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A 100-bagger is a stock whose value grows by a factor
of 100 within a relatively short time, say, 2 years or
so. The only 100-bagger I know of is Iomega (IOMG).
Amati (AMTX) and Ascend (ASND) also may eventually become
100-baggers, although both still have a long way to go.
But there must be others out there. If you know of any,
please tell us about them in this group. Are there any
1000-baggers, too?

The most interesting question is: which are tomorrow's
100-baggers? I need this info for my personal investment
plan. I'd like to invest $1000 into a 100-bagger right now.
2 years from now I'll collect my return and invest it in
the next 100-bagger. I'll keep doing this for a decade. By
then I'll have $10^13, about one third of the world's yearly
gross domestic product. Then I'll retire.

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507 DCHT is 100 bagger potential, 78 cents to 78 bucks. If Ballard can do it, so caScoobah-8/6/1999
506 The German company EM.TV recently became a 100-bagger. There also is an EM.TV tJuergen-8/3/1999
505 No, but I think I for one should endorse Lenox Polymers. I think they have reaMichael Shapiro-7/31/1997
504 Just thought I'd post in order to revive the thread. Isn't anyone williEuan Hayward-7/28/1997
503 FRANCISCO GOLD CP (V.FGX) (Peru find) probably has some life left after a 12 toGil Kempenich-3/1/1997
502 Hi, Try some ANCR. Got great possibilities!!Jack A. Berg-2/26/1997
501 The next 100-bagger will likely be a mining exploration company - like Diamond Gil Kempenich-2/26/1997
500 Message 500. A 500-bagger to all of you! JuergenJuergen-2/26/1997
499 Message 500 coming up!Juergen-2/26/1997
498 FTEL-No Mass Appeal? here's a list of customers not a mass but a few!FranklIntrepid Fox-2/21/1997
497 3 whole months of experience? I guess that makes you an Xpert?Intrepid Fox-2/21/1997
496 While we're on the topic of small companies with big relationships... PSTCMark Gomes-2/21/1997
495 Another stock to keep an eye on is Catalytica (Nasdaq: CTAL) which recently bouDWB-2/19/1997
494 Take a look at TPII. Now at .75. Just received new contracts with Ralston Purinstockvalinvestor-2/18/1997
493 I know the focus of this thread is stocks that hit 100x over 2-3 years, but I&#DWB-2/17/1997
492 THE INTEL - MSHE CONNECTION: FOLLOW THE LEADER? At the end of 1996, Intel hawalter anderson-2/14/1997
491 Have a look at the Actrade International thread. ACRT has potential but as alwaMickey Szilagyi-2/12/1997
490 All, check out Subject 11488 Ashton Mining. If it is the next Diamet we are Blue-2/12/1997
489 Word Perfect has lost the power curve, so I'm not thrilled enough to own thDave Williams-2/10/1997
488 Unfortunately, I know FTEL pretty well: They have a poor track record, stemmedjeanne sullivan-2/10/1997
487 Has anyone taken a look at some low PE small cappers. I like RISC and PARL. PRon Finberg-2/9/1997
486 Check out FTEL, has gone from .50 to $5. They have the the first toll free injimleon-2/6/1997
485 Here's one that some money managers have put in their personal accounts: Ijeanne sullivan-2/4/1997
484 Global Maintech O.K., it won't go 100x in two years, but how 'bout 25xNeurogenesis-2/3/1997
483 IAIC information analysis on the bulletin board. 3-1 split with a FRI 1-31-97 ceugenic1-2/2/1997
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