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7520Read my review of Ken Follett's "Whiteout on Goodreads." goodreadsManyMoose-55 minutes ago
7519I used to tell that to my crews who were thinning trees to make the stand grow bManyMoose-Saturday
7518Writing advice from Mark Twain, "As to the Adjective: when in doubt, strikStan-Saturday
7517I already know all I need to know about Ebola (and AIDS), despite what the goverManyMoose-last Thursday
7516Reacher is like the old gold rush Vigilantes. They did what they had to do withManyMoose-last Thursday
7515Regarding the Ebola outbreak. I read this when it first came out in '94. INeeka1last Thursday
7514My problem with Reacher is that he's not somebody I could admire or emulate.JohnM-last Thursday
7513I'm trying to recall whether I've ever read that Follett novel. I grew tJohnM-last Thursday
7512The Reacher novel I just finished is "The Hard Way." Lee Child is theManyMoose1last Wednesday
7511I'm reading Ken Follett's novel "Whiteout." I was going to reaManyMoose-last Wednesday
7510A bit of a book report. 1. The last Parker novel, the one about Jesse Stone, wrJohnM-last Wednesday
7509Heralds of the Digital Tomorrow Walter Isaacson’s ‘The Innovators’ Studies CompLindyBill-October 12
7508Just finished The Son ... Nesbo's latest. Not part of the H Hole series but Sdgla-October 12
7507I wonder how many, if any, best selling authors have switched from Hatchett? ALindyBill-October 12
7506Weird and wonderful bookshops worldwide – in pictures [graphic] theguardian.coTom Clarke-October 10
7505Pirate Hunters: The Search for the Lost Treasure Ship of a Great Buccaneer NonfiTom Clarke1October 10
7504Thanks. Series is lookin better all the time.freelyhovering-October 9
7503‘Bosch'; Geoffrey Blake In ‘Man In The High Castle’ by The Deadline LindyBill-October 9
7502Thanks for the tip. I just sampled it from Amazon. I am sure I will buy it. LoLindyBill-October 7
7501I'm reading the most recent estate Robert Parker novel, Robert B. Parker'JohnM-October 7
7500A bitter battle over whether the word "How" should be trademarked! Stan1October 6
7499Indeed, a scent can be a powerful memory trigger, because of where the sense of Ron2October 3
7498Aromas can be evocative. Lapsang Souchong tea always reminds me of my dear old gTom Clarke-October 3
7497I used to go to a small local library when I was in grade school. It was old thDMaA-October 3
7496thought this was cute Book smell is back – 25 paper-scented perfumes and candleTom Clarke-October 3
7495I liked that so much I put it in the header, with due credit to Tom Clarke.ManyMoose-October 2
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