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More than half the population of USA agrees that the Hollywood crowd and liberal-biased media CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC, NY Times are big losers in many ways. Proof of that fact should be deposited here as well.--- of the moronic Media who consider themselves "elites" and we consider merely obnoxious airheads: Geo Soros'Media Matters, Maureen Dowd-NY Times, Chris Matthews,Krugman-NY Times,Tom Brokaw-NBC, LA Times, Daily KOS, Arianna HuffnPuff. Message 20806862
List of empty headed, LaLaland types who should keep their political opinions to themselves:Bill Moron Maher,Sean Screwball Penn,Bill Pudgey Baldwin,Whoopi Foul-mouthed Goldberg,Geo Clueless Clooney,Rosie O'Donnell,Susan Sarandon,Barbra Streisand,? Fey and many more.(Their following is pathetically small it's about the same miniscule size as MSNBC's audience. Both groups pander to the radical left libs. FOX news & conservative entertainers have much larger audiences...Clint Eastwood comes to mind)

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204743[youtube video]FUBHO-4 minutes ago
204742Surreal...this joker reminds me of an evil doer out of a James Bond flick... GeDeplorableIrredeemableRedneck-9 minutes ago
204741[graphic]FUBHO117 minutes ago
204740[youtube video]FUBHO12 hours ago
204739Instant Karma for Muslim Molotov Thrower [graphic]FUBHO62 hours ago
204738[graphic]FUBHO33 hours ago
204737[tweet]FUBHO44 hours ago
204735[tweet]FUBHO15 hours ago
204734The bomber may have committed several crimes...apparently terrorists are not foltonto16 hours ago
204733Feminist website recently published a list of questionsto FUBHO26 hours ago
204732[graphic] Islamic Suicide Bomber Had Strap-On Vest, 27-Year-Old From Bangladesh FUBHO26 hours ago
204731Swing a sharp axe.....or a dull one as it pleases you....;>)Sedohr Nod26 hours ago
204730not that it matters to you any longer but I will endeavor to make Kenneth more rTideGlider17 hours ago
204729 Though it has cost thousands in therapy and near 20 years of struggle, I'vSedohr Nod57 hours ago
204728Fox News had a great program on Andrew Jackson last night. What a remarkable manTideGlider66 AM
204727Ken do you support this?? Philly Democrats Approve Bill Banning Shops From UsiDeplorableIrredeemableRedneck6yesterday
204726Amen to this... [graphic]DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck6yesterday
204725The many times deported illegals starting the fires are the new norm KenDeplorableIrredeemableRedneck3yesterday
204724Fusion GPS tried to tie Trump to Clinton’s pedophile pal Epstein as part of smeaFUBHO6yesterday
204723 All this talk of fire in California being something out of the norm is ridiculoGUNSNGOLD1yesterday
204722Sure as shootin George Soros didn’t bus them in either!DeplorableIrredeemableRedneck1yesterday
204721lol I bet non of these people think he is a lies in this crowd [graphic]rayrohn4yesterday
204720I used to ski down all the snowflakes.Oblivious1yesterday
204719Don't call us snowflakes - it damages our mental health, say young people TDeplorableIrredeemableRedneck4yesterday
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