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A place to share info and have discussion, mostly on dividend stocks, but including ETFs, CEFs, mutual funds, and other income producing investments. The overall goal being to build a growing income stream, portfolio growth being secondary. With an abundance of very intelligent and experienced posters, and no real functioning retirement board on SI, imho a good place for any retirement questions or concerns.

My personal favorite book to give any young person. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

Two thread favorite reads:

The Single Best Investment: Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth by Lowell Miller

2006 Edition available as a free PDF online. Introduction and first 46 pages required reading imho.

The Ultimate Dividend Playbook: Income, Insight and Independence for Today's Investor by Josh Peters

Descriptions of Achievers, Aristocrats, and Champions:

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Printable list here:

Here's a handy website (courtesy of another board). The home page gives dividends, total return, dividend growth rate for various time periods and the like for any stock going back as far as 1970.

There's also a drop down menu ( top right ) where you can pull up inflation rate, S&P earnings and the like since 1960.

This site will give you a the 3 and 5 year dividend growth.

I am going to track my IRA here and update it monthly. Anyone who would like to do the same, I will link to the header. Real world always being better than hypothetical.

Current portfolio: Message 30578754

You can start at the beginning and follow over time by reading replies:

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24759 I have been able to fill up four accounts @ $5.03 to $5.08. None with my 4k shaSteve Felix-last Friday
24758Sotherly Hotels Inc. (SOHO) partial fill for me @ $5.03/share Got another orderE_K_S-last Friday
24757I can remember 35 years ago or so, when I got real excited when a stock I owned JimisJim-last Wednesday
24756For small caps a 2 for 1 stock that might dip below the margin thresh hold (afterobert b furman-last Wednesday
24755I think the general perception is that a split is because the price has run up asm1th-last Wednesday
24754Good pt. on the fractional share issue with reinvestment (whether dripped or &quJimisJim-last Tuesday
24753I like splits. Every month I buy some stocks using the Flexible Reinvestment pTigerPaw-last Tuesday
24752Yes, splits add no value, but everyone seems to like them anyway -- I don't JimisJim-last Tuesday
24751I know splits don't add value, but it is sort of a "feel good" thiKip S-last Tuesday
24750LNT 2 for 1 split shares hit my acct today... I didn't even know it was goinJimisJim-last Tuesday
24749MPW typical daily vol ~1.2M, aver vol 2.2M, Float 233.19M .... Today's vol LTBH-May 20
24748Medical Properties Trust, Inc. Increases Quarterly Dividend Five Percent to $0.2LTBH3May 19
24747Sotherly Hotels Inc. (SOHO) - I lowered my buy price for taxable account at/beloE_K_S-May 19
24746Full of both SOHO and CCP now. Cash in case of cuts $2800, definitely not enoughSteve Felix-May 19
24745Congratulations!peter michaelson-May 19
24744 OT - after being nice enough to babysit all day Monday, and nice enough to showSteve Felix13May 18
24743Did not really want to sell either stock here, but the market doesn't listenSteve Felix1May 18
24742Did get filled Friday: 05/13/2016 13:19:31 Bought 300 CPLP @ 2.59 -785.00 AbSteve Felix-May 16
24741Well done on MHR. Despite the many red flags (firing the auditor!), I managed tpeter michaelson-May 15
24740Miller Howard Q1 report, always a good read, full of ideas. mhinvest.comMannie3May 15
24739Or as a wildcatter (how he started out), he likes the "hunter" monikerJimisJim-May 14
24738He's a predator for other people's money.upanddown1May 14
24737thx... I asked about that, but the credit union specifically said they have shutJimisJim-May 13
24736 Sometimes I have better success when initiating the transfer from the receivingB.K.Myers-May 13
24735Thx... it's sort of the same situation for me, but... I have more than one bJimisJim-May 13
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