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NanoLogix, Inc. (Pink NNLX):
NanoLogix® is a biotechnology company specializing in live cell, rapid diagnostics. Our kits are simple and reliable rapid test solutions that detect active threat bacteria and other microorganisms 4x - 12x faster than traditional Petri culture technology, and more cost effectively than PCR Protocol.

Test Results

NanoLogix technology returns live-cell test results dramatically faster than Flow Cytometry and traditional Petri culture methods. Additionally, our technology is easy-to-use and does not require large investments in equipment or personnel training.

NANOLOGIX RAPID DETECTION TIMES ACTIVE THREAT MICROORGANISMS Comparison of BNP™ and BNF™ with traditional Petri dish technology.

Microorganism BNP BNF Traditional Time Range for Observance of Culture

Mycobacterium tuberculosis
(ATCC 35801)

5 days* 1.5 hours*
21+ days
Vibrio cholerae (Cholera) 7 hours* <1 hour* 24+ hours
Yersinia pestis (bubonic plague) 24 hours* <1 hour* 48 hours
Bacillus anthracis, (Anthrax) 6 hours* <1 hour* 24 hours
Group B Streptococcus (GBS) 4 hours <1 hour* 48 - 72 hours
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in process 6 hours* 18 - 24 hours
Burkholderia pseudomallei in process <1 hour* 18 - 24 hours
Brucella melitensis in process <1 hour* 18 - 24 hours
Escherichia coli (E.coli) 0.5 hour 4 hours 18 - 24 hours
Salmonella spp 5 hours 1 hour* 24 hours
Listeria spp 5 hours in process 18 - 24 hours
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 3 hours 5 hours 18 - 24 hours
Klebsiella pneumoniae 0.5 hour in process 24 hours
Enterobacter cloacae 30 minutes 5 hours 24 hours
Cryptosporidium in process <4 hours 14+ days
Streptococcus pyogenes 1 hour in process 18 - 24 hours
Gonorrhea - <1 hour* 48 - 72 hours
Clostridium difficile (C. Diff.) 4 hours* - 48 - 72 hours
Assorted Yeasts and Molds 12 -16 hours in process 48 - 72 hours

”NanoLogix Average” days/hours are based upon results achieved by NNLX through internal testing or results reported from independent third party tests. Detection time depends upon environmental conditions, sample quality, microorganism growth rates, nutrient concentrations, and many other factors. Actual results may vary.

*External third-party results

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60just under a million $$ from this Mid-East company coming this year : ysunews.coDwayne Hines-1/17/2014 COMPANY OPERATIONS SUMMARY April 30, 2013 Company Update kphone-4/30/2013
58Website has been updated announcing the following: April 05, 2013: NanoLogix plDwayne Hines-4/5/2013
57Biggest issue is sales numbers need to be posted. I hope we see something postedkphone-3/12/2013
56Interesting breakthrough. Any idea on what kind of revenue this will generate? NSidney Reilly-3/12/2013
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53Thanks for posting that. I spoke with Bret, the CEO, a few weeks ago and was imDwayne Hines-2/5/2013
52From: machiavelli10 on IHUB Here is his/her post from the I-Hub yesterday Nanokphone-2/5/2013
51They are working with the Texas Hospital on research (being published in journalDwayne Hines-1/9/2013
50I read the latest news, sounds good. Do they sell the kits to hospitals? Who useSidney Reilly-1/9/2013
49The product is the fastest testing kit out there - by an exponential factor - foDwayne Hines-1/8/2013
48What is the product? Their website is a joke. thanksSidney Reilly-1/8/2013
47This could be propelled fairly strongly by recent sales as well as the innovativDwayne Hines-1/8/2013
46Dwayne, this from the latest news on 8/21/12. They are in production now. Aug kphone-8/22/2012
45Nine quarters of financial added to website Good things about to happen, partnekphone-8/20/2012
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