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Are you a republican? DO NOT POST HERE. Do you hate liberals? Love to call liberals names? DO NOT POST HERE. Do you hate Epicure? Love to call her names? DO NOT POST HERE. Under our constitution, you probably have every right to be an asshole- but not here. I will ban you. I would prefer to have you go do your hateful business elsewhere, but if you do it here, you WILL be banned. Do you have this thread bookmarked, because you just hate liberals so much you've got to read everything they say? I'd suggest you unbookmark. Get another hobby- or hate some liberals who want to waste time with you. We can't be bothered. Somewhere, there are liberals who will waste their lives on you- go find them, and argue until you drop dead, because dead we will all be some day. And look at you! You will have wasted your time with people you hated. Good for you, little wingnut, good for you. That is what I would wish for you. Now go forth and hate, but not here.

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3667415 years baby- and hopefully you can take advantage of itepicure18 minutes ago
366740Putin and Trumpy sitting in a tree... Maybe it's treason. epicure19 minutes ago 5 Very Important Races- could they reshape the political landscepicure20 minutes ago
366738Good ol' Duke Energy.... Duke Energy attorney compares rate hike to price oSam20 minutes ago
366737Big news for me, who's already had cataract surgery, and will probably face bentway22 minutes ago
366736That's neat! epicure26 minutes ago
366735They Couldn't Even See a Book. Then Their Eyes Got a 'Patch' 2 eldebentway27 minutes ago They so crazy. epicure31 minutes ago
366733A Muslim Leader Honored in the US Religious leaders such as the Aga Khan may beSultan31 minutes ago
366732"Lots of academic super stars like Ted Cruz or Pompeo lack sufficient empatWharf Rat32 minutes ago
366731 Academic gymnastics is not a good judge of whether a person is in touch with rekoan45 minutes ago
366730Somehow I don't find the idea that even the rich lose in the long run terribstsimonan hour ago
366729Yes, I agree - MS has moved into my house. I'm probably going to send them cosmicforcean hour ago
366728<i>Regardless, the time will come when self-driving cars won't be necSaman hour ago
366727True, not "everyone" everyone. The few who benefit mightily from get mSaman hour ago
366726I've beta and alpha tested a lot of software over the years so I know technozzpatan hour ago
366725Everyone does not pay the bill. The rich benefit to an extremely large degree. Ostsimonan hour ago
366724Not just them; everyone pays the bill.Saman hour ago
366723Especially when, ultimately, the ignorant and the stupid are paying the bill....stsimonan hour ago
366722" they are incredibly cheap for what they do." Last time; wait until Wharf Ratan hour ago
366721That is a prevailing theme - how CHEAP the politicians payoffs are individually.cosmicforcean hour ago
366720If those numbers are right, they are incredibly cheap for what they do.Saman hour ago
366719His little token brain got him into the the starring role in the OR, which is moWharf Rat2 hours ago
366718"Outlier" That's exactly what he told Sessions.Wharf Rat2 hours ago
366717Today, the ocean is cool, but the ice is still dropping. It's still too earlWharf Rat2 hours ago
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