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People seem to get upset when threads stay off the chosen topic. I, for one, find some digressions to be just as enlightening as the posts that are "on topic". I believe everything is connected.

This board is for discussing technology; the kind that affects our lives every day. But if you want to participate by posting a discussion of e.e. cummings' poetry or what you saw on the Daily Show last night, feel free.

It's all about the freedom here.

Let's see if that works.
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1430I"m getting adds on the lock screen. I didn't get anything other thanStock Puppy1October 4
1429Yep, hard to generalize since things are so specific to each situation, but moreQuantHead-October 1
1428Which is one of the reasons why I said its the general trend. Maybe even that sTimF-October 1
1427Not necessarily. Total traffic doesn't say anything about the quality of thQuantHead-October 1
1426None takenTimF-September 23
1425I understand that, I was simply pointing out it's an inherently unequal (andJ.F. Sebastian1September 23
1424I wasn't trying to make an equal comparison between iPhones and Androids. ITimF-September 22
1423On the hardware specs side, you're comparing apples to oranges, no pun intenJ.F. Sebastian1September 21
1422Forgot to mention another advantage of the S7. You can add a storage card. HavTimF-September 21
1421I had a iphone 5c. Its been replaced by a Galaxy S7. What I like more about eaTimF1September 21
1420[youtube video] youtube.comTimF2August 31
1419Technically ad blocking isn''t under attack, the site that was remove frTimF-August 30
1418What We Get Wrong About Technology Blade Runner (1982) is a magnificent film, bTimF1August 29
1417Ad blocking is under attack 11 August 2017 on Industry news Well, this is hTimF1August 29
1416 Should the ceiling fan direction be turned to clockwise or counterclockwiStock Puppy1August 27
1415From FPL EnergyNews August 2015 Should the ceiling fan direction be turnSr K-August 26
141410 Most Common Ways to Make Money with Your Website 1 - AffiliTimF1August 23
1413If it's true, then the site would benefit whether or not the visitor saw theStock Puppy-August 23
1412Am I incorrect in saying that the more traffic to a site, the more that the siteTimF-August 23
1411Likely a contributing factor is the adblocker blocker probably misfires enough aStock Puppy-August 23
1410While I'm glad to see that major websites blocking adblockers were seeing a J.F. Sebastian2August 22
1409Penetrating a Casino's Network through an Internet-Connected Fish Tank AttacTimF1August 22
1408The Ether Thief by Matthew Leising bloomberg.comTimF-August 22
1407Sites that block adblockers seem to be suffering Martin Anderson Thu 21 Apr 2016TimF-August 22
1406How Google fought back against a crippling IoT-powered botnet and won Behind theTimF2August 19
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