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I thought I would start this thread about discussion about what the subject says. I myself, have been an investor for about 35 years now. During those years you tend to forget some of investing things that happened along the way. Some which you might find important to new investments, some not. An Example- I saw an investor on a message board (LMT -Yahoo-I think)he was involved in a discussion. A question was asked pertaining to a Spin off Olin had years ago. He couldn't remember the name. Being I have followed the company for 34 years, I knew the name right off. He couldn't remember the name, but he remembered that they sold weapons and munitions. Primex-was the name acquired by General Dynamics last year. I don't know if he ever looked at the company, but he was happy for the answer for witch he never asked for. A quick name in this case saved time in doing ones homework.

It doesn't just have to be for that reason. I myself, and I hope a few others like to remember a bit of business history. What ever happened to Bakelite corporation? It was one of the first with plastic products on the market. I'm sure there are a few seasoned investors that remember it. I'm not sure on this site though. I put this subject in coffee shop because so many of us are so busy in are daily work lives we don't have the time reminisce or respond while were investing. Many of us through choice, or involuntarily,have worked for many different companies or divisions that have been sold. Myself included, I've worked for American Can for five years, Burroughs for another five, and the company I now work for, for almost 25. The first two are all gone now. There is so much knowledge known by many. Will it be helpful, in certain cases maybe, but it certainly is a good topic of discussion on a night, when you have free time. I do tonight, to write this. I'll to try and get things started. It certainly will be interesting to see if there is such an interest. I have seen the topic discussed many times, that message boards,or topic boards,have little credibility or need to be taken with a grain of salt. IMO-More time is still needed, but it doesn't need to be that way. Can you imagine smaller investors pooling together. I through my researching and board surfing have meet up with many knowledgeable, and responsible investors to witch I am grateful for the shared knowledge, even if it didn't bring me in a dime. Most responsible investors know you don't buy on a tip, or can tell when one writes the truth. The tip for me is those pennies of knowledge add up for those who would have time share it. From a investor that doesn't just suck it in, and offer nothing in return.


Good Investing and Good Discussion to All!
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