WAR on Terror. Will it engulf the Entire Middle East?
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The WAR on Terror, in order to be successful will require an entire sweep of the radical Islamic groups operating in Syrian controlled Lebanon,

and the West's moving away from the Grandfather of Terror, Yasser Arafat.

Until the West stops coddling dictators, we can't expect to be taken seriously, can we?

All posts are welcome, provided they speak to the issues of terrorism and if articles are posted, please provide the source links for everyone's benefit.

This will also be an unabashed pro Israel, pro United States and pro Democracy thread.

This was the original title to this thread, created after 9-11.
I decided to return to the original premise as we approach the 8th year of the attacks
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32522 Tahera Ahmad: Not Getting Diet Coke is Just Like Being Shot by Police fronMonkey Man-June 4
32521When the jackals play the racism and islamophobia card you know they are guiltyMonkey Man-June 1
32520Qatar's former Prime Minister accuses West of racism, Islamophobia and bias Monkey Man-June 1
32519And their pajamas create pedophiliaMonkey Man-May 31
32518Earthquakes are caused by the Jeans-Wearing Women” Man-May 31
32517Read this story. These idiots are getting desperate. Using the bigot card at eveMonkey Man-May 31
32516Report: ISIS Burns 80 Year-Old Christian Woman AlivePosted by Jim Hoft on WednesMonkey Man-May 28
32515[graphic]Monkey Man-May 23
32514I think that this is a fitting post for this thread, as it was suggested here thScoobah-May 22
32513to ALL: I have opened a new stage on Twitter and Youtube which is more accessiblScoobah-May 22
32512[graphic]Monkey Man-May 17
32511New Muslim Mosque to Have Speakers That Can be Heard up to 15 Miles AwayMAY 17, Monkey Man-May 17
32510[graphic]Pogeu Mahone-May 8
32509[graphic]Monkey Man-April 28
32508US is No Longer a Democracy – Princeton Study So, neither is Israel. Israel iscerulean-April 28
32507According to Snopes, she was not burned by her family. The doctor never said shesteve kammerer-April 27
32506Horrible nasty existence being a moslimeMonkey Man-April 25
32505 How Muslims Think By Dr. Arieh Eldad an M.D. at Hadassah Hospital in Israel AMonkey Man-April 25
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