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Anyone with good knowledge on auto repair and maintenance?

Thanks for your help.
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134I best not be reading that as a complaint. If you know what I mean. NO reasoNeenny-11/15/2002 07:49 AM
133Webby, I still find it easier to take my vehicles in for any mechanical or body AugustWest-11/14/2002 12:15 AM
132 LOL, snow... btw, how was your ski trip? Jon Khymn-04/12/2000 03:53 AM
131 Current trend.... The problem you seem to be describing can usually be solved rustyjack-04/11/2000 05:20 PM
130 .. current trend-04/11/2000 02:42 PM
129 fuse box. Sosmartinov-04/05/2000 03:31 PM
128 Here is one for all Honda lovers. Parked my 91 Honda Accord in the driveway thidave rose-04/05/2000 01:12 PM
127 Honda is a Japanese word for "no sweat". Short story: after yrs of HoSosmartinov-02/10/2000 11:12 AM
126 Seeking Honda Civic advise from one and all: My eldest daughter is looking at WTMHouston-02/10/2000 10:50 AM
125 Terry, Yep- It's bad Karma to brag about how reliable your car has been Phil(bullrider)-11/22/1999 10:28 PM
124 Yep- It's bad Karma to brag about how reliable your car has been, or how muTerry Whitman-11/22/1999 09:38 PM
123 >> One is that the coolant level in the engine is very low<< Jon Khymn-11/18/1999 12:02 AM
122 The mechenic checked and suggested just change the radiator cap for now. I chaJon Khymn-11/17/1999 11:57 AM
121 Hmm....this one could be scary Some coolant normally flows into to the overflorustyjack-11/17/1999 05:07 AM
120 Q: If radiator heats up and sending hot water over to overflow plastic containeJon Khymn-11/16/1999 11:27 PM
119 Ron, I changed the battery. The old one had its life. You were right, I don'Jon Khymn-11/12/1999 10:27 PM
118 Just plain bicarb (Arm and Hammer eg.) works well too. My suggestion is that yoSosmartinov-11/12/1999 01:08 PM
117 Something I have always done that works pretty well for cleaning the "gunkWTMHouston-11/12/1999 12:54 PM
116 The water you add to a battery is changed into acid by the charging action of trustyjack-11/12/1999 06:10 AM
115 I have the same problem on my Honda, but it only happens on a cold day. margin_man-11/12/1999 01:45 AM
114 Question RE: Battery. When the battery fluid goes down, I've been just adJon Khymn-11/12/1999 12:41 AM
113 Well Neenny, that's not much complaints for 150K miles and 10 years of drivJon Khymn-11/12/1999 12:34 AM
112 Web, I was going to go back and list the complaints about that car of yours. Neenny-11/11/1999 09:19 AM
111 I described my problem to the man at the parts store, and he said duralube was Terry Whitman-11/11/1999 09:18 AM
110 Sounds like a toyota......they all do it that....If the air is off I wouldn'Sosmartinov-11/11/1999 07:01 AM
109 Ron, when I stop at the red light, the engine seems vibrate more and when I givJon Khymn-11/11/1999 01:21 AM
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