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Primary Rules:

1.) Keep it clean.
2.) Keep it as objective as possible.
3.) Keep it relatively civil.
4.) Try to kiss and make up after you eventually blow your top in a heated debate..

And most importantly...

5.) Remember it's only a debating thread, not the UN..

I like to put ideas out there for public consumption which I feel are logically supported by facts. I WANT others to analyze my views and indicate other perspectives which I should incorporate. I hope others adher to the same belief that, only through debating with facts, not just rhetoric, we can all gain a better understanding of how Foreign Policy is influenced by various factors.

Other than that, we should all welcome a lively debate representing all realistic and objective perspectives (no Chomskyites). But be prepared to defend your beliefs and opinions, just as I am, and include documentation and/or links ...

I certainly won't throw you into FADT "jail" merely for publicly calling into question something I say (so long as your response is logically supported by facts, even if incorrect)...

Current essays on Nationalism (My pet interest):

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12038China's so-called "debtbook diplomacy"DinoNavarre1May 15
12037How the UAE’s Chinese-Made Drone Is Changing the War in Yemen An airstrike thaGlenn Petersen1May 7
12036[tweet]DinoNavarre1May 6
12035Taking Mr Kim to the Moon Dr. Eamonn Butler Presidents Kim and Moon holding haTimF-May 3
12034Isn't it wonderful how we're all are being distracted by "Russian CHawkmoon1April 22
12033Keep your friends close and your enemies closer....??? [tweet]DinoNavarre-April 20
12032The Chinese Communist Party Is Setting Up Cells at Universities Across America TimF2April 19
12031No, the Syrian Kurds are not Terrorists 31 January 2018 On January 20, Turkey iTimF1April 17
12030So Much for Egypt’s Secret Alliance with Israel TimF-April 17
12029Waiting to erupt Congo’s war was bloody. It may be about to start again PresideTimF-April 16
12028why hasn't Homeland Security arrested those ISIS collaborators?teevee1April 13
12027I can only imagine the fall out if it was a Republican who did this. Well, here&Hawkmoon1April 12
12026Aussies quick to take credit for US - TPP rethinkkumar rangan-April 12
12025Back then, it was a different combination of Legislative & Executive branchekumar rangan-April 12
12024Smart. Unfortunately: It was dead on arrival in the U.S. Congress in any case.Glenn Petersen-April 12
12023U.S. to take another look at Pacific trade pact Trump quashed - Reuterskumar rangan-April 12
12022 Chemical weapons agency confirms British findings on Salisburykumar rangan-April 12
12021<i>China reportedly accounts for nearly half of Vanuatu’s $440 million forkumar rangan1April 12
12020Armor: Iraq Returning To The T-72 April 11, 2018: TimF1April 11
12019Iran: The Enemies Within Get Louder strategypage.comTimF1April 11
12018Xi Who Must Be Obeyed Media Commentary Matthew Continetti Mar. 15, 2018 On JanuTimF1April 11
12017China eyes Vanuatu military base in plan with global ramifications By David WroGlenn Petersen1April 11
12016Assad said no, in support of his Russian ally, to the US backed Qatar nat gas piteevee-April 11
12015>>>Clearly it's an effort to gain significant influence within ThaiDinoNavarre1April 9
12014 deleteDinoNavarre-April 9
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