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Exobox Technologies Corp.

Stock Ticker: EXBX

as of 12-17-2006

Authorized Shares: 500,000,000
Operating Shares: 43.6 Million
Estimated Float: 12,000,000

EXOBOX Mission Statement:

Our mission is to become the leading developer of licensed digital security technologies for a broad range of security-sensitive networks, devices, and other applications.
"We are uniquely positioned for the development and market introduction of what we believe is the most advanced computer security system available."

~Exobox Shareholder's Meeting info and Significant 8-K on April 24, 2007~

~Exobox's Co-Existing Agreement with Microsoft: and Potential Funding of $25 Million from Starboard Capital and two Acquisitions expected to be completed in 2Q07~

1) Acquisition of Mentisys (a software company that has contracts with Citigroup) The Mentisys product line will be greatly enhanced by Exobox’s technology, allowing the Company to capitalize on Mentisys’s contacts and existing business relationships to quickly enter and develop new markets.

With only the Mentisys Acquisition that is mentioned in the 4/24/07 8-K, Exobox will have license agreements with Citigroup and other companies. Too, this deal will make Exobox partners with HP, Oracle, IBM, BEA.

2) An additional Acquisition; yet to be disclosed.

Exobox Shareholder Shares first hand thoughts on the April 24, 2007 Shareholder's meeting.

Major Exobox Event ~ Patent ISSUED December 5, 2006

Origianl US Patent Office, Patent for Exobox,
United States Patent 7,146,640
Goodman , et al. December 5, 2006

EXBX White Papers:

Facts: Exobox's Technology is Proven, Effective technology that stops all cyber threats such as viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and identity theft. It is Proactive, not Reactive and doesn’t require a database of known malicious code. Compared to other technologies, Exobox's Technology is truly revolutionary, representing a paradigm shift from the largely ineffective "reactive" network security software currently available from others.

The proprietary software developed by Exobox Technologies is a “true” solution to threats posed by viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware that are prevalent on the Internet today. Best of all, Exobox’s software solutions are proactive and 100-percent effective.

Exobox technology is like bulletproof glass in that it is virtually 100% effective in protecting against the daily cyber threats targeting Internet users, such as viruses and worms which can destroy documents and computer programs, and spyware which is used to gather personal information without the user's knowledge, increasing the risk for identity theft. Just install the system and it does the rest, effectively building a protective barrier around computers and servers that has proven to be impenetrable by some of the world’s best hackers.

Exobox's unique approach to network security provides an unrivaled level of security, coupled with the addition of significant, revolutionary features that other network security products fail to provide. These multiple features and benefits described in the White Paper
should make SUEZ Technology the foremost network/data protection solution on the market.

Exobox Management “expects” that EXOBOX’s Technology will soon be generally acknowledged as the “Disruptive Technology of Choice” for the Network Security Industry. The Enterprise Solution currently being developed for anticipated licensing in 2006 represents the first in a line of SUEZ based products from Exobox

Exobox's Technology has been evaluated and received the validation of several sources, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology and OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc., the world leader in low-level manipulation of the Windows operating system.

EXOBOX registered its common stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission effective February 20, 2006 in a move to qualify the Company’s stock for the OTC Bulletin board (OTCBB).

*EXBX has completed all Pre-requisites on their part for a OTCBB listing.
*EXBX is trading on the Grey Market, but please be informed that there has been a Market Maker that has filed a form 211 at the OTCBB for OTCBB quotations.
*Investors are awaiting NASD Clearance for the EXBX OTCBB Listing.

*EXBX is not trading on the grey market for any wrong doing and this is very uncommon.

Current DD points to the hold up for EXBX to trade on the OTCBB is between the "OTCBB and the Market Maker" that has filed the form 211.

*EXBX could trade on the OTCBB at any day.

EXBX is skipping the Pinksheets and launching right to the OTCBB. This is Great news.
EXBX has a Market Maker that has filed a form 211 at the OTCBB to be quoted on the OTCBB.

Here is the info for anyone who wants to confirm that a market maker has filed a form 211 at the OTCBB as well as the Transfer Agent's information to confirm O/S as of 12/17/2006 is 34,134,197.

