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About Infinera
Transforming the optical layer into an Intelligent Transport Network™.

Infinera has just one mission: to build the world's most innovative network solutions to help our customers win.

For some of our customers, that translates into the ability to rapidly scale the Internet, and keep pace with the world's apparently insatiable appetite for bandwidth.

For others, it provides a way to deliver more services to more markets than they previously imagined.

The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network: A new paradigm in long-haul and metro transport.

For still others, it simply means an easier, more cost-effective way to manage their networks.

We founded our company for the sole purpose of bringing the advantages of digital networking to the optical layer. And node by node, network by network, continent by continent, we're doing precisely that.

The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network is the first switched WDM system, utilizing our breakthrough Photonic Integration Circuits to provide unrivaled flexibility, capacity, and manageability. It's raising standards on a technical level, and lowering barriers from an economic perspective.

Reducing your expenses. Expanding your opportunities.

Our patented Photonic Integrated Circuit, or PIC, combines dozens of optical components onto two tiny chips, each about the size of a child's fingernail. Lasers, modulators, wavelength multiplexers and demultiplexers, photodetectors—They're all there, in one incredibly fast, unbelievably efficient package.

With Infinera PIC technology, service providers no longer need dozens of separate devices to extend the benefits of digital networks to the optical layer. Nor do they have to sacrifice flexibility and manageability by choosing to deploy all-optical (and essentially all-analog) networks.

The translation between the electrical and optical domains—the so-called "O-E-O" conversion, long the albatross of network economics—is now simple and affordable. PIC technology is the foundation of the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network, and it's helping service providers around the world do a whole lot more with a whole lot less.

If you want capacity, you've got it. Our original PICs deliver an industry leading 100 gigabits per second. We've demonstrated a PIC capable of 1.6 terabits per second in the lab.

But it's our ability to rapidly and cost effectively scale networks that truly set us apart, and that's helped us set altogether different kinds of records.

The biggest thing in optical networking is also the smallest.

Just one of our compact chassis can do what used to require racks full of equipment. Deployments that used to take months or weeks now take days.

We recently installed a 2,200-kilometer network in just five days. Our customer started with 100Gb/s on this link, and then successfully added another 300Gb/s in less than an hour, with live traffic running both directions the entire time.

Another customer uses their Infinera network to offer 10G wavelengths with 10-day lead times. That's a big advantage when competitors take up to eight weeks to deliver a similar circuit.

From Tokyo to San Francisco to Berlin, our customers are benefiting from a new paradigm in optical networking, and finding it's easier than ever to deliver, manage, and expand their services.

Our technology not only lets you do more. It lets us do more, too.

At Infinera we have a team of senior engineers available around the clock to provide help over the phone or online. We can recreate particularly challenging faults in our simulation lab—literally making your problem our problem. And a customer web portal allows you to track the progress of your case, or even escalate it.

Yet one of the advantages of photonic integration is that it reduces the number of devices in the network, which in turn reduces the number of things that can go wrong.

There are fewer fiber couplings and connections to worry about. The primary building block of the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network, the Infinera DTN switched WDM system, requires only five types of circuit packs and a single chassis for terminal, add/drop, or regenerator configurations. That makes installation, management, and troubleshooting surprisingly simple.

So simple, in fact, we have the time to provide a lot of additional services. If you want hands-on help, our on site engineers can help with everything from logistics and inventory management to preventative maintenance. We also provide on-the-job training during installation, and offer a range of technical courses in a choice of formats, making it easy for you to achieve self-sufficiency if that's your goal.
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