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The castle is a friendly place, but it has high walls to keep the riff raff out and protect the inhabitants from the wars in neighboring lands.


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7479Quotation of the Day… by Don Boudreaux on May 13, 2016 in Adam Smith, Crony CTimF-last Thursday
7478Why Shouldn't Private Employers Get to Make Hiring Decisions Based on Their TimF-May 17
7477"Freedom granted only when it is known beforehand that its effects will beTimF2May 15
7476Standard Talking Points Against Citizens United Are Legally Lightweight TheTimF1May 1
7475"I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm not a big-L Libertarian, TimF-April 30
7474How Politicians Poisoned Statistics We have more data — and the tools to anTimF1April 29
7473Delusions of objectivity‘“Naive realism” is the seductive sense that we’re seeinTimF-April 29
7472Saving Our Way into the Poorhouse Government claims its spending programs save mTimF-April 29
7471 The Minimum Wage is a Bad Tool for Fighting PoveTimF-April 28
7470Unix-Jedi • a day ago Nice article, and one that I've run into in trying TimF1April 28
7469The Hidden Tax That Costs Households up to $1,500 a Year The Cost of OccupationaTimF-April 28
7468"This is my long-run forecast in brief: The material conditions of life wiTimF-April 28
7467Jared Bernstein is wrong about supply side economics Ben Southwood Jared BernstTimF-April 27
7466Theo Jansen's Strandbeests [youtube video] strandbeest evolution [youtube vTimF1April 8
7465Really good talk. Thx.i-node-April 2
7464No one owns a culture samizdata.netTimF-March 31
7463Warren Meyer agrees that manmade warming from CO2 is real, but contends that itsTimF1March 28
7462FBI: Oh Wait, We Can Hack That iPhone After All The Government Pulls a 180 on ItTimF-March 27
7461Our unfounded obsession with safety is costing us our freedom By Lenore SkenazyTimF3March 13
7460[youtube video] youtube.comTimF3March 10
7459[youtube video] H/T Mad2TimF2March 6
7458We Should DO Something! Shamans of old knew they could bend the creduTimF-March 5
7457Measured real GDP growth (both total and per capita) has for some time now beenTimF-March 5
7456Donald Trump and libel litigation Presidential candidate Donald Trump, speakinTimF-March 1
7455South Korea Embraces Ridiculous Right To Be Forgotten As Well from the forget-yoTimF-March 1
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