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Folks here at the club have gathered on this thread to discuss financial radio talk show host, Bob Brinker (Cumulus Media Network, Sunday, 4:00pm - 7:00pm EST,), his philosophy and other related topics with other avid and seasoned listeners who enjoy learning along with and sharing their knowledge and ideas. General objective discussion about the economy, finance, and the equity/bond markets and their go-forward prospects are also be welcome. For those interested who miss the live broadcast, MP3 podcasts of each hour (Pacific Time) are available under the "Features" Section at the KABC website for 7 days. They can be download free to a PC or portable device for later listening. By using the "Podcast" App from the Apple App Store on the iPad or iPhone, you can also subscribe to the automatic commercial free KABC weekly downloads of Bob Brinker's Money Talk program. The following link provides the access:

Also, see for more information.

THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB. Like many sane countries around the world that have strict entry standards for prospective citizens to maintain order, produce desired outcomes for their societies, and to glean needed skills for their respective workforces; this club discriminates.

While discussion about Bob Brinker's recent stock market calls or recommended portfolio allocations is appropriate (ie. agree/disagree and why), we do not discuss PERSONAL FEELings about Brinker himself and his family (ie. he's got integrity / he doesn't have integrity... he's a liar/he's candid... he's a whatever or he's not....).

This Club is not for beginner listeners. The Thread Charter here will be STRICTLY enforced. Violators from the viewpoint of the moderator will be banned without appeal.

- The Club does not tolerate people who post hit-and-run drivel, people who are hearing impaired or are mentally unstable or people who are pursuing some kind of agenda.

- Only those mature individuals who take responsibility for their own actions and decisions and who live in the present are welcome here.

- Fundamental respect for Brinker and fellow posters here is a prerequisite for posting here.

- Posters here observed on other threads to be personally attacking, slandering, smearing and/or ridiculing other posters here will be banned here without appeal.
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9315Radio giant Cumulus Media files Chapter 11 It will be interestBoca_PETE-November 30
9314Interesting chart. Thanks. I find it interesting that even the 2008 recessionInvestor2-November 29
9313Vanguard Founder Jack Bogle Says ‘Avoid Bitcoin Like the Plague’ 28 [graphic]MrGreenJeans2November 28
9311Thanks Pete! And the same to you!Investor2-November 21
9310Wishing all the posters here the happiest thanksgiving and holiday season yet. Boca_PETE-November 19
9309Interview with Bogle. aaii.comInvestor2-November 13
9308This article "The latest good advice from Vanguard’s Jack Bogle" mightBoca_PETE-November 4
9307The economy seems fairly strong. Too much stimulus, one due to a tax cut, may cMrGreenJeans-November 4
9306You compared the tax cut to the Regan cut. I hope the market reacts like it didInvestor2-November 4
9305Mr GJ, The past is not necessarily the future unless the current set of clowns Boca_PETE-November 4
9304In 1986, Regan eliminated deductions, lowered tax rates,,,then tax rates went uMrGreenJeans-November 4
9303It will be interesting to hear how (if at all) Brinker describes the details of Boca_PETE-November 4
9302It's been quite gradual so far. It will probably continue trending slowly hInvestor21October 31
9301how do you think the interest rates will go? do you think that it will be a gradrsie-October 31
9300no, i moved all my money to xlk, spy, thought that the i wanted to simply buyrsie-October 30
9299Have you been in this one? [graphic]Investor2-October 30
9298i sense that Bob Brinker will be back predicting gift horse buying opportunitiesrsie-October 29
9297Marc ultra, are you still out there? Best wishes, I2Investor2-October 29
9296Are you out there, Justa?Investor2-October 29
9295Hi Pete! I hope you've been well and enjoying the bull market. [graphic] Investor21October 10
929430-year bond 2.67% With fixed-income rates like that, and the stock markInvestor2-September 9
9293Thanks for the link. I2Investor2-September 7
9292etf.comMrGreenJeans-September 4
9291zerohedge.comMrGreenJeans-August 24
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