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Point and figure charting and analysis.

Questions welcome.
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28804Correct as usual FINTAS. Keep up your fine analysis which I always look forwarAdvocatusDiaboli2last Thursday
28803You too re the Memorial weekend. Be safe. I have no clue when the boys will Fintas-last Thursday
28802Here's your 97.2 VB. Every X up simply adds to the risk of a 3 box reversal Fintas1last Thursday
28801This is the 87.x box. And if you note the last time it rolled was back in 2016.Fintas-last Thursday
28800U??? Moi's got issues... Bruce grew up to be The Boss... The BoyZ gonna hMs. Baby Boomer-last Thursday
28799972/1458/1944/2430.. ZZZZZZ I see some getting excited re 2403.. WHY? Tis no Fintas2last Thursday
28798Wrong re it takes guts to short this market even the semi's. No it takes moFintas2last Thursday
28797The key, IMO, is knowing whether we're in1998 in the dotbomb ramp-up, or in codfish23-last Wednesday
28796It takes guts to short the market at this time even the Semis. Did you both hoAdvocatusDiaboli-last Wednesday
28795MY OOPS.. RE this SELL THE R.I.P IMO. I am buying the DIPS with DISCIPLINE and Fintas-last Wednesday
28794Don't know about continuing to buy the dip... Possible Dotbomb Part Deux???Ms. Baby Boomer-last Wednesday
28793GOLD? Ok so if ya are a worry wart, factor in a few O's to the down side.Fintas3last Wednesday
28792If things are so great in the semi sector why the heck is the near term momentumFintas2last Tuesday
28791I understood what you were doing other than it was random. I just gave you my iFintas-last Monday
28790I am not sure you understood what I was doing there.... I just picked KO at randUnderexposed-last Monday
28789Re KO. If one bought off the lows it's ok for a large cap. Yet it's RFintas-last Monday
28788As for your bull feathers comment. I don't buy blindly not doing so . I'Underexposed-last Monday
28787Here's a chart showing what the bell curve was doing back in OCT 9 2008 and Fintas-May 21
28786I agree that we have different skill sets... but it is the discussion of those dUnderexposed1May 21
28785Man I wish I had your computer skills. But I don't. So each sector is plotFintas2May 21
28784Hmmmm.... thanks for your response but you are talking to me as though I alreadyUnderexposed-May 21
28783That's the bell curve avg. Many have dissed it's effectiveness for tradFintas3May 20
28782could you please explain this chart for me. I have seen nothing like it before yUnderexposed-May 20
28781Didn't you hear the Trump tax plan is going to eliminate all taxable gains wFintas-May 20
28780Well, I did buy some more SOXL on the dip Wednesday, but it was just buying backcodfish23-May 20
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