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Since the Laughter thread has degenerated into a politcal name calling and spam posting cesspool, I thought it was time to start a moderated thread so political bickering could be totally eliminated and what was once considered a joke thread could return to its roots without the unwanted interruptions of people who have no consideration for others.

Of course, NEW political jokes are fine, as are non-joke humor like URLs to funny sites. Since I'll be the moderator, I'll be able to kick out violators so folks who read the thread everyday won't have to suffer again through the garbage recently posted on the Laughter thread.

Any poster that shows a m.o. of attacking a political figure or party other than once in a blue moon is out of here.

Consider this the new, improved, Laughter thread. Hope it works.

July 11, 2002 Amendment: No comments to other posters, just jokes or humor. Use the PM function if you want to communicate to someone

June 14, 2012 Amendment.....No political jokes or cartoons anymore--- the Laughter thread seems to specialize in that sort of thing, which is usually offensive to those who don't agree with the premise. Please post political cartoons on that thread from now on. Thanks.
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3693 A boy pays a blonde girl $10 to climb a flagpole… She agrees and climbs the flTomato-yesterday
3692 Every day, a male employee walks up very close to a female co-worker at the cofTomato1Tuesday
3690My therapist told me that a great way to let go of your anger is to write letterTomato1Tuesday
3689When I first met my wife she told me she was bi. I didn't realize until muchTomato1Tuesday
3688There is a state statute (Title 13 Article 368-368.5) which makes it a crime toTomato1Monday
3687Why do blonde women have bruised belly buttons? Because blonde men are stupid toTomato1Monday
3686Two blondes are walking in the forest. They stumble upon some tracks Blonde one Tomato1Sunday
3685Guys help I think I've been hacked by Russia. Edit: I not hacked by Russia.WogofWallStreet-Sunday
3684 Why was Han Solo so suspicious when he put his penis inside Princess Leia forTomato1last Saturday
3683[graphic] Tomato7last Saturday
3682A man is talking on the phone to a friend who lives in northern Montana, just nbear 1642last Friday
3681We went to a very authentic Mexican restaurant last night. They bring you a glaTomato-December 6 If girls with big breasts work at Hooter's, then where do girlTomato2December 6
3679 A woman's husband cheats on her . Devastated, she doesn't know how tTomato7December 3
3678 The sweater I got last Christmas kept picking up sTomato1December 3
3677 My epileptic son loves our new Christmas tree. You should see howTomato1December 2
3676I just read a joke about Oedipus and Midas. It was motherfucking gold. How do Tomato1December 2
3675Dear Satan. For Christmas I want a cure for my dyslexia A gnat lands on a Tomato1December 1
3674 What did one Egyptian say to the other when they farted at the same time? LooTomato1December 1
3673What's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast impTomato1November 30
3672Memory Foam never forgets: I was having intimate relatioTomato1November 27
3671 M y drug dealer started dressing up as a Jehovah's Witness so he wouldn&#Tomato1November 25
3670Why do Bald Men have holes in their pockets? So they can run their fingers throuTomato2November 25
3669Why do Muslims always get pulled over during Ramadan? Because they're alwaysTomato1November 25
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