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22 July 2008

This is the first revision to this board since it was founded many years ago. At the time it was founded I was not aware it was going to be done, but James who founded it suggested it was a place to post the tables that I had started posting way back when I joined SI in 1996. I then started posting the tables on this board beginning in October 2000. We all recognize that was a long time ago and a “lot of water is under the bridge” since that time.

I propose to continue this board very much in line with the way it has evolved since it started back in 2000. For all of those posters who have contributed so much in the past, please continue to do so as we go forward, For all those who read messages on this board, please feel free to contribute as you wish. The more information and variety on this board addressing the general “semi area”, the greater its usefulness becomes.

I don’t want to make a bunch of detailed rules about what is posted here. That would be too long and too boring, but I do wish to list the following “general comments” that I think are very important.

1. There will be disagreements between posters (and non-posters) about “material” posted on this board. Arguments and different points of view are encouraged between participants, but they must be done in a respectful manner. No derogatory name calling is allowed. If you don’t want to be “bothered” by someone, put them on “ignore”.

2. No comments or discussion of politics is allowed on this board. I have watched many very good boards “go under” because of “political discussions” over the past 12 years I have been a member of SI. I do not want that to happen to this board. Posters to this board should address the general “semi” area without any political comments or news.

I hope everyone who wants to will continue to support this board in making a difference in upgrading our perceptions and understanding of issues in the “semi” area.

Don Wennerstrom
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67675From The stock market meandered its way through another mixed dayReturn to Sender4Thursday
67674Reminder: QRVO is the new name for RFMD + TQNT. GREENSBORO, N.C. and HILLSBOROSr K-Thursday
67673bpSOX rose one to 27/30 [QRVO]<pre> Feb12 Feb13 Feb17 Feb18 Feb19 Feb20 FeGottfried2Thursday
6767213 new 52 week NDX high(s) <pre> 02/26/2015 Close Volume ADBE 78.96 15Gottfried3Thursday
67671bpNDX fell one to 76% [BBBY]<pre> Feb12 Feb13 Feb17 Feb18 Feb19 Feb20 Feb2Gottfried2Thursday
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67669MTSN over $5 today. Considering how low it was 6 years ago, it's quite a reThe Ox-Thursday
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67664OT *** Google Plans New Headquarters, and a City Fears Being Overrun By CONOR DOGottfried2Wednesday
67663This is the summary look at the 3 day total so far this week for the SOXM stocksDonald Wennerstrom2Wednesday
67662bpSOX stays 26/30 [TER showed up in yesterday's scan in error]<pre> FeGottfried2Wednesday
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