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dear all, i wish to focus in 2012 and shall here on out deliberately ignore all who insists on rehashing any old topics of no interest to me. i am sorry having to do so, but while i do not wish to invoke the 'ignore' function (as opposed to the even less used 'ban' function that is no more) i shall now leave the ignored to be ignored or entertained by others while i get down to the biz of financial collapse of 2001.

for those wishing to be put on ignore, you know what to do ;0)

cheers, tj

Hello fellow threaders, first, a few administrative announcements, and these are assuredly of the “do-as-we-go-ruminations-in-process” variety because (i) there is an imperative for administrative announcement, and (ii) my spare clock cycles are few.

My immediate and straightforward choices upon taking hold of the thread whip graciously ceded by the august Elmatador are few, specifically:
(i) Ban myself
(ii) Ban everybody else
(iii) Ban no one

In alignment with my inclination for chaos, crisis, volatility, and all paths that are potentially of the higher energy ways, I, tobagojack, as thread’s chief decider, astutely choose (iii) Ban no one.

I am constitutionally biased towards (i) non-interference, (ii) self-determination, and (iii) massively distributed circuitry. I encourage all to use the ignore function, either as that provided for by the ever more useful siliconinvestor site, or that gifted to us by our makers as part of our respective mind-circuitry.

So, use ignore, as judiciously as possible as you judge, but do use the function, for that is what the function is for, to filter.

The thread, as a strong thread, will tolerate much, even the apparent wastrel Maurice Mq, obvious sub-prime evilette cb ilaine, and the for-sure human slug zim the dim in all its manifestations, for they are no threat, because if we are correct, they will naturally waste away, and if we are wrong, we cannot afford to ignore them.

The above notwithstanding, the thread is most assuredly not a mob democracy, meaning I am the chief decider, even should I make no decisions at any time in anyone or any group’s favor.

When all above niceties are said and actually done, per "let the hundred flowers bloom" stratagem, I will at unusual times and in mysterious ways step in to stump on, maybe just for my own satisfaction and perhaps even just for the fun of it, because I am the chief decider, or, best of all reasons, for no reason at all.

Cheers, tobagojack
For and on behalf of the office of chief decider

Btw, I decided, without any conference, that the below shall be

Thread spirit: tout ou rien

Thread chant:
Chaos is gift
Crisis partner
Volatility friend
Lonely path right way
Survive to survive another day

Thread anthem: “God Knows” by el perro del mar

Thread scripture: “Fiat Money Inflation in France” by Andrew Dickson White

Thread metal:

Thread ambiance:

Proclamation #2: Message 26173436

Thread Script:
Hereunder is the circa 2002 "Don't Worry" script followed by me, Tobagojack, chief decider of the thread, to hopefully navigate the darkest interregnum with success.

Thread song:
Bob Marley Get Up Stand Up

Thread spirit:
God Knows (You gotta give to get)

Ignore at own peril, or engage for salvation.

cheers, tj
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