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Hi, I will be using this thread as a notebook and a place to centralize many of my web-Site charts that I have been posting on different threads on SI.

This should enable me to streamline and send the different folks I talk with on SI over here, to check out A specific chart or my comments on a market that I have mentioned elsewhere.

I will be using a variety of Technical analysis approaches as well as examining some fundamental and Economic trends that are occurring Globally.

We'll have lots of discussion on the US stock and Bond markets, but I will occasionally have some Observations and thoughts on a variety of Global Capital Markets.

I have worked with the FX markets for a number of years, and it's my belief that movements in currency-cross rates and changes in interest rate differentials among the major currencies that act as the catalyst for in significant shifts in the Global Flow of Funds.

This Global Flow of Funds and the direction in which capital moves then precipitates moves in different Global Debt and Equity Markets, As Global capital effortlessly prints around the world, to take advantage of the ongoing battle of Risk vs. Reward

The Thai Baht devaluation of July 2nd, 1997 is thought by many to be the initial catalyst for the round of currency weakness on the Asian Pacific Rim.

The weakened currencies, then lead to significant moves in bond and equity
Markets around the world. Culminating with the Bankruptcy of Russia and the Bankruptcy of Long-Term Capital, which did not expect Credit, spreads on Global Debt to expand to such extremes Against US Treasuries.

In fact we had a Stock Market crash in Hong Kong in 1997, and then serious declines in Latin America And many other emerging markets. As well as a significant stock market decline in the US market during Q2 and Q3 of 1998.

This new Millenium will undoubtedly provide plenty of volatility and topics to explore
As time goes on. I will also be doing some minor tutorials for a few friends such as
Tom, Mike, AntMan, etc.

Having the Nasd move full 4 standard deviations above it's 200 DMA this past Month, the first time this has occurred in a major mature market, is just the tip of the iceberg in term of some of the market developments that I'll be exploring.

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18907[graphic]Chip McVickar3Tuesday
18906[graphic]Chip McVickar3Tuesday
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18896Hi John, If futures are any indicator - what we've been expecting last wrobert b furman1Sunday
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