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Just the Facts, Ma'am: A Compendium of Liberal Fiction

- A Collection of Libtard Whoppers -


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90920Communism: A Reality Check [youtube video] youtube.comTimF5September 10
90919[youtube video] youtube.comTimF1September 10
90918Co-consensual Rape Countdown Submitted by Brian Macker on Sun, 2007-09-09 My soTimF-September 3
90917[youtube video] youtube.comTimF2August 25
90916If those lunatic nut cases won't accept Donald as their president, then I suGROUND ZERO™2July 18
90915Observing the “loons” By Bruce TimF1July 18
90914WaPo: That Trump-hater who shot Steve Scalise could have been inspired by pro-TrTimF-July 14
90913Amazon review of new book claiming that James Buchanan was a racist and thus trTimF1July 13
90912There isn't any act of government overreach that doesn't come with unintBill1July 13
90911Arrogant California progs discover a downside to their travel ban By ThomasTimF1July 13
90910Calls for Gun Bans Opponents of gun restrictions often arTimF-July 3
90909I hope someone finds a nice rubber room for that lunatic nut case... "The GROUND ZERO™-July 2
90908She sounds like she hates in generalTimF1June 25
90907The woman didn't know him and is way out of line in characterizing him that Bill1June 25
90906Professor: ‘Spoiled’ Otto Warmbier ‘got exactly what he deserved’ Otto WarmbierTimF-June 25
90905What? The? F? There is a rubber room for that person.Wayners1June 23
90904[graphic] thefederalistpapers.orgTimF1June 23
90903The Reality Based Community Thursday, January 16, 2014 Back during the Bush admTimF-June 20
90902Academic Journal: Quantum Physics Is ‘Oppressive’ to Marginalized People by KatTimF-May 30
90901Princeton Appears To Penalize Minority Candidates for Not Obsessing About Their TimF-May 30
90900White-Owned Restaurants Shamed for Serving Ethnic Food: It's Cultural AppropTimF-May 26
90899Turning back the clock By BruceTimF1May 22
90898Samizdata quote of the day Samizdata Illuminatus (Arkham, Massachusetts) · TimF-May 20 Racism: The Last Refuge of Us All? [graphic] photo credit:Joe Btfsplk-May 19
90896Short Shots – Racist edition Racism? qando.netTimF-May 19
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