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Full Disclosure Trading
To All thread viewers

Gottfried has done an excellent job getting this thread going and I agreed to take over for him.

Some changes to the basic format.
B&H (Buy and Hold ...indefinite time period) is added to the Reporting Format
LT B&H (Long Term Buy and Hold)

It would be helpful to all thread viewers if the rational for posted trade was also explained. For example...oversold, way below book value, new guidance from company, insider buying, charting indicates a buy signal , good covered call write, etc.

Reporting format example:
opening post: AMAT DT bot 1000 @ 52.94 9:43am
[optional: brief reason like "momentum reversed", "Fed increased rates"]
closing post: AMAT DT sold 1000 @ 53.80 10:00am 1.62%

DT= day trade
ST= more than a day, no more than a week.
MT= more than a week to 3 months
SS= short sale
CS= cover short
B & W Buy and write as a covered call for income

B&H (buy and hold)indefinite time period)
LTB&H long term buy and hold ( something you might do for grand kid as a college trust)

options format:
AMAT BO Jul $18 C 30@$1.25 (bought 30 contracts of July calls for $1.25, strike price = $18)

BO=bot to open; BC=bot to close; SO=sold to open; SC=sold to close

time of trade only if materially different from time stamp of posting.
the % is the gain before commissions and taxes.

All who restrict themselves to reporting of their trades in a civil manner are welcome.
Complaints from 3 thread users can lead to suspension of a poster.
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13050 BO 2 SGMO @ 5.41 it/lt total 4 avg 5.86 Probably the last purchase here....weThe Ox-September 30
13049 ENPH bo 2 @ 3.88 it/lt 6 @ 4.78 cost basis after recent purchase.The Ox-September 25
13048BO 1 SGMO @ 6.24 IT/LT Avg cost of 2 is 6.32 (based on the adjusted avg beforeThe Ox-September 25
13047BO 1 MTSN @ 2.21 IT/LT Bought Mattson for the first time since 2013. I figure The Ox1September 25
13046Nice call!nicewatch-September 10
13045SC 1 SGMO @8.26 gain 1.67 (25%) Still holding 1. Didn't expect the stock tThe Ox3September 10
13044 BO 1 SGMO @ $6.25 IT/LT 2 avg @ $6.59 That's it for now but there's aThe Ox-September 4
13043 BO 1 SGMO @ 6.92 IT/LT SGMO biotech has been getting more attractive each day.The Ox-September 2
13042 OT Thanks! I'll monitor their progress.....The Ox-September 1
13041OT Actually, I am not sure.. Next qtrly earning news release will be on Sept. 2Sultan-September 1
13040 OT Thanks for referencing BBRY but I don't see the attraction at this stageThe Ox-August 31
13039That's even better. My typing today is off. Working w/ new display screensE_K_S1August 31
13038Your cost base seems to be transposed.. $ 4.67Sultan-August 31
13037Followed you in this trade too at $6.47/share. This company came to my attentioE_K_S-August 31
13036Took a position in ENPH today.. Around $4.60 to $ 4.64 .. FWIW.. Added few moSultan-August 31
13035Re. ENPH, Interesting.. May have to do a bit of research.. FWIW, I took a toSultan-August 28
13034Error in the calculations, basis is now $5.23 for our ENPH position....The Ox-August 28
13033We've bought 3 times the size of our original position in ENPH over the courThe Ox1August 28
13032ALTR BOT 49.14 1,000 MT This was Jul 25 but I was on 'holiday' so beRobert O-August 4
13031ON ST bought 5000 shares@11.32 - Looks like it's forming a bottom here priorReturn to Sender1July 10
13030ENPH bo @7.70 earlier today LT Started a very small position, will review afterThe Ox2June 30
13029OT: I have no open short positions. If I was looking just at KLIC charts I wouldReturn to Sender-June 29
13028Are you still short KLIC? Would you consider buying this week?Ian@SI-June 29
13027ENTG buy to cover 5000 shares@14.63999 - Gain of $1770.00 Banking a quick gain.Return to Sender2June 29
13026ALTR BOT 51.22 1,000 MT last buy till buyoutRobert O-June 26
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