Confirm OTCBB Form 211 Status: * NASD OTC Compliance Unit at 240-386-5100
Confirm OS status: *Call the TA (Cottonwood Transfer) to confirm O/S is 34,134,197 as of 12/17/06 at 801-266-7151.

EXBX Profile & Description:

EXBX White Papers:

Transfer Agent:
Cottonwood Transfer Corp.
Salt Lake City, UT
Telephone: 1-801-266-7151

Malone & Bailey PC
Houston, TX

Contact Information:
Exobox Technologies Corp.
6303 Beverly Hill Suite 210
Houston, TX 77057
Telephone: 1.713.781.6173
Fax: 1.713.781.6175

Web Site:

E-Mail Address:

Exobox Technologies Corp. Management & Officers:
Robert B. Dillon Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
Barry Levine VP & Chief Financial Officer
Michael Wittenburg VP, Secretary & Treasurer
Michael G. Wirtz, Vice President
Scott Copeland VP
Reginald Goodman VP
Sherman Pernia VP
Leslie J. Richardson Investor Relations Contact

Exobox Technologies Corp. DIRECTORS:
Scott Copeland
Robert B. Dillon
Reginald Goodman
Sherman Pernia
Michael Wittenburg

Exobox Technologies Corp. Inquiries Investor Relations:
Exobox Technologies Corp.
Michael G. Wirtz, Vice President(713) 781-6173

About Exobox Technologies Corp. And Our Business Model:

Exobox Technologies’ business model seeks to enhance Internet security by promoting software that eliminates the threat of viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware and the proliferation of identity theft, which is now the fastest growing crime in the U.S. The Company has developed a proprietary system that protects networks without interfering with performance or requiring periodic updates or staff training.

The global market for such software is expanding rapidly as more businesses and consumers search for a proactive, effective solution to Internet viruses and other menaces that threaten to derail computer networks and destroy equipment.

Exobox has created an efficient approach to marketing and delivering the product without incurring many of the expenses of traditional software companies. That’s because the Company will use a business-to-business licensing model that identifies key providers in certain industries and market segments – including Internet service providers, banks & financial institutions, government agencies, software makers, computer hardware manufacturers, home pc users, business pc users, educational institutions and e-commerce companies – and geographic locations and licenses the software for use by those institutions.

This model eliminates significant expenses for research & development, inventory control, distribution and payroll, thereby making Exobox a lean and efficient company focused on quickly bringing to market the most effective products to secure the Internet.

What we can do for you, your home, and your business:

Viruses, Trojans and other cyber threats cost businesses and consumers billions of dollars a year by disrupting commerce and creating havoc in our fast-paced, communications-based world.

That’s why keeping a computer network safe continues to be one of the most vexing problems for banks, government institutions and millions of businesses. One virus alone can wipe out several days’ worth of vital transactions or destroy costly equipment. While many large companies have struggled with network security, most have figured the damage caused by cyber threats is the cost of doing business in the information age.

The reason is that securing a network has been a difficult and expensive process. Most software on the market only addresses a virus or other cyber threat after it’s already in a system. Traditional security software needs to be updated continuously to remain working and it slows computers while it scans for problem areas.

But now there’s a solution that works.

Exobox Technologies has developed a reliable and effective network security software that protects computers from Internet viruses, Trojans and other cyber threats before they occur without interfering with or slowing operations or requiring staff training. The best part is that users never even know the software’s there while it safely and efficiently protects the network.

Proven, effective technology that stops cyber threats

The proprietary software developed by Exobox Technologies is a “true” solution to threats posed by viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware that are prevalent on the Internet today.

Best of all, Exobox’s software solutions are proactive and 100-percent effective. Once the software is installed on a computer or server, no updates are necessary, and it doesn’t require CRC checking or viral database retroactive file scanning. It’s a truly transparent security system that allows computers and networks to function normally without system slowdowns.

Companies that have struggled with the time-consuming and laborious process of retraining entire staffs when new software is introduced will be glad to know that Exobox’s software doesn’t require any training. Just install the system and it does the rest, effectively building a protective barrier around computers and servers that has proven to be impenetrable by some of the world’s best hackers.

