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More than half the population of USA agrees that the Hollywood crowd and liberal-biased media CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC, NY Times are big losers in many ways. Proof of that fact should be deposited here as well.--- of the moronic Media who consider themselves "elites" and we consider merely obnoxious airheads: Geo Soros'Media Matters, Maureen Dowd-NY Times, Chris Matthews,Krugman-NY Times,Tom Brokaw-NBC, LA Times, Daily KOS, Arianna HuffnPuff. Message 20806862
List of empty headed, LaLaland types who should keep their political opinions to themselves:Bill Moron Maher,Sean Screwball Penn,Bill Pudgey Baldwin,Whoopi Foul-mouthed Goldberg,Geo Clueless Clooney,Rosie O'Donnell,Susan Sarandon,Barbra Streisand,? Fey and many more.(Their following is pathetically small it's about the same miniscule size as MSNBC's audience. Both groups pander to the radical left libs. FOX news & conservative entertainers have much larger audiences...Clint Eastwood comes to mind)

There are no circumstances in which a poster will place the monitor on ignore. Anyone found to have done this will be banned.
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206968It sounds like he is willing to do so to protect his family... Former Trump atonto-3 minutes ago
206967Kenny, Bush was Clintons dolt. Bush was a f#@%ing idiot. Clinton operateGUNSNGOLD19 minutes ago
206966I agree. I have read very little about his career or training. I imagine the nTideGlider-10 minutes ago
206965 Neither was Nixon but he was guilty as hell. Your perverted logic is meaningleGUNSNGOLD117 minutes ago
206964The Bush Administration and DOJ, in power for 8 years, never said anything.Kenneth E. Phillipps-18 minutes ago
206963Kerry was never charged with anything.Kenneth E. Phillipps-19 minutes ago
206962 How could they be? They have had Comey and his followers rigging the investigaGUNSNGOLD121 minutes ago
206961So you have no comment about Kerry funneling Millions to his daughter while HeadJack of All Trades121 minutes ago
206960As you know, repetitive training makes a person respond naturally to a situationJack of All Trades122 minutes ago
206959After at least 15 years of operations, the Clinton Foundation has never been chKenneth E. Phillipps-24 minutes ago
206958 Former Trump aide tells loved ones of plans to plead guilty, cooperate with speKenneth E. Phillipps-26 minutes ago
206957 Sounds more like what the Clinton Foundation does. G-n-GGUNSNGOLD127 minutes ago
206956I told you so! Manafort and Gates are charged with engaging in a series of banKenneth E. Phillipps-28 minutes ago
206955Great decision to have Ivanka represent the US. hour ago
206954Nobody knows exactly how they will react until tested. Unfortunately for this inTideGlider3an hour ago
206953 Okay, Israel is a dyed in the wool democrat and gun grabber. As for the deputGUNSNGOLD2an hour ago
206952He was a coward you buffoon. DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck22 hours ago
206951Exactly. Bad guys will have guns, and good guys must stop them. Very good point tonto22 hours ago
206950How can that guy live with himself? The armed security turned his back on the ctonto12 hours ago
206949"The good guy with a gun" did not respond to the attack.Kenneth E. Phillipps-2 hours ago
206948The Broward County POS Sherriff Israel started his re-election campaign on CNN. locogringo23 hours ago
206947Broward county is one of the hanging chad counties.....steve harris-3 hours ago
206946 Florida shooting: Bullets flew for 4 minutes as armed deputy waited outside cnKenneth E. Phillipps-3 hours ago
206945Ken, I own an AR-15 and guess what? It's never shot anyone.Alan Smithee51 AM
206944Just saw a report on the Telly news tonight (SeeBS) about a Colorado school distAlan Smithee41 AM
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