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If the next election for president were held today, with Donald Trump as the Republican candidate, Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate, Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate, and Jill Stein the Green Party candidate, for whom would you vote?
Hillary Clinton (D)
Donald Trump (R)
Gary Johnson (L)
Jill Stein (G)
Won't Vote
This poll is now closed (poll closed on 8 Nov 2016).
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1073841Since I've shown numerous times that the entire gop lies all the time (from zzpat-5 minutes ago
1073840Sometimes it seems like Trump is trying to get Republicans demolished in NovembeBrumar89-6 minutes ago
1073839If you think WMDs are bad then you want the US to get rid of them also, but we kzzpat-6 minutes ago
1073838Been reading Snopes a lot have you? [graphic] Broken_Clock-7 minutes ago
1073837President Clinton had one flaw - he likes the ladies but we live in an era wherezzpat-7 minutes ago
1073836Trump is evil and so are his followers. I knew Bush was lying about WMDs and I zzpat-10 minutes ago
1073835On more thought: I am upgrading my report on President Obama to a B+. and downThe-Democrat-11 minutes ago
1073834 If you had told Ronald Reagan in 1988 that in 30 years, the president of the USBrumar89-11 minutes ago
1073833President Carter is by far better than any modern republican president. It'zzpat-12 minutes ago
1073832Future Ivanka children's book [graphic]Brumar89-12 minutes ago
1073831Gunman wounds 2 in Tumwater; fatally shot by bystander by KOMO Staff [graphic]Brumar89-13 minutes ago
1073830Typical racist bigoted trumptard POS...[graphic]sylvester80-16 minutes ago
1073829Another lie... rLand Shark-18 minutes ago
1073828Actually, President Treason has already said he'd stand by the verbal promisBrumar89-19 minutes ago
1073827You mean like lying corrupt POS trump withholding information about his Russian sylvester80-27 minutes ago
1073826You're such a Trumper.Brumar89-32 minutes ago
1073825Saddam viewed his WMD's as power, just like KJU does.Brumar89-32 minutes ago
1073824Trump likes Clinton because they're both cheaters and abusers. They hung ouBrumar89-33 minutes ago
1073823Miami is a pig oenTideGlider-39 minutes ago
1073822Miami can't glide on the tide like you can.Wharf Rat-40 minutes ago
1073821 no Should we be worried about surging Antarctic ice melt and sea level rise?TideGlider-46 minutes ago
1073820you are as bad or as dumb as those other two jolly jerkoffsTideGlider-48 minutes ago
1073819‘Murican stinker is fake Russian propagandaLand Shark-50 minutes ago
1073818You're not a good American. As bad as Trump in your own way.Brumar89-53 minutes ago
1073817Trump/GOP say they must separate families under the law. We know this isn't Brumar89-54 minutes ago
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