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Company Profile:  Airtech International Group, formerly Interactive Technologies Corporation (ITC), makes air purification products for commercial and residential use. The company's Airsopure product line removes up to 99% of hazardous gases and airborne particles, such as smoke, dust, fungi, and animal dander. Its products are sold across the US through franchises, auto dealers, and medical equipment suppliers for use in restaurants, hospitals, homes, and cars. Airtech
also offers heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services in the Dallas area through subsidiary MSS. Before purchasing Airtech International Corporation, ITC operated in the interactive programming industry. Its remnant product, Rebate TV, is up for sale.   Interactive purchased Airtech International Group on May 31, 1998.  On November 9, 1998, the company invoked a 1 for 5 reverse split.

The Airtech Mission:  Airtech International Group is committed to positioning itself as the premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the field of indoor air purification equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency has identified Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) as one of the five most urgent environmental crises in the U.S. According to the EPA, poor air quality causes one third to one half of the commercial buildings in the U.S. to be classified as "Sick Buildings". Researchers at John Hopkins University are studying the reasons why so many elderly are dying from asthma. Recent studies done on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in the United States and Sweden have indicated a link between Indoor Air Pollution and the 40
percent increase in sudden infant death cases. The serious impact to the health of individuals around the world from contaminated indoor air has created a tremendous opportunity for AIRTECH to offer effective and affordable deterrents. AIRTECH is committed to becoming the leading provider of indoor air purification products which affects the lives and safety of hundreds of millions of people around the globe. 
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479Really sorry, in full honesty even. Yes I have averaged down a bit but not much.DuGen-10/16/2001 02:04 PM
478Congrats DuGen, I hope you averaged down and made a fortune today. BW BW-10/16/2001 01:02 AM
477In the Anthrax protection business today. Joseph Waligore-10/15/2001 01:54 PM
476Glad to see someone still hanging around. Don't have an answer for you Mike.DuGen-10/03/2001 06:21 PM
475can you give us any reason to waste any more money on this "stock"? Mike Hermann-09/29/2001 07:25 AM
474WOW! Over 4 months have pasted. Now that we're down to 6-7 cents nobody is sDuGen-09/28/2001 11:48 AM
473Oops, didn't mean to mislead you. The 50mm soon to be 100mm is the printed sDuGen-05/10/2001 09:38 PM
472I lost track of the O/S. 50 million is a bigger number than I thought. One cenjan_mike-05/10/2001 11:40 AM
471OT: WSFC is a gamble and even if it is bogus, it'll get played eventually. WDuGen-05/09/2001 11:41 AM
470We are in complete agreement on AIRG. I wish this management would get out of ai1 Treumer-05/09/2001 10:39 AM
469I agree, fantastic news... but is it real? 2nd paragraph they say "to its DuGen-05/08/2001 11:06 PM
468Fantastic News! But then everything about this uh, "company" has been1 Treumer-05/08/2001 02:28 PM
467NEWS! We're getting the auto air purification model S-999 moving, and the SDuGen-02/26/2001 08:12 AM
466Thanks, it's a gift! The email system is alive and pumping too. jan_mike-02/22/2001 02:30 PM
465Having fun over on the RB thread. 2nd time in a week we've had over a millioDuGen-02/22/2001 01:57 PM
464Yeah, I caught that little tidbit. I'll probably just watch my little swatcjan_mike-02/07/2001 11:56 AM
463I'm outta here. CJ said he was going to the Air Conditioning Contractors of DuGen-02/07/2001 10:12 AM
462**NEWS** Airtech to Bid on the Pentagon Renovation  Won'DuGen-01/29/2001 08:58 AM
461Yeah, that's a reasonable idea all right. Consulting provides revenue and ijan_mike-12/18/2000 04:56 PM
460**NEWS** check it out, looks good.  DuGen DuGen-12/18/2000 03:21 PM
459Doesn't look like the market is to happy about the Bush/Gore outcome. I gottDuGen-12/14/2000 11:20 AM
458Yeah, I'm on the 120 year plan too. I therefore bet the farm on the tech fujan_mike-12/14/2000 10:19 AM
457My 401 has tanked big time. This is good 'cuz I get more dime for the dollarDuGen-12/14/2000 08:46 AM
456I know that feeling. My 401k tech fund had some kind of split the day tech stocjan_mike-12/13/2000 03:51 PM
455Good for you. I prefer Geo's myself. The wife has an Old's, very smooth DuGen-12/13/2000 03:07 PM
454Absent news, this looks a lot like a trend! News would have to be "We soldjan_mike-12/13/2000 02:14 PM
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