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Natural Resource Stocks and the New Great Depression, AKA...Iso's Patch

When this thread began, 9 yrs ago, the world was a dramatically different place. We had the luxury of being able to focus, almost exclusively, on improving our skills as investors and traders.

An independent, full time, professional trader, since 1986, my prior work as a Merrill Lynch broker and experience in oil & gas geological mapping and well work over evaluation, seemed like a reasonable place to begin building a discussion. Broadening the topic to include other natural resources also made sense, in the hope of attracting thoughtful contributors interested in mining, agriculture, and other resource/commodity stock sectors where my expertise was limited or lacking entirely.

That formula worked well. Even a brief look at the posting record, over the years, reveals a wealth of outstanding insight from dozens and dozens of posters about stock picking, sector analysis, fiscal, monetary & credit trends and how these factors interact every moment of every day in the vast array of supply and demand equations constantly unfolding from the micro to the macro-economic level.

Although such things still warrant attention and analysis, the advent of a new Great Depression in 2008 and a massive, ongoing, socio-economic "transformation" (nobody wanted and few anticipated) has forced purely financial considerations from staring to supporting roles in the drama we find ourselves in.

Rules of Thumb haven't changed much. Per se...

Discussion is helpful, but the "Prime Directive" continues to be about taking responsibility for your decisions and actions. But now? It's your life and your family and your human rights, AWA your money that are increasingly under threat. This is particularly true if you're highly dependent on rapidly deteriorating , large, centralized, socio-economic institutions which once were far more reliable.

If reading and participating here contributes, in even a small way, to helping develop the art and habit of independent thinking and action? Then, this discussion has served it's primary purpose.

Goal is not to let yourself be programed by a corrupt, untrustworthy, MSM, or the pointless partisan head banging which serve only to divert us from more important and immediate practical considerations.

No No's:

1) It's hard to completely avoid commenting on the increasing impact of government at all levels is having on our lives. But is This is NOT a partisan political thread. Partisan invective is not welcome.

2) Don't come here to pitch a stock, over and over, or to add this thread to a long list of similar spam posts on other threads. Rule of thumb here = SI's rule: No spamming. Spammers will be banned.

3) Likewise for personal attacks, which are also prohibited. People who come to stir up trouble with baiting or taking cheap shots will be banned. So, please leave your food fighting boots outside before you come in.

Banning decisions are final. Don't PM me. <The buck stops here>. Nuff said.

OTOH, can't emphasize enough that having fun is important. In fact, now more than ever. topic humor, music, and book rec's are welcome to prevent the narrative becoming monotonous, or too negative.

There's few things more energizing and uplifting than a little old fashioned, sincere, enthusiasm.

Also like to express my appreciation to posters when it's reasonable to do so. One of the things I dislike about most Silicon Investor thread monitors? Many are too insecure to encourage or recognize others. That's not happening here. So....

Welcome to Iso's Patch. Let's have at it, and have fun while we're at it.
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