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Full Disclosure Trading
To All thread viewers

Gottfried has done an excellent job getting this thread going and I agreed to take over for him.

Some changes to the basic format.
B&H (Buy and Hold ...indefinite time period) is added to the Reporting Format
LT B&H (Long Term Buy and Hold)

It would be helpful to all thread viewers if the rational for posted trade was also explained. For example...oversold, way below book value, new guidance from company, insider buying, charting indicates a buy signal , good covered call write, etc.

Reporting format example:
opening post: AMAT DT bot 1000 @ 52.94 9:43am
[optional: brief reason like "momentum reversed", "Fed increased rates"]
closing post: AMAT DT sold 1000 @ 53.80 10:00am 1.62%

DT= day trade
ST= more than a day, no more than a week.
MT= more than a week to 3 months
SS= short sale
CS= cover short
B & W Buy and write as a covered call for income

B&H (buy and hold)indefinite time period)
LTB&H long term buy and hold ( something you might do for grand kid as a college trust)

options format:
AMAT BO Jul $18 C 30@$1.25 (bought 30 contracts of July calls for $1.25, strike price = $18)

BO=bot to open; BC=bot to close; SO=sold to open; SC=sold to close

time of trade only if materially different from time stamp of posting.
the % is the gain before commissions and taxes.

All who restrict themselves to reporting of their trades in a civil manner are welcome.
Complaints from 3 thread users can lead to suspension of a poster.
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13196Added 500 shares ASTE today average cost 52.20 could be LT richardred-10/2/2017
13195That's in line with the average analyst rating of "hold".1Coffeehound-10/1/2017
13194FYI The GN model shows SCHN as fully valued w/ a fair value of $24.80/share RemE_K_S-9/30/2017
13193The shares I bought were Schnitzer Steel (SCHN), but I see how my post would hav1Coffeehound-9/30/2017
13192Re: MT Grahmn Number valuations model shows MT 87% undervalued w/ fair value atE_K_S-9/29/2017
13191SCHN - MT bot 4,000 @ $28.20 = $112,800. I expect this to run to $35 level in 6-1Coffeehound-9/29/2017
13190Thanks, Bob.1Coffeehound-9/27/2017
13189Way to go Coffeehound!! Bobrobert b furman-9/27/2017
13188PUMP - Sold 8,000 @ $14.01 - $112,080. Profit of $8,800.1Coffeehound29/26/2017
13187PUMP - B&H bot 8,000 @ $12.91 = $103,280.1Coffeehound-9/20/2017
13186HIHO - Cash dividend of $.06 to be paid Oct 9 to shareholders of record today. O1Coffeehound-9/15/2017
13185SCHN - Sold 4,000 @ $26.65 = $106,600. Profit of $2,425.1Coffeehound29/15/2017
13184SCHN - MT bot 1500 @ $26.20 = $39,300. Now hold 4,000 @ $26.04375 = $104,175.1Coffeehound-9/14/2017
13183SCHN - MT bot 2,500 @ $25.95 = $64,875.1Coffeehound19/8/2017
13182DG - Sold 550 @ $76.24 = $41,932. Profit of $610.50.1Coffeehound19/7/2017
13181SCHN - Down .60 to 26.55. Easy call to get that back in short order. Enough volu1Coffeehound-9/5/2017
13180BZUN - Sold 2100 @ $29.60 = $62,160. Profit of $2,478.1Coffeehound29/5/2017
13179Ditto, Nice trading Rick!! Bobrobert b furman19/1/2017
13178Way to go. You hit that one out of the park!1Coffeehound19/1/2017
13177Sold 10,000 HBIO @ 3.10 yesterday & today. Ballpark gain 7000. Still long richardred49/1/2017
13176PUMP - Up .27 to 11.34. Well run company that IPO'ed earlier this year aroun1Coffeehound-8/31/2017
13175DG - Off 5.94 to 70.79, and it did this on good reported numbers that beat estim1Coffeehound-8/31/2017
13174Nice Robert, that's a risk ARB move and that takes some gumption. Ok balls richardred-8/30/2017
13173Sold remaining MNTX on this board 2000 @ 8.94 against highest basis priced LTrichardred48/29/2017
13172BZUN - MT bot 2100 @ $28.42 = $59,682.1Coffeehound-8/24/2017
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