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This is a "News Aggregator." By that I mean I post the best from the blogs and the media on Politics and Foreign affairs. It is Libertarian oriented. You are free to comment on it. Please do not post articles of your own. Commenting means posting about the post I put up, your opinion on it, and discussion with others here about it and the other things going on..

My real name is Bill Millan. Here is a series of posts about my philosophy. Link one

Most of my posts will have links at Twitter: Bill Millan @lindybill1

This is not a place for those on the Left to post. If you disagree with my POV, please post elsewhere. If you troll, I will immediately ban you.

I am making drastic changes in the posting to this thread.

Feel free to PM me any URL’s to articles that I should post.

Please go ahead and post pictures, editorial cartoons. Youtube videos.

You may post a URL with a lede.

A couple more thoughts to try to make it clear what I am after and to save me a lot of PM's. One segment of our readers come here to read the alt info that they find I present. They don't like to have to wade though a lot of chit chat to find it. Some come to use this place as a coffee shop "how's your mother?" exchange. A few come to contribute news and opinions they think fit.

I expect a lot of back and forth by posters. Just on the subjects posted instead of all over the place. People that stay will be find it a lot easier to read than to come here after a couple of days to 300+ posts.

When I get on in the morning I will find less posts and posters. People linked to this thread may drop to nothing. So it goes.

This is for people who read the MSM and shake their heads at the bias. Each morning I post what amounts to a "national newspaper" of articles and comments from my "Eagle" [socially liberal/fiscally conservative] POV. Those here read what is of interest to them and comment on them from their POV.

I post most of the articles in "clumps" and suggest you check the thread in groups of 50 posts if you are only interested in what I am posting. That way you can pick out and read most of my extracts from the news and the blogs.

At the end of this header is my personal take on health supplements for any interested.

1) No personal insults!

2) No six year olds, please.

3) No Conspiracy Theories

FORMAT: Please list a source at the start of the article. List a URL at the bottom if there is material that needs to be referred to.

If I identify you as a "troll," just dropping by to cause trouble, you will be gone with no warning. Don't insult people. No foul language. I will warn by PM, or publicly. Then you will be suspended.

How to set up links to posts.

Top recommended Firefox extensions

Here is what I have.

Hyperwords is the most important one. Couldn't get by without it. Work your way though the options and customize it. Add "Copy link" to it. If a link here fails to work or is not given, highlight the title of the article and right click, "search/Google top result."

Adblock and adblock filter set
Colorful tabs

Tired of the MSM message, and want to send them one? Here is a link to a list of the best places to Email.
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Excellent article and charts on "Creative Destruction."

One of the most important political articles of the last decade was undoubtedly Walter Russell Mead's The Jacksonian Tradition from the Winter 1999 issue of The National Interest. It is long, but of great importance. We are almost all "Jacksonians" here.
Message 21597768

Here is a link to the Powerline post that will go down as the most famous blog in history. It broke the the Rather/forgery story to the wider blog audience. 

Long-time readers here will recall my mentioning Andrew J Galambos. He was my mentor back in the 70's and changed my life. As he did almost everyone who dealt with him. This link will give you a great overview of the start of the Libertarian movement.

Message 23612766

A comprehensive debunking of the Rathergate documents by Peter Duncan. 

Email addresses for news organizations Message 20556412

"Reagan, the Marines, and a Boy" Message 20213091

The Staff at the New York Times. Email addresses.
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