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This board is dedicated to our little contest on best picks of listed stock for a $100 fictive portfolio, no real cash involved.

Our first competition took place 11/14/2005 through 02/28/2006 and since then we have had 30 back-to-back races with our most recent 30th game ending Friday, May 12, 2017 and with Da Rookie taking "The Price" for the first time and thus joining our exclusive 'W' circle! Hearty Congrats from us all, D Rookie!!!

Another round may be announced here later, so check in from time to time.

List of Winners by Rounds:
30.- Da Rookie
29.-Jatin Kadakia
26.-Frank Folupa
25.-Jatin Kadakia
24.-Glenn Petersen
15.- Elroy
14.- Custer
13.- jmiller099
12.- Peter van Steenis
11.- Arthur Radley
10.- Sultan
09.- Asymmetric
08.- mjfdl
07.- John Fowler
06.- J. Chris Parsons
05.- Bonefish
04.- Iktomi
03.- Peace
02.- Jatin Kadakia
01.- Taro

1. Trading days are any one weekday, (Changes to that including other or additional trading days optional. Such changes, if any, will be announced no later than the previous trading day the week before.).

2. Hold max 5 positions picks at any time, each of the 5 positions being long, short or cash, no more than 50% value of any long or short position.


- Sorry, but newcomers can no longer join in the middle of our game -

Portfolio Rules:

1- Our recent round and 30th competition kick-off date was Monday, Nov 21st, 2016 and it ended on Friday, May 12th, 2017.

2- You start out with $100 fictive money, no real cash required.
Initiate your position by buying or shorting*) a stock, or by announcing your cash position, max 5 items - long, short or cash - , to Elroy as usual before closing hours on the Friday before a competition kick off. If no picks as yet, your "I'm in for $ 100" by same time will suffice, and further on any 'tradingday' (currently any single weekday, see header above) of your choice, as long as you get your order in before the trading closure that day.
Same day's - or first Monday kick off - closing price for your transaction applies.

*) Shorting stocks of PP 5$ value or higher only!
You can also sell or cover a short on same trading weekdays, again as long as you get your orders in before the market close of that day.

Sales and short covers pay a 1% commission on the amount as a trading cost. No trading costs for buys.
Sorry guys, but for technical reasons we cannot account for dividends in this competition, so just carry them to your bank with that smile ;)

3- "Stocks" mean US listed stock and traded on either Nasdaq, NYSE, incl. NYSE Alternext U.S. or NYSE MKT (former NYSE Amex).
No BBs, OBs, PKs, ETFs, PIZZAs or similar please!

If a stock gets delisted during the game, however, the owner must sell the shares or cover the shorts of said stock and will get the closing value of the next regular trading day within the contest period only.
In clear language, no purchases of or holding on to bulletin board or pinko sheet stocks!

4- You can invest long or short (shorting stock: PP min $5 min as is mostly the rule in the real investment world) but you can also start out or sit in (all) cash if so preferred.
Shorts will be valued as PP+(PP-DP).
PP=Purchasing Price, DP=Price of the Day.

5- Max 50% of the total portfolio at most in any single stock, long or short, initially and upon buying or shorting on your trading date of choice, which is one trading day only your choice every month.
No partial sales of a position and no additions to an existing position.

But you can always - on a trading day - liquidate all your holdings, long or short, and buy/short any stock including your previous holdings at the closing price of same or any later trading day of choice.

Your buy orders must be in no later than before same day's market close.
Initializing, holding or closing out your portfolio in all cash is allowed.

6- Post your picks - (long and/or short) or cash - during your choice of trading day, and you get your picks at their closing prices that same day.
Remember: max. 5 items in total incl cash positions if any.

7- Each participant is responsible for following the rules above and we expect same rules to be followed without any need for board cops.
Also make sure getting the symbols right or your whole transaction of that time may be declared void.

Should someone, however, by mistake enter an illegal order which is refused, then he will be allowed to put in a new order the next day.

No cheating please, such action will be punished by deduction of 2$ from the cheater's portfolio.

Ringmaster and 2 times winner Elroy exclusively rules in such cases - unless out-ruled by a majority of our board - or a hurricane!!!
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20183Hmm, appreciate your input but not so sure it convinced me to think otherwise ofDa Rookie-11 minutes ago
20182Me too! Bobrobert b furman-yesterday
20181I have heard several stories from large accounts, who all get very impressed by Taro-yesterday
20180Curious as to why you think QCOM is destroying themselves. they came out with Da Rookie-yesterday
20179I use to watch it close a long time ago.... Subject 13068 now with algorithms steve harris-yesterday
20178Hi Steve. Me too. ESV trading below cash per share. Much like semi's in 2robert b furman-yesterday
20177No good reason to, but I got back into some ESV and RIG. Taking a chance ESV chsteve harris-yesterday
20176The news Fermi got some wins in the Chinese automotive market didn't even gesteve harris-last Wednesday
20175QCOM is working hard on destroying themselves. So is GPRO, by the way. Nobody knTaro-last Wednesday
20174They're trashing Ambarella almost daily now. Qcom was going to destroy them,steve harris-last Wednesday
20173CAVM and AMBA will eventually be targeted for acquisitions. When? No clue! AVGO Taro-last Tuesday
20172I think the only way AMBA will recover is if I sell mine lol. Oil is rolling ovsteve harris-last Tuesday
20171DRYS 6/19/2017 8:45 am DryShips to effect a 1:5 reverse stock split; to begin tSr K-last Tuesday
20170There are quotes and more at cmegroup.comSr K-June 17
20169I'm dipping my toe in the Bitcoin crypto currency waters, so far everything Elroy-June 17
20168You got involved with that? Too speculative for me and too new for an old man :)Taro-June 17
20167Bitcoin!Elroy-June 17
20166Yes, does not look too bright right now :(Taro-June 16
20165I read an article that history showed last time fed raises rates, the market stasteve harris-June 16
20164Yes, why not? Let's start with - AMBA... The shorties sleep well tonight, fiTaro-June 14
20163We could talk abt stocks and the markets. When do we rotate back into metals asteve harris-June 14
20162Yes, since it got kind of quiet here, maybe a couple of walkies distributed woulTaro-June 14
20161Hey, thanks for sending me the info about walkie talkies. I wound up just orderElroy-June 13
20160You're welcomesteve harris-June 11
20159This is sort of off topic, but why not? I want to get a set of 4 walkie talkiesElroy-June 10
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