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This is a place to bring up just about any topic you want to discuss.

The only thing off limits is politics. See below for why. Everything else is good, as long as it doesn't violate the SI Terms of Use.

If you want to get completely non-linear and nonsensical, so much the better. I'm hoping we can have fun here.

I do ask that people be civil with one another. This means that if you disagree with something, you will respond by saying what you disagreed with, but refrain from insulting the person who said it.

Basically, I don't care what people talk about, but this isn't the place for a brawl.

People who can't act like grownups will be banned, either temporarily or permanently, depending on my mood and possibly quite arbitrarily. I'm fair, but I'm human.

The restriction on political topics has more to do with trying to keep this thread interesting than any kind of squeamishness. There are a lot of places on SI for people to rant about politics. Most of those places are nasty and boring. This will not be one of them.
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5659Fancy some Alphabet Soup ?? bbc.comkumar rangan-October 31
5658... let's see how well it works when it gets dirty and the illusion diminishStock Puppy-October 28
5657Professor or Hobo? I got 7 out of 10 right.TimF-October 27
5656Cities Around the Globe are Testing 3D Crosswalks to Slow Down Drivers [graphic]TimF4October 27
5655US/North America on the Surfaces of the Moon, Mars and Jupiter [graphic] [graphTimF1October 27
5654In India Possession is Maybe 6/10th of the Law by Alex Tabarrokon April 5, 2017TimF2October 27
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5652Dolphins beat up octopuses before eating them, and the reason is kind of horrifyTimF4October 26
5651Photographer Spends Eternity Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match Artworks And TJ.F. Sebastian2October 21
5650Checked the web link to see if there was an explanation for the last sign since clean86-October 21
5649[graphic] sadanduseless.comTimF1October 20
5648[graphic] [graphic] [graphic] more at msn.comTimF1October 20
5647Nightmare fuel: Trapped in airplane seat crawling with bedbugs Canadian family pTimF-October 20
5646Equifax Credit Assistance Site Served Spyware Big-three consumer credit bureau TimF1October 20
5645The liquid that pours itself - Polyethylene Oxide [youtube video] youtube.comTimF-October 15
5644Did Anthrax Kill More Than 100 Hippos in Namibia? By Live Science Staff | OctobFUBHO-October 14
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