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Are you a republican? DO NOT POST HERE. Do you hate liberals? Love to call liberals names? DO NOT POST HERE. Do you hate Epicure? Love to call her names? DO NOT POST HERE. Under our constitution, you probably have every right to be an asshole- but not here. I will ban you. I would prefer to have you go do your hateful business elsewhere, but if you do it here, you WILL be banned. Do you have this thread bookmarked, because you just hate liberals so much you've got to read everything they say? I'd suggest you unbookmark. Get another hobby- or hate some liberals who want to waste time with you. We can't be bothered. Somewhere, there are liberals who will waste their lives on you- go find them, and argue until you drop dead, because dead we will all be some day. And look at you! You will have wasted your time with people you hated. Good for you, little wingnut, good for you. That is what I would wish for you. Now go forth and hate, but not here.

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352879 Telling article about the turd. eater.comM. Murray14 minutes ago
352878I think Ari Melber on MSNBC has the combination of qualities of honesty, intellikoan14 minutes ago
352877Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders Fall Apart When Confronted With John Kelly’s Lies pM. Murrayan hour ago
352876<too competitive> I suppose. If there were people that could watch what cosmicforcean hour ago
352875Like Spicer, she will go down as being an unemployable former presidential pressM. Murrayan hour ago
352874I guess if Kelly was really the straight shooter he professes to be he would havM. Murrayan hour ago
352873 [graphic] REUTERS/Rafael Marchante WE DID START THE FIRE Europe’s hurricane-Wharf Ratan hour ago
352872The rise in violent crime however was largely attributed to a surge in knife relM. Murray2 hours ago
352871Being a member of this administration pretty much makes a person incapable of shstsimon2 hours ago
352870They need to call him a liar to his face every day.stsimon2 hours ago
352869<i>Despite the release of the video, the White House stood by Kelly’s criSam3 hours ago
352868I'm afraid that won't happen. Some might get ready to do it but the othJohnM3 hours ago
352867I attribute it to corporate behavior more than capitalism. The corporation'bentway3 hours ago
352866The media does accuse Trump of lying, in reports, not to his face. I'd lovebentway3 hours ago
352865All it took was eight (8) deaths and we get a recall for dressers. Tcosmicforce4 hours ago
352864The press should just boycott this Administration's spokespeople if they arecosmicforce4 hours ago
352863It Gets Uglier Talking Points Memo by Josh Marshall Today White House Press BJohnM5 hours ago
352862Josh Marshall keeps tracking the details of Kelley's misstatements about WilJohnM5 hours ago
352861LOL.. [tweet]Sultan5 hours ago
352860<at least that was sacred. ... a lot of things were sacred .... Women were cosmicforce5 hours ago
352859The Scrotus takes his lies worldwide: again We must only be kiepicure6 hours ago
352858He chose the dark path. He didn't have to lie about that congresswoman- he epicure6 hours ago
352857I have have always felt like you said, honor is a pretty hard thing to lose. KelM. Murray6 hours ago
352856How emblematic of the republican party at this point- fake "heroes" wiepicure6 hours ago
352855You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. That cabinet is full of men workepicure6 hours ago
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