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Please share any experiences you've had (good or bad) with any vitamin or supplement.

If you have a specific question about a supplement, maybe somebody out there with experience will have an answer and be able help you.

If you post an article, please put the subject of the article in CAPS in the subject line. That will make articles and what they're about easier to search in past posts.

If you're interested in a topic and don't see it in the latest 40 posts, please search it out in the subject lines of earlier posts. It won't be perfect, but you might find the info you're looking for.

i'm going to include some links to a few sites. The most complete site on the internet for information. An archived magazine index. Updated news articles, plus their own interpretation of the latest medical findings and how you can put it to use. Their supplements are priced competitively if you become a member. They claim all their supplements are pharmacutical grade. Archived magazine and articles. Some products of theirs are unique, but most aren't priced as competitively as other companies. Sawansons is cheap but i think iherb has become even more inexpensive. Another place to buy quality cheap supplements The cheapest bulk aminos so far. not the range of products that jomar labs has though. Plus they have products other than aminos. Bulk sales of amino acids and information on all the aminos Check interactions with drugs, supplements and even food. "Supplement watch" takes an objective look at most supplements. Informative without going into a lot of detail. Might not be completely up to date on every supplement. If you want a conservative counter balance to new information on supplements and health issues, this site will provide it. Claims that searches return information based on quality and relevancy. Plus, searches will turn up the smaller, topic relevant websites that google and other search engines will often miss. Beats Webmd and Dr.Koop. claims that " is a non-commercial web site that sells no products but provides accurate, science-based information to the public." Current and breaking news on health, science & technology, medicine and the environment. Is the largest and most current clinical knowledge base available to physicians and health professionals. Free registration for customized reports. And patient education for those with a current health problem. Look up food by the nutients it contains.

websites to help diagnose and self treat minor medical problems (not meant to replace a doctor) (wrong diagnosis discusses the pitfalls of online and self diagnosis)


these websites supplied courtesy of E. Charters get the latest research on vitamins claims to list every vitamin known to man. Vitamin, Supplement, Enzymes, & Homeopathy Information interesting info on various diseases and life's other problems additional information on supplements information on the very important phytochemicals. learn about and purchase medicinal mushrooms cancer information, education and support for those stricken

i'll add more sites (if they are of high quality) as i find them.

Please contribute anything you wish.
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13826i used to do that when i lived in tsawwassen. now i order them from abuelita-last Thursday
13825Good for you! I take 10,000/day.Carolyn2last Thursday
13824:) I know.. I pop a 5000 iu a day.. Pick them up whenever I drive down to BellSultan-last Thursday
13823thanks sultan it sure appears to be a 'wonder' drug. not drug, but youabuelita-last Thursday
13822D-3 medicalnewstoday.comSultan1last Thursday
13821Mango plantations. Let me think about it. Ha ha Just remembered the private mesFlea1last Tuesday
13820Well, well. So glad to hear you are doing well. Out of the Markets? How aboYorikke-February 10
13819Busy being a parent to two children (now almost 11 and 8). Transferred all my acFlea-February 9
13818Where did you go for the last decade?russet-February 9
13817You're alive!!!Flea-February 9
13816Prolozone therapy worked rather well for me on my knees so far.TechKim-January 25
13815 [graphic] A possible new pandemic is forming from a deadly strain of flu emYorikke112/30/2017
13814 By Nicole Yang December 21, 2017 According to the Boston Globe, Patriots heJohn Vosilla-12/23/2017
13813Merry Christmas Pogeu and everyone else. Live long and prosper. Aloha YorikkYorikke-12/22/2017
13812YES!!! thank you so much. that"s it.abuelita-12/15/2017
13811 Message 30753113gg cox-12/15/2017
13810someone posted a link for a knee brace a while back. i thought i had saved thabuelita-12/15/2017
13809You are way behind the curve on this. I'm not even going to debate you on Yorikke-11/23/2017
13808Life extension isn't the same thing as "no long sicknesses". In aTimF-11/22/2017
13807A short sighted response. People dying after long sickness are far more expensYorikke-11/22/2017
13806The government needs it It would cost the government a fortune in extra costs fTimF-11/21/2017
13805 Listen up, gentlemen! Sure, size doesn’t matter. But when it comes to your healPogeu Mahone-11/21/2017
13804[graphic] [graphic]Follies211/17/2017
13803thank you!Yorikke-11/17/2017
13802The man who wrote the in depth blog on aging had an interesting comment. "Follies-11/17/2017
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