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Interview with Dr. Skinner and Profile:

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AIDS: A Problem of Global Proportions

The United Nations AIDS program estimates that there are currently 30.6 million people infected with HIV... the infectious state that develops into full blown AIDS .It is estimated that over 10,000 people pick up the HIV virus each day. In 1994, 17 million people were infected with the HIV. By 1997, 30.6 million people were infected, and over 11.7 people died from this disease. It is estimated that by the end of 2002, over 55 million people will be infected with the HIV virus.

This is an epidemic of global proportions. No country or economic group is immune.

Current treatment consists of a standard three-drug "cocktail" that costs over $10,000 per year, per person. To treat all of America's HIV patients with this regimen would cost over $5.4 billion. This treatment does not cure the disease, it only holds it in check. Lives hang in the balance, and America's health care system alone expects to add in excess of $6.2 billion in lifetime treatment costs alone to the nation's health care bill.

HIVC has a Possible Solution.

HIV-VAC, Inc. (HIVC) is developing an answer to the worldwide HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Dr. Gordon Skinner has developed an HIV Intracellular Vaccine that provides the necessary antibodies to combat HIV. It has the potential to moderate disease progression in already infected persons as well as protect against initial infection.



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69Quel Fou! Are YOU out of your TINY MIND? "I am one of the most trusted andscion-8/13/2000
68<I>IT is such a shame that certain people resort to such levels that they EL KABONG!!!-8/13/2000
67<i>I am one of the most trusted and liked posters on SI without question.&Janice Shell-8/13/2000
66Are you NUTS??? <i>YOu have been proven on Raging BULL to be a con artistJanice Shell-8/13/2000
65Just go to StockPatrol and read all about it.Janice Shell-8/13/2000
64lol, that was written on 27 May: <i>Shares Issued & Outstanding (5/99Janice Shell-8/13/2000
63I am one of the most trusted and liked posters on SI without question. I got twBuckey-8/13/2000
61Bucko, You are a meandering fool. Take the 12 steps program - you need help. Bscion-8/13/2000
60YOu are a paid bashers for those with huge short positionsBuckey-8/11/2000
59YOu have been proven on Raging BULL to be a con artist, Liar, stock manipulator,Buckey-8/11/2000
58"The Company has failed to honor the financial funding commitments of $5 miscion-8/11/2000
57Read it. Quarterly Report Filing Date: Aug 10, 2000 Period End: Jun 30, 2000 10scion-8/11/2000
56I suspect you will end up in a mental institution, for your own safety. Whatevescion-8/11/2000
55i suspect that you will evetually end up in jail for a long time.Buckey-8/11/2000
53I posted a link to an article in a newspaper - The link is still there - I am inBuckey-8/7/2000
52Suits me bucko, and stop bleating too. You are a tiresome little troll. I noticescion-8/7/2000
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