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In the ten years since the Lac de Gras discovery, Canada has yielded some very high grade diamond deposits. Five of the highest value per tonne deposits in the world are now in Canada, including the three richest in the world. By revenue, Canada is rapidly climbing the world diamond production ranking. From zero production in 1998, Canada has now overtaken Australia and become the world’s sixth largest diamond producer by revenue, accounting for about 6 % of world diamond production by revenue.It is estimated that Canada will be producing approximately 15 million carats per year by 2007, which will be almost 12% of world carat production. Canada’s projected diamond production looks even better by revenue. Based on three mines in Canada, revenue production will peak at about 19% of world diamond production by 2008. With commencement of full production at Diavik in 2003, Canada will be jockeying for third position with South Africa. There are more commercial diamond deposits yet to be confirmed throughout Canada. Canada’s statistics are impressive, but potential exists for these numbers to grow even further. There are other prospective diamond exploration regions in Canada. A few projects have emerged from the first decade or more of diamond exploration in Canada. These projects do not yet host advanced exploration or development stage projects. If all of them were developed, these discoveries could allow Canada to overtake Russia in second place of world revenue production rankings.
This forum is for News Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Broad Diamond Mining Market Analysis. I am confident this forum will prove to be a valuable exchange of information, ideas and insight. Professional/Polite debates are encouraged. Please respect fellow members. The forum will be moderated. "Information on this discussion board may contain certain forward-looking statements. Statements may address future events and conditions, by their very nature; they involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results in each case could differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements and may be subject to significant risks. This is a stock discussion forum and all investment decisions made by you, are your sole responsibility. In no event will I or any of the members of this discussion board be responsible or liable to you or anyone else, for any decision made or action taken, based on the contents posted on this board. Any trade or investment made in part or in whole by reference to information posted on this board is & will be the sole responsibility of each and every individual investor. Always conduct your own Due Diligence. No statement or expression of opinion, or any other matter herein, directly or indirectly, is an offer to buy or sell the securities mentioned.

As of this month, Feb 2005, the diamond sector has shown signs of coming out of coma. Moving forward, there are signs the resource sector will continue to show high increase in market caps, specifically in diamond stocks. 2005/2006 can generate major interest in the resource sector.
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14591Time to bail on diamond stocks IMO, I will hold LUC (who do not market to mass rMrBigger-February 12
14590Not sure if it was on this site, but I intimated a while ago that the new generaCayerman-February 11
14589FP A diamond may be forever — for some — but for millennials it’s looking like james flannigan-February 11
14588Yet another complete strike out in the Diamond industry. ATV - drills and findsMadDogMike-February 10
14587No intent to compare MPVD and LUC as investments but rather the nature and promoTaylor Mill-February 9
14586its a bogus comparison to compare Lucara and MPVD. They are two very different tCaraota-February 9
14585"Lucara has been pretty fast at getting the big, big stones to press withinTaylor Mill-February 9
14584yes agreeRocket Red-February 9
1458336 carat stones, no pictures, no description, and not a million dollar stone. MMadDogMike-February 9
14582oh it was most likely leakedRocket Red-February 8
14581Funny that someone over at was questioning what the volume/pricing was alMadDogMike-February 8
14580Tango contractor recovers 36.34-carat diamond from Oena 2017-02-08 14:00 ET - NRocket Red-February 8
14579Paul Bilecki-February 8
14578Rumour has it that Tom and/or other PGD members in Africa. Petra Diamonds? De BMadDogMike-February 8
14577 Russia's Alrosa January Sales Up 60% image: miniMrBigger-February 8
14576No more so than any average joe off the street who is not a jeweler. Ideal shapeMrBigger-February 8
14575 This mentions when our big one was found and a guess as per vbare-February 7
14574I understand your point, but one does not need to be an expert to offer an opiniCayerman-February 7
14573it didnt look too impressive to you? Are you in any way whatsoever shape or forCaraota-February 7
14572Carat Values A bit of discussion on carat values yesterday Went back and realiMadDogMike-February 7
14571I was going to post that too. MPVD didn't actually say the won the 'intMadDogMike-February 7
14570Hard up for news. Could be DeBeers stone too, who knows? Did not look that impreMrBigger-February 7
14569BNNTV is going to feature the MPVD stone now.james flannigan-February 7
14568I can't wait till Chuck gets the plant for $74 million and a free Mango! tNatedog1February 7
14567ON THE MOVE While PGD sleeps with the fishes GQC and SBB have had interest by mjames flannigan-February 7
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