Extensive research and development over the past three years has resulted in Exobox filing eight patent applications and securing a trademark as part of its ongoing efforts to protect its intellectual property. An essential part of Exobox's product development strategy has been to seek comprehensive United States and international intellectual property protection for it's technology and all related and derivative products.

Exobox intends to continue protecting its intellectual property by filing patents covering new findings that may develop as a result of research and development, process improvements, and various administration routes, in order to protect and enhance the original patents. The Company will continue this effort to bolster and extend it's intellectual property position, including patents, copyrights and trademarks.

Exobox has retained Osha – Liang LLP, an internationally recognized intellectual property firm, to continue this protection and to prosecute any potential additional patents for its technology and all related and derivative products, stemming from the Company's ongoing Research and Development.

Our technology is unique, representing a proactive way to protect computers from cyberspace threats. Because of the exclusivity of our products, Exobox is seeking comprehensive United States and international patent protection of its technology, which precludes the Company from divulging significant technical specifications at this time.

However, the software has been evaluated and received the validation of several sources, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology and OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc., the world leader in low-level manipulation of the Windows operating system. In addition, Exobox is a client of the Houston Technology Center, a non-profit organization that helps develop technology centric businesses that have proven software or products.

Benefits of Exobox's network security software...:

A reliable computer security system that doesn’t have to be constantly upgraded and doesn’t impede workflow is essential to the growing reliance on e-commerce throughout the world.

Unfortunately, the standard for computer security in the industry up until now has been based on flawed software or impractical hardware-based systems that required significant retraining and were only useful once a computer network was already jeopardized by an Internet threat.

The Exobox solution is different. Its proprietary software:

*Stops viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and identity theft;
*Is proactive, not reactive;
*Doesn’t require a database of known malicious code;
*Prevents contamination across a network;
*Dramatically reduces Internet security costs;
*Prevents data and identity theft;
*Prevents unauthorized access, both externally and internally;
*Stops internal theft;
*Gives Internet Security new levels of end-user control;
*Is transparent to users;
*Doesn’t change the existing workflow;
*Requires low CPU overhead;
*Is easy to deploy and administer and;
*Prevents computers or networks from being hijacked for Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.

Exobox Technologies has developed the following strategic alliances in an effort to ensure that the Company delivers the highest performing, most effective Internet security product available.:

Organizations allied with Exobox include:

Houston Technology Center:
The Houston Technology Center is a non-profit agency aimed at ensuring the success of qualifying companies. Exobox has met all of HTC’s rigorous requirements and is now considered a “Superstar Technology,” uniquely qualified to work with HTC.

Open Systems Resources, Inc.:
OSR is the world leader in low-level manipulation of the Microsoft Windows operating environment. OSR signed an agreement with Exobox in October, 2005, to produce for Exobox an economically viable software requirements document and an initial product ready for sale or license to the identified markets.

Comso, Inc.:
A U.S. General Services Administration contractor, Comso is a software engineering and application development company. As a certified contractor, Comso provides government agencies a variety of technical services through a simple, straightforward ordering purchase system. Comso has agreed to use its GSA status to help Exobox obtain government funds and distribute the Company’s products on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commerce Information Technology Solutions list.

National Institutes of Standards and Technology:
The National Institute of Standards and Technology is a non-regulatory federal agency in the U.S. Commerce Department’s Technology Administration. Its role is to develop and promote measurement, standards and technology to enhance productivity, facilitate trade and improve the quality of life in this country. NIST oversees many programs for U.S. manufacturers and partially funds research and development partnerships with the private sector.

Department of Homeland Security:
Exobox has met with the Department of Homeland Security to review the Company’s technology and the department indicated a willingness to help Exobox prove the Company’s products developed from its already validated technology. It also pledged to help Exobox gain governmental acceptance and distribution for such products.

