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Welcome to the thread. This is a thread for liberals and moderates- and people who are not a** holes to liberals and moderates. Talk about politics, books, movies, music, food, whatever. Trolls coming here just to stir up trouble, or those who come here to entertain their compatriots on other threads, will be banned. There are threads for fighting- this will not be one of them.

VERY Important- please read
**** If you cannot PM me because I have you on ignore, or you have me on ignore, do NOT post here, or you will be banned. I'm really not interested in talking to people I don't find congenial. If I were, I'd come find you. Those who make the effort to come find me even though they don't like me make me think they're even stupider than I thought they were before.

For those without the mental horsepower to understand the above- "RIGHT WINGERS ARE NOT WELCOME". If you are unable to figure out whether you are a right winger or not just don't post here. Let's not take the risk. I really want to save you the ban, unless you really really get off on that sort of thing. In which case, bring it on.

Freedom of association- it's important. It gives us the right to associate with folks we find congenial. So many people confuse freedom of speech (and the right to remain free of the government shutting you up) with the "Right" to talk to everyone- even people who don't want to talk to them. Grow up and learn- you don't have a "right" to talk to people who don't like you. You can try to exercise said right, but don't do it here- I haven't the patience for such moronic and juvenile ideas. You can't go in your neighbor's living room if he doesn't like you, and you can't force people not to block your phone calls, and you can't force your way in here. Suck it up and deal with it- it's reality.

Most important thing in life- be happy, make the people you love happy

Is your food still good to eat? Thanks to Freelyhovering now you can check:
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45670Recently watched the documentary on Bill Ackman's crusade against Herbalife:Ronyesterday
45669Willem Dafoe: ‘I’ve thought about murder many times’ theguardian.comSultanyesterday
45668I loved the picture in Tajikistan of the dancer- but they are all interesting piepicureyesterday
45667Readers' travel photography competition: September – the winners theguardiaSultanyesterday
45666What a lovely cat. We have cats who spend the day outdoors and the night indoorepicureyesterday
45665Our cats on the farm actively hunted crickets and grasshoppers. Old farmers say Ronyesterday
45664My cat loves to catch, play with and then eat crickets. He also loves to sleep. Samyesterday
45663 More protein, iron and calcium than beef ... cnet.comRonlast Friday
45662[tweet]Sultanlast Friday
45661Best TV series is my favorite. Season 4 of Rectify. Best current TV series is ofreelyhoveringlast Friday
45660Thanks for the recommendation of "Mindhunter". I have finished the fifreelyhoveringlast Thursday
45659Critics have a ball bashing 'The Snowman' "All coal and no carrot&qRonlast Thursday
45658[tweet]Sultanlast Thursday
45657 Unnerving Historical Photos definition.orgSultanlast Thursday
45656People need manners/rules for sexual matters- but in some places you can't tepicurelast Thursday
45655Your absolutely right. I have listened to lots of abuse stories and remarkably freelyhoveringlast Thursday
45654another pumpkin recipe Pumpkin Streusel Coffeecake Published: 11/02/2013 Samlast Thursday
45653Just started 'Mindhunter' on Netflix. Two FBI agents try to start up a uRonlast Wednesday
45652Thank you so much for thatepicurelast Wednesday
45651Here is another one that is being passed around FB. 11/23/2015 12:22 pm ET UpdSamlast Wednesday
45650Thank you for finding that. I don't know a single woman who hasn't beenepicurelast Wednesday
45649This is kind of an amazing poem from someone who worked with the Weinsteins in tSamlast Wednesday
45648A doc on Henning Mankell some of you might be interested in LCLoneClonelast Wednesday
45647What a neat place. Thatch is a bitch to maintain though. I had no idea how expeepicurelast Tuesday
45646Ginger pumpkin braid Maybe it's our lifelong familSamlast Tuesday
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