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From the company's front page on as of May, 2014:

..when renewable energy is less expensive and more convenient than fossil fuels, there is no longer an argument about global warming.

IAUS’s patented, bladeless turbine is small, low-cost, scalable, and operates minus most of the expensive surrounding components and maintenance issues.

IAUS expects its unique solar power technology to be the first to compete with gas and coal.

IAUS’s patented, Dynamic Voltage Controller (DVC) is the first technology capable of handling and converting a full range of variable voltage on the fly to a constant DC or AC voltage and frequency output.
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4838Ted - I believe the head of DOE is a she, not a he.Dll876-an hour ago
4837Neldon believes methane gas is causing global climate change and that fracking iManti-yesterday
4836I get totally confused: you seem to love the current government, which does everbroken_lens1yesterday
4835You mean the same IRS that discriminated against conservatives and terroizes AmeManti-yesterday
4834Manti: re: our Department of Education is presided over by one of the results ofTEDennis1yesterday
4833Here is a near-term goal mentioned recently by Shepard on the ProBoards forum: TEDennis1yesterday
4832Look up "nuskin mlm scam" on Google: 41,000 results. I never said thatbroken_lens1yesterday
4831Amway was one of the first and now our Department of Education is presided over Manti-yesterday
4830Rankine: re: Nuskin is a Billion dollar plus MLM company in Utah Wow, how iroTEDennis1yesterday
4829Broken Dumber: Say what? Proof me wrong; Did you mean Prove me wrong? NuskiRankine1yesterday
4828Rankine: Thanks. I try hard to keep people entertained here, because guys like TEDennis1yesterday
4827Can you, Manti, prove you are NOT "evil or mentally ill"? If you can,TEDennis2yesterday
4826DUMBTED: Congratulations! Your dumbest post yet. LOLRankine1yesterday
4825It is impossible to prove a negative and I personally find your implications slaManti1yesterday
4824I will provide a section of text from Court doc #251-1, just so the ProBoards meTEDennis2yesterday
4823Rankine: re: try and figure out if I'm bluffing or something significant didTEDennis1yesterday
4822Proof me wrong - point to a place where you give real evidence of the wonderful broken_lens1Tuesday
4821LOL, This is why you earn your Broken Dumber Name.Rankine1Tuesday
4820Easy: you're bluffing. I have yet to see 1 relevant, verifiable piece of usebroken_lens1Tuesday
4819The steep uphill climb for the DOJ just got far steeper. Just wanted DumbTED, BRankine1Tuesday
4818Hey, that hurt - it's not a gamble. It's based on the well-documented stbroken_lens1Tuesday
4817Good luck with your gamble ... uh, I mean your well reasoned stock purchase. WaTEDennis1Tuesday
4816As doomsday is approaching for IAUS, I expect the team to go ever wilder on theibroken_lens2Tuesday
4815Oh yeah, I'm really worried that IRS will lose this lawsuit. Every US citizebroken_lens2Monday
4814broken_lens: re: Greg lied to everyone about when the towers would be up Hey, TEDennis1Monday
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