Osha Liang LLP:
Osha - Liang is an internationally reconigized intellectual property firm with offices in Houston, Texas, Silicon Valley, California, and Paris, France. The firm provides expertise in all matters pertaining to the acquisition, licensing, and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

As an adjunct professor of law, Mr. Osha has lectured on patent prosecution at the University of Houston, which consistently ranks as one of the top intellectual property law schools in the United States. In addition to patent prosecution, Mr. Osha's practice includes infringement and invalidity opinions, licensing, copyrights, trademarks, and related litigation. He also is a frequent speaker and author on matters related to intellectual property rights, focusing on topics of interest to international practitioners.

Dr. Liang specializes in intellectual property issues involving chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. He heads up the biotechnology group at Osha · Liang and frequently speaks on biotechnology topics as well as intellectual property issues involving Asia. Dr. Liang was previously on the Faculty of Biochemistry at the University of Texas-Houston Medical School and is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and Taiwanese.

For the Investor:

Why invest in network security,

Simply put, network security is THE most important focus in a computer-based world that thrives on e-commerce and online transactions. With the number of computer users worldwide estimated at more than 650 million and growing up to 15 percent annually, there is a greater need than ever for reliable protection from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and identity theft.

That makes a piece of software capable of warding off the threats before they hit a computer system infinitely valuable to businesses and consumers alike. And businesses are scrambling to find a solution to this growing epidemic. International Data Corp. estimates that worldwide more than $3 billion is being spent each year on the currently available technology to shore up network security, the fastest growing segment of the Internet.

Exobox believes that offering businesses and consumers a reliable solution to Internet security without the hassle of updates, lengthy staff training sessions and system slowdowns will lead to a revolutionary change in making cyberspace safe for every user.

NASD OTC Compliance Unit:

National Association of Securities Dealers
OTC Compliance Unit
9509 Key West Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850
Telephone: 1-240-386-5100

Exobox Technologies Corp. SEC Filings:

Exobox Technologies Corp. Press Release Information:

Fri, Jun 16, 2006
• EXOBOX TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Files SEC form 10QSB, Quarterly Report
EDGAR Online (Fri, Jun 16)

Fri, Jun 9, 2006
• EXOBOX TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Files SEC form 8-K, Unregistered Sale of Equity Securities
EDGAR Online (Fri, Jun 9)

Fri, May 19, 2006
• EXOBOX TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Files SEC form 8-K, Unregistered Sale of Equity Securities
EDGAR Online (Fri, May 19)

Thu, Apr 6, 2006
• EXOBOX TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Files SEC form 10QSB, Quarterly Report
EDGAR Online (Thu, Apr 6)

Fri, Mar 10, 2006
• EXOBOX TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Files SEC form 8-K, Other Events
EDGAR Online (Fri, Mar 10)

Mon, Mar 6, 2006
• EXOBOX TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Files SEC form 8-K, Change in Directors or Principal Officers
EDGAR Online (Mon, Mar 6)

Fri, Mar 3, 2006
• EXOBOX TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Files SEC form 8-K, Other Events
EDGAR Online (Fri, Mar 3)

Note: Please Use The Following Link To View The Press Releases Below:

Exobox Technologies Receives Results from Matasano Security; Matasano Provides Exobox with Threat Modeling Scenarios (BusinessWire)

Exobox Technologies Engages Open Systems Resources; OSR to Write Company's Software Development Plan (BusinessWire)

Exobox Technologies Listed on S&P Market Access Program; S&P's ``Standard Corporation Records' Published Since 1917 (BusinessWire)

Exobox Technologies Raises $1,000,000 Through Private Placement; Private Placement Offer Sold Out In Less Than One Week (BusinessWire)

Exobox Technologies Corp. Retains MCC Financial Services for Investor Relations Support (BusinessWire)

Exobox Technologies Completes Reverse Merger; Lead Product Is Revolutionary Security Software; Stock Trading on Pink Sheet Under Symbol EXBX (BusinessWire)

Current Information Provided To The Public Via PDF.Files From Exobox Technologies Corp.:
Note: Investors May Save These PDF Files Provided By Exobox For Future Reference To Answer Questions You May Have.

EXBX Profile & Description:

EXBX White Papers:

Exobox Technologies Corp. Charting Under EXBX.PK

6 Month Chart EXBX.PK

9 Month Chart EXBX.PK

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