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Anybody following this stock...their latest announcement about
security for the intranet sounds interesting...they have a homepage
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2544 anyone looking for the BIG "O" I'm on the new thread---pogey stardave galloway-06/03/1999 12:38 PM
2543 Dave, I started a new thread under the symbol BND..Provides us with current infpogey bait-06/01/1999 11:04 AM
2542 Hope we have a good week Big "O"  dave galloway-06/01/1999 07:20 AM
2541 No trades being shown here, but up to 6 1/4 on the Amex..  pogey bait-05/26/1999 12:02 PM
2540 New symbol for AMEX listing is BND.  Joel-05/26/1999 09:44 AM
2539 Maybe we shall see some positive movements. At my age the wallet is bigger thadave galloway-05/25/1999 02:25 PM
2538 DEFINITE PLUS ON AMEX!  IBMikey-05/25/1999 10:59 AM
2537 Busy is good for the wallet too! BDLS article in reseller news says products bpogey bait-05/25/1999 10:28 AM
2536 I really have been busy----good for thin clients!!! My opinion on the internetdave galloway-05/25/1999 07:49 AM
2535 Truly strange day...were up.  IBMikey-05/24/1999 03:33 PM
2534 Wonder if internet access Appliances includes cable boxes? Might be the big wavpogey bait-05/24/1999 10:22 AM
2533 I wouldn't be surprised to see some more announcements..So far it has been pogey bait-05/24/1999 09:36 AM
2532 It has been a nice last couple of weeks. Maybe some more surprises for us upcomDoug D. Eck-05/24/1999 08:32 AM
2531 I think there are people shorting this stock whenever it rises above $5.00.. Anpogey bait-05/13/1999 01:03 PM
2530 The fact that administrative expenses are going up faster than R&D spendingM. Charles Swope-05/13/1999 11:58 AM
2529 I guess the one positive would be the Internet appliance angle to diverse theirIBMikey-05/13/1999 01:02 AM
2528 There has been surprisingly little comment on the earnings figures released yesM. Charles Swope-05/12/1999 11:53 PM
2527 Hey, Nice to hear from you! Looks like BDLS will be doing very nicely in the wepogey bait-05/12/1999 10:58 AM
2526 My, My, seems everyone is still waiting to see what happens. Rest assured thatdave galloway-05/12/1999 07:27 AM
2525 Well, heres hoping!! Wonder what happened to the big "O"? Hope the Kpogey bait-05/11/1999 01:16 PM
2524 Yes.Have read remarks. Frustrated individual, but some valid points. Do you thiIBMikey-05/11/1999 01:11 PM
2523 There is a guy on "Yahoo" who is really disparaging this company..A bpogey bait-05/11/1999 01:03 PM
2522 I like your name "On ramps" better than appliances also. Hopefully, tIBMikey-05/11/1999 10:28 AM
2521 Thanks! Less than Zacks projection but overall I am pleased with the result..Hopogey bait-05/11/1999 10:23 AM
2520 Earnings out!  IBMikey-05/11/1999 09:57 AM
2519 Nice vol. on Internet initiative..I love it! What say you Dave? I have to chuckpogey bait-05/10/1999 04:23 PM
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