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Full Disclosure Trading
To All thread viewers

Gottfried has done an excellent job getting this thread going and I agreed to take over for him.

Some changes to the basic format.
B&H (Buy and Hold ...indefinite time period) is added to the Reporting Format
LT B&H (Long Term Buy and Hold)

It would be helpful to all thread viewers if the rational for posted trade was also explained. For example...oversold, way below book value, new guidance from company, insider buying, charting indicates a buy signal , good covered call write, etc.

Reporting format example:
opening post: AMAT DT bot 1000 @ 52.94 9:43am
[optional: brief reason like "momentum reversed", "Fed increased rates"]
closing post: AMAT DT sold 1000 @ 53.80 10:00am 1.62%

DT= day trade
ST= more than a day, no more than a week.
MT= more than a week to 3 months
SS= short sale
CS= cover short
B & W Buy and write as a covered call for income

B&H (buy and hold)indefinite time period)
LTB&H long term buy and hold ( something you might do for grand kid as a college trust)

options format:
AMAT BO Jul $18 C 30@$1.25 (bought 30 contracts of July calls for $1.25, strike price = $18)

BO=bot to open; BC=bot to close; SO=sold to open; SC=sold to close

time of trade only if materially different from time stamp of posting.
the % is the gain before commissions and taxes.

All who restrict themselves to reporting of their trades in a civil manner are welcome.
Complaints from 3 thread users can lead to suspension of a poster.
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13002ENTG bought 5000 shares@12.99 - I am hoping the stock will be lifted along with Return to Sender-Thursday
13001ENTG Buy to Cover 5000 Shares@13.03 - Gain of $2379.00Return to Sender2Tuesday
13000OKAY, thats niceBinary Optionstrader-November 30
12999OT: I like the charts a lot on ACI. Quite a bit of accumulation the last couple Return to Sender-November 25
12998OT If we get the harsh winter that I'm expecting in the US, people won'tThe Ox-November 25
12997ACI bought 10,000 shares@2.33 - I am thinking of establishing a long term positiReturn to Sender-November 25
12996RVLT bo 1K @ 1.48 MT/LT Sticking my neck out a bit with this one buThe Ox1November 19
12995OT: At least there is some closure in that statement! We can live with that. RtReturn to Sender-November 10
12994OT I was guilty of a number of those "never closed" trades. It wouldThe Ox1November 10
12993OT: I have staying power alright. LOL I have shares in accounts that have actuaReturn to Sender-November 10
12992ot considering plab dropped to 40 cents in same year you bought it at 9, I giveRobert O-November 10
12991PLAB sold 1000 share@9.07 - LT Gain of $55.00 - Yippee! I can almost gas up the Return to Sender1November 10
12990OT: KLIC, I just think they were closing the gap down selling shares to those whReturn to Sender-November 6
12989OT: most of the influence on a stock's movement, is caused by the market andJacob Snyder-November 6
12988OT: So you think this is a bad trade because most everything is still going up? Return to Sender-November 6
12987OT: The market wants to go up. Everything except energy and miners is up. The 2Jacob Snyder1November 6
12986ENTG MT/ST Short Sale 5000 shares@13.51 - KLIC reported awful earnings this morReturn to Sender-November 6
12985IVAC sold 1000 shares@7.95 - Gain of $884.02 - It's traded so thin that it mReturn to Sender2November 6
12984SOLD LO 3700 62.13 profit:$8,250 incl dividend Decided why wait for the [cRobert O2November 3
12983OT: I should have added to the short position when it ran higher. Shorting stockReturn to Sender-October 13
12982Good patience on the wait to cover!richardred-October 13
12981KLIC BC 5000 shares@12.42 - ST Gain of $2879.00 - KLIC is really oversold. CertaReturn to Sender4October 13
12980Jerome, please update your board with a logo, if you are not sure how, find a fSI Ron (Hall Monitor)-October 9
12979OOPS! sc 1 @ 1.40 loss 9.48The Ox-October 6
12978GTAT bo 1 @ 10.88 LTThe Ox-September 19
12977RE-Bought 1000 VCLK/CNVR @ 1990 B&H- If merger is completed ball park gain 1richardred-September 12
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