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I invest to make money - pure & simple.

I trade options, follow a simple set of TA parameters, do an enormous amount of Google & industry related reading/research and look forward to every earnings period.

I will use this board to post my thoughts & my trades - almost like a personal Blog.

Those wishing to ask a question, share information, or provide thoughtful investment thinking are very welcome.

Google has been my greatest source of success since the late 90's and for the foreseeable future I expect it to continue to do so.
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25JMP Securities is expecting Google to generate 13% sequential growth in net reveGabriel008-04/12/2006 10:06 AM
24Q3 ALEXA combined GOOG Reach & PV growth over Q2 +14% Q3 ALEXA combined YHOOGabriel008-04/03/2006 10:28 AM
23Some very useful insights in this article; STUDY: SEARCH ENGINES AS POPULAR AS Gabriel008-03/15/2006 09:52 AM
22I've been doing a bit of Q1 number crunching and here's what I have so fGabriel008-03/01/2006 03:44 PM
21This comment from RBC below confirms my suspicions - that advertising volumes weGabriel008-02/16/2006 09:14 AM
20We’ve questioned Alexa stats in terms of how accurately it represents growth in Gabriel008-02/15/2006 02:36 PM
19GOOG's cumulative November, December January 3 month search growth versus AuGabriel008-02/08/2006 11:05 AM
18Error on the EPS calcs. Revenue 100% $2366 TAC 32% $757 Other COG 8% R&D Gabriel008-02/06/2006 02:46 PM
17S&P 500 Index May Search Out Google Google (GOOG: Nasdaq) By Bear Stearns (Gabriel008-02/06/2006 02:10 PM
16We should keep an eye on Keyword prices as well. Fathom Online reported a 5% droGabriel008-02/06/2006 12:45 PM
15Lots of news on this crappy down day. Too bad I didn't get my order filled oGabriel008-02/03/2006 01:02 PM
14Maybe q4 05 $1929 Oct 625 Nov 625 Dec 675 q1 06 Jan 675 Feb 700 Mar 725 Total 2Gabriel008-02/02/2006 01:59 PM
13GOOG management indicated they would not smooth out the earnings. Definitely no Gabriel008-02/01/2006 08:44 PM
12Looking at the financial data from Q4 vs the Comscore & Alexa numbers this iGabriel008-02/01/2006 03:02 PM
11GOOG will definitely need $2 to move up & $1.90 to $2 to stay flat. From alGabriel008-01/31/2006 01:31 PM
10Link: SI Message 22116721 Gabriel008-01/31/2006 10:27 AM
9Link: SI Message 22116736 Gabriel008-01/31/2006 10:26 AM
8Google: Click fraud chaos - NY Post -Update- According to the NY Post, GooglGabriel008-01/30/2006 09:20 AM
7Here's some more on that line of thinking: Link: SI Message 22109380 Gabriel008-01/28/2006 02:18 PM
6I get the distinct impression that these SV tech guys don't understand markeGabriel008-01/28/2006 02:00 PM
5Andrew Goodman of Traffick; It sounds like clicks convert better to revenues ouGabriel008-01/27/2006 01:56 PM
4Amr Awadallah's Blog. He thinks GOOG's going to miss. awadallah.comGabriel008-01/27/2006 01:51 PM
3From Blodget's Blog;  Gabriel008-01/27/2006 01:42 PM
2Now, in trying to confirm or validate GOOG's 30%+ Q4 I decided to break downGabriel008-01/27/2006 01:32 PM
1I set up a quarterly search index [QSI] that compares GOOG vs YHOO. In the latesGabriel008-01/27/2006 12:31 PM
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