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Welcome to the moderated Silicon Investor message board for Immunomedics (IMMU). After watching several other forums degenerate, I decided to start this forum for anyone who values reasonable discussion. I've made it a moderated board so I have some control over whether it stays civil or not...

Please observe the following courtesies:

> No personal attacks. This includes attributing motives to posters. You know, "you are a pumper", or "you must be short", or..... Such accusations are unprovable in the first place and in the second place contribute nothing to the discussion.

> Please refrain from posts about posts. If you see a post you find obnoxious or that you think violates the TOU, just report a TOU violation to the SI admins by clicking the link near the bottom. The SI admins have been doing a great job of removing all traces of posters who violate the spirit of SI TOU (see below). Responding only encourages more of the same as well as decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio. See "Responding to Tone" below.

> We very much value differing viewpoints. Feel free to disagree with someone all you want. Just do so civilly.

> Take a look at Graham's "hierarchy of disagreement": if you want an idea of what I consider actionable. In my ideal world, when people disagree, their posts would be at least "contradiction" and ideally "counterargument" and above. I'll start to create a mental list of people skating close to the edge when I see posts at "Responding to Tone". Anything below that earns a censure (not censor since I can't alter or delete existing posts, only the SI admins have that power) as soon as I see it, with or without warning.

You can see the SI Terms Of Use (TOU) at and it's apparent that the admins interpret these rather broadly. They give the usual sophistries people engage in when trying to skate close to the edge short shrift. My personal summary of the TOU is "play nice, be adult". SIAdmin (Dave) and SI Spam Patrol (Cheeky Kid) are our friends <G>. Here is a wonderful example of how this works... 8320. Note SI Dave's response was there prior to any other poster posting. Don't waste your time....

Again, welcome! I think you'll find this a fine place to learn about and contribute to others' understanding of IMMU and its prospects.

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27700Despite all the mutterings in annual reports and otherwise about "shareholcorndog8yesterday
27699> OT - Li, are you still interested in ARNA? Why or why not? No, because I nli3511-last Friday
27698OT - Li, are you still interested in ARNA? Why or why not? Thanks.menwhowipeafterpp-last Friday
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27696April 2014 decisionresources.comsuite2321-last Friday
27695gissa - when was that article published? i thought it was from April? Don'KeeptheFaith-last Friday
27694Glory Hallelujah!!li3511-last Friday
27693For those of you who are interested, I sent this along today. To keep this compFitzhughlaw10last Friday
27692Survey: Epratuzumab Tops Belimumab in Treatment of SLE Patientsgissa_gamma8last Friday
27691I'm just a little behind you. The best of my recollection I purchased in 199mrc758-last Friday
2769020 years ago, spring of 1994, bought my first shares of IMMU, $3.75. I remember idahoranch19last Friday
27689Here's the "sample ballot" conferencecalltranscripts.orgcorndog-last Thursday
27688I don't have empirical evidence to support my opinion that the repeated &quoFitzhughlaw4last Thursday
27687James is excited about upcoming presentation...... ADC_James ?@ADC_drugsOctplhky34651last Thursday
27686[graphic]ADC_James @ADC_drugs · plhky3465-last Thursday
27685Although I agree with most of your comments in this post and certainly in your sfitzdad551last Thursday
27684 plhky3465-last Thursday
27683Oh but dearest Watch, let us not forget that we are standing astride the threshoFitzhughlaw-last Thursday
27682 <<<< What Fitz wrote is distressing -- really an indictment of howatchmymovement2last Thursday
27681like others, I'll be voting down on every one of the BOD members. That saallatwwk-last Thursday
27680You don't think that the Schedule 14A filing Dawg found yesterday will scareFitzhughlaw6last Thursday
27679the 3.75 price has been a tough nut to crack and stay above. I think there have willy612last Thursday
27678Hey Hoo You Got IT. Just Bust a Move. Young MC This here's a jam for all dorightbythem-last Thursday
27677Don't know bout the rest of you folks, but I think its high time that IMMU aplhky34651last Thursday
27676Meteoric rise, from dosing first patient to technology plenary session at World dorightbythem-last Thursday
27675FWIW , I will be voting against the directors because they allow themselves to bzevenhuizen9last Wednesday
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