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Are you a republican? DO NOT POST HERE. Do you hate liberals? Love to call liberals names? DO NOT POST HERE. Do you hate Epicure? Love to call her names? DO NOT POST HERE. Under our constitution, you probably have every right to be an asshole- but not here. I will ban you. I would prefer to have you go do your hateful business elsewhere, but if you do it here, you WILL be banned. Do you have this thread bookmarked, because you just hate liberals so much you've got to read everything they say? I'd suggest you unbookmark. Get another hobby- or hate some liberals who want to waste time with you. We can't be bothered. Somewhere, there are liberals who will waste their lives on you- go find them, and argue until you drop dead, because dead we will all be some day. And look at you! You will have wasted your time with people you hated. Good for you, little wingnut, good for you. That is what I would wish for you. Now go forth and hate, but not here.

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357930We're in agreement, the problem in my opinion is that the Republican's wGary Mohilner17 minutes ago
357929I believe that the old saying that "you can't fix stupid" may applstsimon24 minutes ago
35792832% still support the Dumpfster® and almost half support More(-of-the-Same)cosmicforce25 minutes ago
357927[tweet]Sultanan hour ago
357926I mostly agree. I would say that a some of the ignorant and the stupid have seenstsimon2 hours ago
357925Ah, Kristi Noem, the wonderful lady whose heart bleeds for the folks who don'Sam2 hours ago
357924All Rubio really wanted was to go on record as a "compassionate conservativSam2 hours ago
357923It is horrible that people care so little about other people and the health of tkoan2 hours ago
357922I can understand people being angry. I am more frustrated because I know many jukoan3 hours ago
357921Republicans today are what happens when devout Mammon worshipers get control of bentway3 hours ago
357920No arguments in principle however that 32% of the population that *still* supporcosmicforce3 hours ago
357919The Republican party has been the party of the rich for 100 years. During the grkoan3 hours ago
357918Yes, income inequality is very bad for a society. It is bad to have to depend onkoan3 hours ago
357917Great high-road PR. The details show that he was in a much lower tax rate - thcosmicforce3 hours ago
357916[tweet]Sultan3 hours ago
357915[graphic]M. Murray3 hours ago
357914I think this is really about cultures. The oligarchy for which the Republican lekoan3 hours ago
357913>>There is no one here who is really going to cut a check to the IRS 20% lbentway3 hours ago
357912I have to go my reluctant acceptance of my former boss' advice - we have tocosmicforce4 hours ago
357911They are just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. This bill was always gstsimon4 hours ago
357910Bill Browder is one big reason why the Rs want to shut down Mueller so badly. MSam4 hours ago
357909I think this is a huge misunderstanding-lol. I don't want anything from anykoan4 hours ago
357908Americans Pessimistic About Trump Taegan Goddard's Political Wire by Taegan JohnM4 hours ago
357907"I don't think anyone thinks the US can survive the end of the petrodolstsimon4 hours ago
357906Republicans Cave to Marco Rubio Kevin Drum Feed | Mother Jones by Kevin Drum ItJohnM4 hours ago
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