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Welcome to Stock Attack II!

new: This thread is now moderated due to rise in personal attacks. The thread will be moderated by myself and Paul Shread. 3 posted warnings will be given before any bans.

The old post are still here:
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This thread was created more than 4 years ago, and still going strong. We have tracked this wild and volatile market since then and have done very well timing this market. Some of our notable achievements include selling and avoiding the Asia meltdown and also the 30% meltdown of Year 2000. More importantly, we gave timely buy signals near the bottom.

Our thread is also unique and special in that we heavily use charts created by our members and link them within our posts. Thus, we can graphically depict and follow the market everyday.

This thread topic can include:

1) Fundamental Analysis (P/E ratios, Balance Sheet, Earnings,etc.)
2) Technical Analysis (Charts, Indicators, Trendlines, etc.)
3) News Analysis (Effects of News/Rumors, Product/Industry Info)
4) Broad Market Analysis (NAZ/DJIA, Interest Rates, etc.)

There are countless of websites and books on "how to make money in the market". Here, we will applying some of those concepts and strategies and hopefully discuss them together.

This is a place to share ideas. We encourage you to post questions and answers. It is the questions that make a thread come alive.

Let this place not only be informative and educational, but also to have fun and make investing in stocks an enjoyable and profitable endeavor.

Best of luck to all,

Chris Chang
Bob Graham

All stocks posted are not recommendations to buy or sell.
Past results is not an indication of future performance.
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52236Hi JI, I use and the free software that scottrade offers. Bob robert b furman-09/05/2009 05:45 AM
52235Hello, I would like to start using technical indicators and would really apprecJungleInvestor-09/04/2009 09:54 PM
52234One year ping. Gersh Avery-07/19/2009 04:58 PM
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52231That one is for street drugs. Do you know of a thread for the cure for cancer? Gersh Avery-07/13/2008 07:34 PM
52230You should be making these posts on this thread. Much more relevant. Link: SI B.K.Myers107/13/2008 04:24 PM
52229Here are three well documented people that have had tumors stopped by using mariGersh Avery-07/13/2008 09:53 AM
52228Oh WOW!! I just realized you might be asking about the first case. My first caGersh Avery-07/13/2008 09:35 AM
52227Our government is now knowingly forcing people to die from cancer. Marijuana stoGersh Avery-07/13/2008 09:31 AM
52226You know when most of your posts on SI are about weed instead of the market, it Lee Lichterman III107/13/2008 05:47 AM
52225It's lift off time:  Gersh Avery-07/12/2008 01:10 PM
52224GOOGELUGLUG is done at $500...way blown overboard...shorts gonna have fun with iSoftechie-01/27/2007 05:17 PM
52223Got QID? Softechie-01/27/2007 05:14 PM
52222It's actually quite funny... He really did his homework, not looking at the Ira Player-01/15/2007 05:26 PM
52221looks like you just made 50K. Nice. <GGG> Casaubon-01/15/2007 04:07 PM
52220How about the Constitution of the United States, Amendment 16. AMENDMENT XVI Ira Player-01/15/2007 03:56 PM
52219A short while ago, there was an add placed in the Wall Street Journal. The add Gersh Avery-01/15/2007 10:23 AM
52218I think we're gonna get a blow off top, with fast rotation into the Jazzdaq,Casaubon-11/15/2006 07:04 PM
52217II's getting a little frothy at 56-22; 60-20 is where tops can form, FWIW...Paul Shread-11/15/2006 03:58 PM
52216Did you see the sentence he is fighting? One day in jail with credit for time sGersh Avery-10/19/2006 12:11 PM
52215OT This guy should be able to get legal help. NORML at a minimum dennis michael patterson-10/19/2006 11:16 AM
52214OT From Ed Rosenthal Link: SI Message 22922649 Gersh Avery-10/18/2006 10:54 PM
52213Thanks .. I already got rid of the virus. Tested Hep-C free in June. It wouGersh Avery-10/09/2006 10:06 AM
52212Gersh try to get in a VX-950 clinical trial or wait a few months and see if the Casaubon-10/09/2006 09:45 AM
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