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1046298Doesn't matter what he was on, he shouldn't h/b driving and shouldn'Brumar89-January 3
1046297I remember telling my coworkers during Election Day to never underestimate Hillalocogringo3January 3
1046296Absolutely NOT murder. I remember that story, the kid was shooting people with Brumar89-January 3
1046295You cited a story that didn't even support your theme.Brumar89-January 3
1046294"My button is bigger than yours" is what you'd hear on a trashy reBrumar89-January 3
1046293"Congress knows about Trumpty's treason, they just won't say it outWharf Rat-January 3
1046292President Blowshard tweets warning to Utah not to elect Romney Senator, because Brumar89-January 3
1046291Who knew Steve Bannon is part of the Deep State? Amanda Carpenter?Verified acBrumar89-January 3
1046290LOL I love your response. Lamebrained, but funny. That's the kind of thinBrumar89-January 3
1046289People who leave their cars unlocked with the keys in the ignition and the enginBrumar89-January 3
1046288I don't blame them for wanting that. I'm willing to let the system inveBrumar89-January 3
1046287You and the POTUS share an interest in destroying American law enforcement instiBrumar89-January 3
1046286This is a man who took casinos (where ALL the games are rigged to make money forBrumar89-January 3
1046285If Your Plane Didn’t Crash in 2017, Thank President Trump If you flew in 2017 aBrumar89-January 3
1046284NOAA Says We Will Run Out Of Chocolate! No more chocolate in 30 yrs unless we aBrumar89-January 3
1046283I didn't expect that. I can't find the story on the net, but TV is sayiWharf Rat-January 3
1046282IDK but they did get his stubby little thumb right.Brumar89-January 3
1046281"So do all the proposed "solutions" Like Solar Power Is Freeing Wharf Rat-January 3
1046280Steve Bannon Turns on Trump. Calls Meeting Treasonous. This means Bannon thinkBrumar89-January 3
1046279Climate Change Will Always Hurt Poor People the Most - So do all the proposed &qd[-_-]b1January 3
1046278Climate Change Will Always Hurt Poor People the Most -Wharf Rat-January 3
1046277Sdgla, Only way Hilda would have got in was manipulating the votes...I remember Tenchusatsu-January 3
1046276Yes rat brain I see you found more proof positive the AGW is a sadist's hoaxThomas A Watson-January 3
1046275Zzpat and Brumar on Trump. [youtube video]James Seagrove1January 3
1046274[tweet]Wharf Rat-January 3
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