WAR on Terror. Will it engulf the Entire Middle East?
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The WAR on Terror, in order to be successful will require an entire sweep of the radical Islamic groups operating in Syrian controlled Lebanon,

and the West's moving away from the Grandfather of Terror, Yasser Arafat.

Until the West stops coddling dictators, we can't expect to be taken seriously, can we?

All posts are welcome, provided they speak to the issues of terrorism and if articles are posted, please provide the source links for everyone's benefit.

This will also be an unabashed pro Israel, pro United States and pro Democracy thread.

This was the original title to this thread, created after 9-11.
I decided to return to the original premise as we approach the 8th year of the attacks
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32493 29 of the FBI’s 30 most wanted terrorists are… Muslims. Monkey Man-last Wednesday
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32485BREAKING: As revenge for burning of Jordanian pilot, Jordan to execute all ISIS Monkey Man-February 3
32484[graphic]Monkey Man-January 26
32483Beheadings, terror and tremors that could set the Middle East ablaze: MICHAEL BUMonkey Man-January 24
32482Muslims call for banning blasphemy and speaking against other religions. Yet thMonkey Man-January 22
32481Hey islam! The world scoffs at you make Us laugh. We will never ever surrender tMonkey Man-January 19
32480Hey moslime scumbag lerkers! Did you know mohamad cheated at marbles! He did! ThMonkey Man-January 19
32479 Where ever on earth islam appears, death, destruction and despair will thrMonkey Man-January 19
32478 From: Brumar89 1/9/2015 12:24:37 PM 1 Recommendation of 19484 It's All Monkey Man-January 10
32477[graphic]Monkey Man-January 10
32476[graphic]Monkey Man-January 8
32475Any oil imported from islamic country's should be made illegal such as that Monkey Man-January 3
32474Moslimes only burnt 940 cars in France this new years eve. That is a 12% decreasMonkey Man-January 2
32473One in 8 Germans would join anti-Muslim marches: pollBERLIN | Thu Jan 1, 2015 11Monkey Man-January 1
32472Muslim faith schools are causing serious divisions in society because of their lMonkey Man-January 1
32471Islamic India: The biggest holocaust in World History… whitewashed from history Monkey Man-January 1
32470Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass In another Swedish rape case tMonkey Man-12/30/2014
32469Possible Media Cover-up Over Glasgow Lorry Crash Monkey Man-12/30/2014
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