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When this board was initiated in August 2001, 4G Wireless -- the 4th Generation mobile wireless system was just a vision, and in fact, CDMA based ITU IMT-2000 3G systems were just starting to roll out.

Today the 4G vision is taking material shape and the potential candidate technologies for what the ITU now terms IMT-Advanced' (formerly termed 'systems beyond IMT-2000'), are now being standardized. ITU-R WP8F has an initiative underway to identify air interfaces for inclusion in IMT-Advanced 4G and the leading candidates now that work on 3GPP2's UMB (UltraMobile Wideband) has been discontinued appear to be these OFDMA-based technologies ...

• 3GPP Release 10 LTE (Long Term Evolution) Advanced

• IEEE 802.16m Mobile WiMAX

This board was created for discussion of the above 4G candidatew technologies and other IMT-Advanced 4G candidates and whatever new investment opportunities it might create.

- Eric -
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