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The old rules seemingly don't apply; time is compressed. Bull and bear markets take months not years. Everything seems too expensive, but looking back some were very cheap. There are failures everywhere, but the winners are awesome. It's the "New Economy". Change like never before.

But the time is May, 2000. The Fed has been tightening interest rates for quite a while, long rates have backed up, and there is widespread fear and disillusionment among technology investors who have seen their favorite New Economy names halved or worse. Was it all a mania that has "ended badly"? or is this just another chilling, spectacular correction in the group similar to those that have come before? Who are the survivors, the true athletes that will lead from here?

Notes: This is a moderated spin-off by some contributors to the popular Amazon thread, where we have discussed seemingly everything (sometimes including Amazon!) for years. I hope discussion here, if it develops, will be as freewheeling and entertaining as ever. This thread is for collaborating and brainstorming.

The rules here are fairly strict: Adhere to SI's TOS and then think Golden Rule. Tastelessness or thoughtlessness not welcome here. Those are things like repeated swearing, or lying, name-calling, posting "I told you so" more than a couple times a year, harassment, personal attacks, detraction, misrepresentation of others' positions, sniping, irresponsible agendas, vendettas, reckless ranting, undefended extremism or conspiracy theory, self-promotion, etc.

Everyone is heartily welcom...thoughtful holders, folders, traders, and fence sitters alike, but three thumbs down by the (pretty tolerant, level-headed) judges and you?ll be shown the hook. The names of the little junta are secret, and may change with time.
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