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A little fun is welcome also.

Good site for beginners: 

Here is a place that seems to have links to all Forex sites: 

Forex demands patience..patience..patience!
Now hurry up..get going!

Time Zone New York GMT

Tokyo Open 7:00 pm 0:00
Tokyo Close 4:00 am 9:00

London Open 3:00 am 8:00
London Close 12:00 pm 17:00

New York Open 8:00 am 13:00
New York Close 5:00 pm 22:00

So much Forex education available out there.
For me to make consistent profits I have some very strict rules to guide me.
No emotions.
Be conservative (opportunities need to force the issue)
Learn all you can about pivots
Learn the 1,2,3 pattern
Play with a good amount of money
Never stop learning about charting..but stick to what works for you.
Keep it simple..Keep it simple!!!
Make yourself very familiar with one or two pairs...and learn all their moods, reactions and patterns to the news that keeps coming back (etc)

I currently am so busy daytrading stocks that I only play the 1, 2, 3 trading system. To find out more: Subject 57292
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238forex trader ranked at Barclays 1st and 2nd for the past year. www.barclayhedgeHrForex-04/17/2008 02:11 PM
237your questions awnsered ---- Sorry for the delay - As a FOREX chart user you mEddy Blinker-11/10/2007 11:30 AM
236Interesting question again. Manual or supported by model / automated give-up? RockyBalboa-10/25/2007 03:37 AM
235only 8x Lots ( Margin ), per trade, allowed by the bank. But with a bank whichEddy Blinker-10/24/2007 08:50 PM
234I have never heard of such a restriction. This is odd. The statistical LT meanRockyBalboa-10/24/2007 07:03 PM
233Just a question................ Spark, In you opinion how many profitable - pEddy Blinker-10/24/2007 12:49 PM
232EUR/USD went short at 1.4055 Spark-10/08/2007 04:35 PM
231EUR/USD am going short somewhere below 1.4066..we'll see. Spark-10/05/2007 07:20 AM
230Solid economy powers on Oct 1, 2007 12:28 PM In another blow for the RBNZ, FrRockyBalboa-10/01/2007 12:22 AM
229Another insane week..still strapped in.. ;) Spark-09/29/2007 10:23 AM
228EUR/USD still going! Spark-09/25/2007 02:30 PM
227Will EUR/USD do a 50% retrace this week? I wouldn't be surprised. Link: SI MSpark-09/23/2007 08:33 PM
226Bank. Spark-09/22/2007 04:50 PM
225Chips and Pips : 11 Reasons Poker Players Make Great Forex Traders currencytradi~digs-08/30/2007 03:33 AM
224I am thinking about physically hold YEN, 10%, any comment? How will I got abouHan2004fl-08/16/2007 03:17 PM
223this is nutty. CapitalistHogg™-08/16/2007 12:56 PM
222I feel your pain, I have given up large positions and kept smaller ones due toRockyBalboa-08/16/2007 11:10 AM
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