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This is a continuation of the original "Frank Coluccio Technology Forum - ASAP" thread. Please make all new posts to this new thread, and update your bookmarks.

For historical purposes, the old thread can be viewed here:
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The only difference is this thread is moderated to keep spammers from disrupting the discussions. The purpose is still the same: all technology topics are relevant. It is not intended as a "stock chat" thread. There are separate threads for those things.
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44181Fractal, eh? [graphic] Jimaxial-8 hours ago
44180Wisdom in the Age of Information and the Importance of Storytelling in Making SeFrank A. Coluccio19 hours ago
44179International Energy Outlook 2014 - Coal [graphic] [graphic] Jimaxial-12 PM
44178Despite decline in some regions, world oil consumption still seen rising [graphaxial-yesterday
44177Women dislike stinky, poisonous, flammable petrol, engines, noise and mess. ThMaurice Winn-yesterday
44176BetterPlace didn't do fast 7 second battery swaps. The batteries were expeMaurice Winn-yesterday
44175The batteries would not be owned by the car owner. BP service stations would oMaurice Winn-yesterday
44174Milk, Bread and a Microgrid: What Savvy Whole Foods Has Figured Out Now - [...]pltodms-last Friday
44173The prediction is not for a typical recession but a total global collapse, much pltodms-last Friday
44172The markets tank pretty consistently every 6-8 years. We're six years out frWin-Lose-Draw-last Friday
44171Companies that sell network equipment to ISPs don’t want net neutrality ' Taxial-last Friday
44170Hi Plato - Re: "Adaptation to this reality is inevitable, in my opinion. Ouaxial-last Friday
44169In my SI post today, seeing the parallel of complex problem solving leading to tpltodms-last Thursday
44168Hi Jim, -- As the opportunities for greenfield investments diminishes, the finapltodms1last Thursday
44167Hi Plato - Re: "... we don't know what the fully burdened costs are aaxial-last Wednesday
44166Re The Catch-22 of Energy StorageThanks Jim, Interesting pyramid, depicting spltodms-last Wednesday
44165Hi Frank - Lately, you've posted a number of energy-related articles. Typicaaxial-last Wednesday
44164Jim, I thought the sidebar (re-posted below) in your catch-22 post was particulaFrank A. Coluccio-last Tuesday
44163I don't disagree with your observations. My observation is at that around $2Win-Lose-Draw-last Tuesday
44162Leave It to Ikea to Show Us How Stupid Apple Is. Not a digital book... Not an Frank A. Coluccio-last Tuesday
44161Hi WLD, My observation on the importance of price influencing vehicle purchaspltodms-last Monday
44160This was tried in Israel, went bankrupt very quickly en.wikipedia.orgsm1th-last Monday
44159There is no such thing as a zero marginal cost. Anyone who claims that needs to aadesmedt-last Monday
44158The Catch-22 of Energy Storage ' Pick up a research paper on battery technoaxial3last Sunday
44157I can tell you that for me, it's not about gas prices, unless they truly go Win-Lose-Draw-last Sunday
44156<b> August 21, 2014 Computer History Museum Presentation</b> James HFrank A. Coluccio-September 6
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