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The purpose of this board is global economic trend analysis. It will cover commodities such as oil, gold, silver, and copper, as well as currencies, interest rates, and US treasuries.

We will attempt to perform cross trend analysis such as but not limited to: how rising or falling interest rates will affect gold, silver, and oil; how a rate cut or hike in Europe might affect a hike or cut in the US; how a falling US$ might affect a rate cut decision in the UK, Europe, or Australia.

This board is most interested in interest rate plays in all the major currencies: US$, Euro, Canada, and Australia. We are also interested in major market indicies: US, India, Nikkei, etc, but we are not looking for discussion on individual stocks.

Market anlaysis can include what is happening on the housing scene in the US, UK, Australia, etc, fundamental analysis of US treasuries, discussion of commentary from Mauldin, Roach, Fleck or others, and/or technical analysis of currencies, gold or silver.

Our aim is to be on the correct side of the great inflation/deflation/stagflation debate that is raging on SI and elsewhere. Our discussion of these global trends will hopfully help us make better investment decisions in light of fluctuating global economic conditions.

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116375Not sure if anyone on this thread is watching the Macroeconomic picture or not, mindmeld-November 22
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116371JFK in Trauma Room One: The Missing Piece: Last Moments Before Death [youtube bruiser98-July 29
116370Interesting series. Life after people. [youtube video]bruiser981June 12
116369May 31, 2017 Terror in Britain: What Did the Prime Minister Know? by John PilBroken_Clock1May 31
116368The CIA has been in complete control of The Agenda since the assassination of JFroguedolphin1May 17
116367That's not fire, it's blood and brains. And all because Oswald wanted GElroy Jetson-May 16
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116365very disturbing footage and still very difficult to watch.abuelita-May 16
116364I was watching a version of the Zapruder film recently and it came to me that nebruiser98-May 16
116363I can't believe you are only spending 2.7% on education. My guess is the murusset-May 10
116362As many JFK assassination videos as I have watched, this-two part series comes ubruiser981April 30
116361Amazing story of intrigue and betrayal at the start of WW2. Same crap is happenibruiser981April 19
116360May be off topic. I enjoyed reading it. A Story of a Fuck Off Fund thebillfolbruiser981April 12
116359Weekly Rail traffic data aar.orgbruiser98-April 1
116358 Well worth the watch.... [youtube video]ggersh-March 30
116357Daesh, Creature of the West © Broken_Clock1March 26 In this week’s episode of “ Scheer Intelligence,” Truthdig Editor Broken_Clock1March 20
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