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Gold Indexes have broken out to new highs for this bull market in Gold and Gold shares.


I was surprised by the accuracy of my original roadmap which I've left below. Using simple TA I predicted the Gold price almost to the dollar and to a fairly close time frame well in advance.

I'd like to add a disclaimer at this time.

I post here for fun and to create discussion about Technical Analysis. Under no circumstances should anyone take anything I post as investment advice since it isn't. I started the thread for discussion and that is all.

Further I have no control over other posters claims they make regarding the markets and individual stocks since this is an open forum and only posts of abusive or repeatedly foolish nature would ever cause me to ban someone.

Happy trading to all : )


From my original post of 08/16/2003

Next stop 385

Technical analysis is IMO very much of an if this then that science/art. My take on the next year or so.

1 - a decisive break out of this triangle takes gold to 385 - 390 in the next few weeks/month (mid Sept)

2 - gold then comes back to 365ish area and gets support on lower trend line (early-mid Oct)

3 - next move up pushes gold to the decade plus resistance at 420 (mid Dec-early Jan)

4 - a quick retrace to 385 - 390 (mid-late Jan)

5 - price turns upward once again and smashes 420 with a move similar to the break through 330 (Somtime in Feb)

Target 450 - 500 (Sometime next year)

I could be wrong depends on whether gold breaks downward out of triangle. WTFDIK?

Discussion is to include all producers from junior to senior, including non producing juniors with REAL deposits.

I would like to see posts with analysis on gold stocks with an emphasis on quality and leverage to gold price.

Analysis including fundamental and technical and everything inbetween <GG>

Discussion may include explorers but there are other threads for touting and pumping of penny stock drill plays.

I would also like to have discussion of other factors which may effect the gold market, eg. economic trends ,political issues , the state of the major markets. If it effects gold or gold stocks please post it.

Daily Gold[w,a]dacayyay[pd20,2!b200][vc60][iLa12,26,9!Lh14,3]&pref=G

Weekly Gold[w,a]wacayyay[pd20,2!b40][vc60][iLa12,26,9!Lh14,3]&pref=G
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29447It is already at the 200 dma, also about same price as at the declining trend liJohn Vosilla-February 14
29446I suspect the nsa monitors everything just in case but I doubt there is much theMadharry-February 14
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