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In light of the recent decision of the Kansas School Board, I thought it would be enlightening to hear people's views on the theory of evolution and its place, if any, in the public school system. However, please restrain from referring to another post as a "work of Satan," demonic, or any of the other labels usually applied in the discussion of this topic. Happy posting!
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69287Neither did the genes for frizzy hair... :o) [graphic] The Genes for White 2MAR$-October 20
69286 The next stage in evolution: I believe the singularity is the manifest destinkoan-September 16
69285Knowing and not knowing [youtube video] First annual LogiCal-LA conference in GPS Info-September 10
69284400-million-year-old fish fossil reveals jaw structure linked to humans......“Th2MAR$-August 18
69283This 100-Million-Year-Old Bird Trapped in Amber Is The Best We've Ever Seen 2MAR$-June 9
69282 Second layer of information in DNA confirmed Leiden theoretical physicists have2MAR$-June 7
69281The intersection of science and religion is the subject of "cause and effecTigerPaw1May 5
69280I never thought AI could be stopped. In fact I have always thought it is our makoan-March 7
69279The World’s Oldest Fossilized Chameleon is a Missing Link to a “Lost Ecosystem” 2MAR$-March 7
69278100 times more powerful than any previous telescope — it will change everything.2MAR$-March 5
69277 In Hawaii, 18 out of 20 caterpillars evolved as carnivores....oh wait, things 2MAR$-March 3
69276 When I was a freshman in college I explored the issue of how many of the religkoan-March 2
69275Thinking of the recent Sufi shrine bombing in Pakistan...Cyrus the Great, Alexan2MAR$-March 2
69274Softbank CEO: The Singularity Will Happen by 2047Morguefile IN BRIEFSoftbank 2MAR$-March 2
69273 Rhetorical: My study of history shows me that people and countries do much bekoan-February 27
69272Another quote by Plato: " At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet&quo2MAR$-February 27
69271 Scientists discover 'alien' insect in amber from 100 million years ago 2MAR$-February 27
69270If ghosts were real, Brian Cox claims CERN would have found them by now. The ex2MAR$-February 26
69269Very cool, thanks.koan-February 24
69268I learned something new. I went to an astronomy lecture about White Dwarf stars TigerPaw-February 24
69267Why facts don't change our minds. Good read. I have guessed this for a long koan-February 23
69266It took years of studying physics to understand the proof that there is no God. TigerPaw-February 19
69265<i>Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon</i> Dan DennGPS Info-February 19
69264[youtube video] [youtube video] [youtube video]GPS Info-February 19
69263I debated God, like most young people do until I was about 24 and then I pretty koan-February 19
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