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Overarching Purpose: this thread shall try best to create the easy ambiance of an internet cafe situated in a politically-practical and gentrified neighbourhood where folks hang out 24-7-365 to ponder the process of collapse, have a cup, share a meal, tap on computers, and generally have a good time while fully cognisant that none shall get out of the future alive.

Any threader behaviour detrimental to thread purpose shall be mercilessly stumped on, per simple rules promulgated here by universal acclamation.

Additional but very simple rules Message 31020283 re discussion of politics

By universal suffrage one person one vote, the thread elected to change name from "The Financial Collapse of 2001" to current name as at 2017 03 08.

For issues not covered by above rules, I encourage you to use the 'Ignore' function.

Bottom line, whatever needs doing to try to deliver on Overarching Purpose may be tried without warning.

Cheers, tobagojack

Thread chant:
Chaos is gift
Crisis a partner
Volatility friend
Lonely path right way
Survive to survive another day

Thread lounge music: by leonard cohen

Thread song: by pharrell williams

Thread scripture: “Fiat Money Inflation in France” by Andrew Dickson White

Thread understanding of history(ies):
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132497Despite that yes the third party can make waves.. the Government actually listenThe Jack of Hearts-a minute ago
132496Condemned to repeat Forty years ago this month, British Prime Minister Harbart13-12 minutes ago
132495Now we are back to a more primitive stage even that technologically substantiallJohn Vosilla-22 minutes ago
132494An Obama Decree Continues to Make Public Schools Lawless To improve educatiobart13-an hour ago
132493Charging cars is not permanent. One is charged and another's one comes alonggg cox-8 hours ago
132492Those are permanent cable systems which are used all day long. It takes hours Maurice Winn-yesterday
132491>Moslems are a different kettle of fish> Indonesia is the most populous Marun gera-yesterday
132490Mau ,, I am happy that you and Conrad Cement Slicer and Jack Hammer are finally gg cox-yesterday
132489truth hurts doesn't it? Trump is making George Bush look like a mensa it&#Alex MG-yesterday
132488 >>Minimum wage laws are evil. Oh, excellent point how dare the govt reAlex MG-yesterday
132487So now we have disposed of the red-herring diversionary buried cables issue. PMaurice Winn-yesterday
132486That was Great Britain deporting undesirables rather than Australia choosing theMaurice Winn1yesterday
132485Correct Mau,, it was about BURIED cables good work! You can confuse the issuesgg cox-yesterday
132484Apparently Hitler brushed his teeth too! Donald Trump does the same. Wow. Maurice Winn-yesterday
132483The point is, choose good quality immigrants who are legal.> That is exlouel-yesterday
132482>The point is, choose good quality immigrants who are legal.> Talking abarun gera-yesterday
132481Minimum wage laws are evil. Thomas Sowell explains why. I guesMaurice Winn-yesterday
132480Boars are delicious. << attack dogs can be engaged by nastier counter-atMaurice Winn1yesterday
132479- photovoltaics and autonomous cars - GG in some places, there's a week of Maurice Winn-yesterday
132478- Halo recharging - GG, I'm decades-long in the tooth, dealing with literallMaurice Winn-yesterday
132477All electric cars have timers so you can charge them in the middle of the night gg cox-yesterday
132476Mau ,, that picture of Halo ,, might be good for the Q's executive garage ,,gg cox-yesterday
132475More important than my suggestion is to stop the production line: << InMaurice Winn-yesterday
132474We’re learning a lot more about the Trump team’s financial ties to Russia The weAlex MG1yesterday
132473Donald Trump just published a list of alleged crimes committed by immigrants. HiAlex MG-yesterday
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